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  1. dishcomm

    Possible TEGNA Verizon FIOS contract dispute.

    Charlotte DMA here. We have not had an NBC affiliate here for about oh 10 weeks. Yeah, I missed a couple NASCAR Cup events, but other than that...I could not care less. NBC , in fact network TV doesn't have much to offer my tastes. NBC and the other alphabets can kiss my a...Rear. Network TV is...
  2. dishcomm

    DIRECTV unlikely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    Thats no longer a hook for D* The Ticket is now geared toward sports bars. My buddy is a part owner of a small pub. His biggest day of the week during football season is Sunday. Heck, even the Panthers fans show up to eat and drink adult beverages. Sports bars still get good business. For...
  3. dishcomm

    RSN's Now All Gone - NESN dropped

    The problem I'm seeing is this. As providers drop RSNs, local sports programming and events will become invisible. Because if blackout ( outdated) rules, streaming for those residing within territorial boundaries of their teams will be unable to watch their home team games. Something has got to...
  4. dishcomm

    Tegna removes local channels

    Ill just watch Nascar race on my computer. Coverage is better anyway
  5. dishcomm

    AT&T explores Direct TV sale again

    AT&T has been looking to off load the Directv( AT&T entertainment) model for quite some time now. With the surge in web and app based programming options, pay tv is becoming a less favorable option. AT&T is not a communications company anymore. It is a financial company. The only priority that...
  6. dishcomm

    NHL Center Ice 2019-20

    I called Dish today to get a clarification on this... I sub to NHL CI....Now, the NHL website appears to imply that CI subs also can watch games on the mobile site (NHL Mobile). An app I have on my phne and my tablet, I have a trucking business that has me on the road about 200 days per year, So...
  7. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Losing the Fox regionals doesn't bother me all that much. I just watch Fox Sports Go on line. As far as the 'line'....I'll decide when the time is right to switch or not. I hate Spectrum TV, so they are never going to be an option. Directv equipment is inferior to that of Dish. And it is...
  8. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Until our new provider has its bout of contract disputes. Or you can pay more than market rate because When HBO went to $20 per month, I dumped it. Dish offered me incentives to keep it. I declined. I don't miss it at all. If Fox doesn't come back, I'll be upset. After a few weeks, I won't...
  9. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    "don’t carry half the channels your supposed to get" Supposed to get?. Explain that. Per the contracts with respective producers, viewers will be permitted to subscribe to the level of programming they wish. They are "supposed" to have access to those channels. That has nothing to do with rates...
  10. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Nearly ALL owners of Regional Sports Nets and the local Pro teams that own their broadcast rights want pay tv providers to place their channels in the lowest tiers. ESPN is the only one that got away with it. When ESPN was a fledgling channel , the company was giving the signal away to providers...
  11. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    You wanted a clean install, you could have stopped the tech, called Dish and asked them to send another more professional tech to complete the job. You ate the steak. Now you come back after the fact and complain about the steak. Can't have it both ways. Now you're leaving yourself in an...
  12. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    "ultimately it's up to the "provider" to provide the channels." This is true but not accurate. As I understand rules and regs of broadcasting , once the contract ends, and if the two entities cannot agree, it is ILLEGAL for the provider to distribute the property( video/audio signal)...
  13. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    In a recent article on cnet, AT&T was reported to be looking to spin Directv off or sell the asset. AT&T looking to ditch DirecTV, report says
  14. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Yes message boards do offer a means to vent. However, freedom of speech does not apply here, In fact it doesn't apply exclusive to the federal government. The US Constitution states "Congress shall make no law......... abridging the freedom of speech". That doesn't apply here. The owner of this...
  15. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    I'm shocked ANY sports fan viewer located within the respective territories of the Pro teams in New York would be a Dish customer. YES, MSG and SNY are NEVER going to be in the Dish lineup.....The rift is just too wide. BTW, YES went away a few years BEFORE SNY was bounced. MSG was gone before YES
  16. dishcomm

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    I HATE chat...Text just does not equal the spoken word. I want someone on the phone. Period. I was able to get through to Dish on another matter today. I worked an end around using a phone number given to me by someone WAYYYYYYYYYY up the Dish flagpole. Ive been with Dish for over 20 years...
  17. dishcomm

    Why pay for radio

    If one wants more than basic content or programming exclusive to the pay type platforms then they pay for it., If they don't, they go with the free stuff. "Why should I" doesn't enter into it. The two delivery systems are not the same. If you want premium services, you pay for them. If not...
  18. dishcomm

    Just Canceled

    If one stays on major highways and close to major population centers. Outside of those regions, streaming is pot luck I don't care for streaming. Live sports events on the stream are 3 to 4 minutes behind real time. No thanks.
  19. dishcomm

    Should at&t sell DIRECT?

    My guess is if such a thing were to slide by the FCC, which based on track record, it wouldn't, the new company would sell off transponders or even birds. Plus, with the debt load, frequency spectrum acquired in the auctions would have to be sold in order to improve cash position. I think this...
  20. dishcomm

    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    The end of net neutrality may bring this trend to a screeching halt. I will explain. I theorize that ISP's will alter the way they bill their customers.. Presently, ISP's bill their customers based on the speed of the connection chosen. Cell phone companies bill based on the amount of data...
  21. dishcomm

    DirecTV has crazy retention deals right now

    Ha ha..I remember reading a story about this woman who filed a lawsuit( of course) because Sprint cancelled her account. The reasoning for the "get lost" was that she complained too much. I like it. People that constantly carp and moan about every little thing that bothers them should not be...
  22. dishcomm

    snow question

    A water gun is the LAST thing you want to do...With the frigid temps, the water will simply freeze on contact, compounding your problem. I'm actually surprised you don;t have signal. The snow to water ratio with these extremely low temps is perhaps in the 15:1 or even 20:1 range,. the snow is...
  23. dishcomm

    Just had directv installed

    Yeah. That can cause sme raised eyebrows. Especially if one runs into a customer who thinks the X Files was reality TV.
  24. dishcomm

    Recent email about new interface

    Ok..Please permit my ignorance. I already tried to find a definition... What is a CUI?