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  1. stimpson

    Hopper 3 HD Issues

    Started loosing HD channel reception this morning. The channel would be fine, no pixelation like you would get like rain fade or signal blockage. It would just swap to the SD version of the channel. Ran a check status test and get "error" in block A. When I select "issues" , it says Issues...
  2. stimpson

    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Tried that. Still no joy for me. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  3. stimpson

    Netflix Intermittant On H3

    No joy on the reset.
  4. stimpson

    Netflix Intermittant On H3

    Thanks folks!! Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  5. stimpson

    Netflix Intermittant On H3

    The Netflix app on my H3 has become hit or miss not working lately. Most of the time when I launch it it hangs on the Netflix screen with the spinning circle. Works fine on my two Joeys. H3 is on U336.
  6. stimpson

    iOS 10.2

    All good here as well. IPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  7. stimpson

    IOS 10.0.2

    Woke up this morning and saw 10.0.2 was ready to install. Installed with no issues.
  8. stimpson

    New Apple device on the way

    Siri has eyes for you: Apple reportedly testing Echo rival with camera Shared via the CNET Application
  9. stimpson

    iCloud Storage

  10. stimpson

    iCloud Storage

  11. stimpson

    iCloud Storage

    I'm pretty sure it's per device per apple ID. Reason being, lots of folks back up to the cloud., making a new device setup pretty simple when you set it up via iCloud back up.
  12. stimpson

    .264 Converter

    Well that makes sense as to why it worked before and not now. Again I really appreciate the help and education. :)
  13. stimpson

    .264 Converter

    No update on the on the DVR. Have not seen a CODEC update on my MAC. I thank you for your info/help. I would be willing to send you the file if you would like to try and convert it.
  14. stimpson

    .264 Converter

    From. Trying to convert some videos from my security cam dvr. I used Handbreak to do this before, but I can't get that or anything to work now. Not sure what's going on.
  15. stimpson

    .264 Converter

    Can someone point me in the direction of a good .264 video converter?
  16. stimpson

    OTA/Broadband Cable Diplex Question

    Same boat here.
  17. stimpson

    Netflix sign up

    I signed up using my H3, but it's been a few software versions ago.
  18. stimpson

    Sort recorded episodes ascending

    So your the one!!!!;)
  19. stimpson

    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    What gets me is I don't think one person here complained of how it was before!!
  20. stimpson

    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    This update changed how the "Sort:Season,Episode” in a folder is formatted. It used to show oldest to newest episodes. Now it shows newest to oldest. So now you have to scroll down in a folder to watch a series in sequential order.
  21. stimpson

    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    Awesome!! Thanks.
  22. stimpson

    U313 for Hopper 3 is now released

    U313. Not S313.;)
  23. stimpson

    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Been wondering that myself. Been too busy lately with year end school functions with the kiddos to check. I'm going to check this week end.
  24. stimpson

    Dead hopper?

    Seems to fixed here as well.