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  1. cyberham

    New Low-cost Ku Motors & 1.2-metre Dishes

    I see that Digiwave is advertising new Ku motors and new 1.2-metre offset dishes at good prices. Their website claims items are in stock now. They have addresses listed in both the U.S. and Canada which may explain their reasonable shipping options. Digiwave Moteck Ku motor: US$112 or CDN$159...
  2. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision

    Legitfta is working now.
  3. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision

    Go ahead and try now:
  4. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision is not working for me now. I get: This page isn’t working right now can't currently handle this request. HTTP ERROR 503
  5. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision

    Can access the site now. If it's not a site issue, clear your cookies and this can sometimes fix the issue.
  6. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision

    The only thing I can think of is the Weather MSN plugin allows you to enter via its Menu your location so the weather reports it provides are customized for your area. Menu > Plugins > Weather MSN. Then Menu > Location (type in city name) or just Menu > Search Location (blue button) and type...
  7. cyberham

    TNAP 5.1 Available for Edision

    The new TNAP 5.1 test image has been posted by el bandido. You can do the installation via your Edision online feature to flash the new image into an available slot. Be sure to keep valid older images in the other slots just in case you need to revert back. Installation went well and the...
  8. cyberham

    AMIKO Amiko Mini 4K UHD S2X FTA Receiver DVB-S2X H.265 HEVC HDMI Issue

    Considering the trouble you're experiencing Lone Gunman, time for a modern receiver? The Amiko is not so pricey. And it sounds easy to use. I keep my S9 for backup. I'm still wondering if I can repair my GSP microHD since it may only need the chip that supplies the LNB voltage. I liked it a lot...
  9. cyberham

    Cozi tv scrambled ?

    Not likely that any of their affiliates' OTA signals will reach Gowganda.
  10. cyberham

    Cozi tv scrambled ?

    Delete your 12120 H 30000 channels and rescan. You'll find the Cozi TV channel is gone. Lyngsat doesn't show Cozi any longer since it ended a week or so ago.
  11. cyberham

    In search of

    A GSP 48" dish is a quality product, but it's a luxury for Ku. Practically speaking, their 39" dish is adequate, will likely receive anything available to you and is easier for a USALS motor to handle. Having said that, luxury is fun. You can: Find another person near you who wants a 48" dish...
  12. cyberham

    new to Edision

    You must configure DiSEqc mode for 1.2. Then enable "Use USALS for this sat" and enter your latitude and longitude coordinates. Remember to press the green Save button. Once this is done for each satellite, the dish will automatically move to each sat as you select them.
  13. cyberham

    new to Edision

    A good place to source from. It will have TNAP installed suitable for North American viewing. The Mini is very similar to the Mio+ but with a single tuner. If your dish is oriented then you should be receiving lots of sats by today.
  14. cyberham

    new to Edision

    I've never seen a Mini version but I bet it's similar to a Mio. What operating system do you have loaded? Another way of asking the same question is which dealer or where did you source the unit from? Is it brand new? My suggestion is go into every menu and just get familiar with each of the...
  15. cyberham

    Openbox openbox

    My guess is he tried to create a subject label of "Openbox Z5". I thought a comment would encourage him to speak. It's a rainy day...not much else to do!
  16. cyberham

    Openbox openbox

    My GSP micro HD no longer outputs voltage so has effectively died. I tried to repair it myself and failed. I have no schematic diagrams. Sending it away to be repaired can't be justified when a brand new Amiko box is less than $100. The S9 is still working great after setting up yesterday...
  17. cyberham

    Openbox openbox

    Funny you mention it. I just pulled out of storage my ancient Openbox S9 and I'm trying it out with the modern transponders.
  18. cyberham

    FOR SALE Complete FTA setup

    Being resold is better than being scrapped, isn't it? At least somebody gets value from it in the end.
  19. cyberham

    Maybe a naive question receive C-band signals. For Ku-band, a 36" to 48" dish is best though you can use smaller.
  20. cyberham

    FREE C-band Dish (central B.C.)

    For those willing to do a bit of work to get a free C-band dish, check this out: FREE Dish.
  21. cyberham

    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    Listed on Facebook Marketplace: Click here to see a free C-band solid dish installation near Vernon, B.C. Don't let this go to waste. 5 hours east of Vancouver by car.
  22. cyberham

    Any active transponders on 137w or 139w?

    Just a few days ago, I received this satellite well on a 1-metre offset dish here on the lower west coast of Canada. I receive it at just below its minimum C/N lock level of 5.5 dB. But in late afternoon and at night reception is visually perfect and reliable. With its assortment of unencrypted...
  23. cyberham

    picked up random transponder trying to scan in galaxy 19 c band anyone know what it is or what satellite it belongs to

    You need to request to the administrator for access to the "What's Up There" section.
  24. cyberham

    picked up random transponder trying to scan in galaxy 19 c band anyone know what it is or what satellite it belongs to

    I believe you are receiving 89W Galaxy 36. Some people have reported feeds on it. But there are no continuous signals perhaps with the exception of the one you found. 4193 MHz is definitely horizontal polarity. So you need to sort out that issue.