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  1. clucas

    Free C-Band Dishes-Central Coast California

    Moving and have to get rid of a 7 1/2 foot Unimesh, an 8 1/2 foot one piece fiberglass and 12 foot Paraclipse. FREE. Located in Lompoc between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria, California. Is it possible to set up as and use as a 5G fence???
  2. clucas

    Weigel Channels

    Me too. High school football was on over the holiday and now all is gone. Just when I was enjoying the old WB and MGM cartoons on late at night.
  3. clucas

    Weigel Channels

    Saw the ID on the top of the hour. WCIU DT2. Found this on the Weigel website. The U distinguishes itself in the market by its devotion to local sports, including coverage of WNBA Champion Chicago Sky games, Chicago Red Stars professional women’s soccer competitions, and Game of the Week...
  4. clucas

    Weigel Channels

    Happened to rescan 4180H 30000 and came up with something called IHSA-HD with PID's of 3111 and 3114. Laurel and Hardy went off at 3 AM EST and Cheaters came on after that. Is this something new?
  5. clucas

    EPG discussion on Enigma2 STB's

    I have it in my schedule listed as AWE+
  6. clucas

    Intelsat 18 180.0E Ku

    Not so much as a shadow from the LNBF, the shadow from any trees or hills cast on the dish when the sun is in direct alignment with the dish on the worst outage day. In theory I can get 166e here but I have a shadow cast over my dish from a distant hill about 5 minutes before the outage. No line...
  7. clucas

    Intelsat 18 180.0E Ku

    I've used the SatFinder Lite and also Satellite Positioner apps and when compared, both are off from the actual satellite position. One shows the satellite being particularly high in the sky so you may still be able to actually "see" the satellite from your location. My best results were from...
  8. clucas

    Intelsat 18 180.0E Ku

    If I remember correctly, I had some breakup using a .76 meter dish with an older LNBF. I won an Amiko L-107 from a contest run by Hypermegasat Casey. Using that LNBF I had a stable signal. All I'm saying is that it's marginal with a larger dish so I doubt you will have much luck with a 60e...
  9. clucas

    Problem Accessing through a Phone Browser

    I use the old app. Just get a nag on startup that I’m using the demo version. Click on ok and continue. Happened a couple years ago then disappeared. It came back a few weeks ago.
  10. clucas


    20 degree Chaparral C-Band P-HEMT Low Noise Block Downconveter is what’s on the label. It’s and old one.
  11. clucas


    Some time ago I lost Decades, MeTV, Movies, etc. on 101. Others were having problems too. I ended up moving the entire feedhorn closer to the dish than what the manual and calculations said and have not had any problems since. I’m using an LNB.
  12. clucas

    Who is allowed to take part in the FTA hobby?

    The simple answer to your: Who is allowed to take part in the FTA hobby? Anyone with some time and money to spend plus a quest for satisfaction from a DIY project.
  13. clucas

    Playing Youtube through Edision Mio+

    Great! Thank you. At first I didn't think it worked until I did a reboot and it's fine now.
  14. clucas

    Playing Youtube through Edision Mio+

    My Mio 4k (not +) quit playing You Tube videos. I get some sort of error that it can't extract the video url. I tried to look for an updated plugin but couldn't find one. I'm running TNAP 4.2. Any ideas?
  15. clucas

    Trying to get into C-Band, may have found a dish?

    Ideally you can stand on the roof to dismantle rather than use ladders. I would loosen the bolts so you can spin it on the pole to a good position to work. I would first unbolt the actuator from the mount so it will hang on the dish. This will prevent you poking a hole in the mesh if the dish...
  16. clucas

    How to record - GT Media V7 S5X

    From your second picture “Record” I don’t see where you are getting a signal quality. No signal means nothing to record. Maybe this locks it up?? I don’t know so I’m just guessing.
  17. clucas

    Ford to drop AM radio in new vehicles

    I have to wonder if AM is getting rf interference from motors, clicking relays and equipment in electric cars. Probably trying to solve the problem with a $1 filter in each car would be too costly! Does anyone know if electric cars have AM radios and do they have problems?
  18. clucas

    What to do with my 1.2M

    The link below is my project on my 1.2 GeoSat dish. Getting 87, 91, modified two lnbf's to get 99/97 and finally 103. I really have to fine tune it as PBS on 99 and LPB on 87 are hit and miss. InfoWars on 99 is fine as are some feeds on 87. It can be done...
  19. clucas

    DW on 103w KU - EPG

    A couple days ago my DW TV EPG finally ran out of cached data. Now, it usually shows the current program and sometimes the next but never over a half hour in the future.
  20. clucas

    DW on 103w KU - EPG

    No, didn’t clear it. About a year ago I couldn’t get any listings after midnight but it worked the next day. No problem because I download a .pdf from their website with the listings for one week.
  21. clucas

    DW on 103w KU - EPG

    Here it is for tomorrow, Friday.
  22. clucas

    DW on 103w KU - EPG

    Here's a screenshot from a couple minutes ago. It's the only EPG I get.
  23. clucas


    But, for only a dollar? Maybe the actuator it has still works. My old $1 Paraclipse mesh has holes that are too big to perform well on Ku but I also have an older 8 1/2 foot one piece fiberglass dish pointed at 99 and use it for WVGN and it works well. This depends on how much time you want to...
  24. clucas

    DW on 103w KU - EPG

    I’m getting it using my plain old Edision mio4k. Seems to be working as usual.
  25. clucas

    FOR SALE Geosat Pro 1.2m Dish NIB Located in Upstate South Carolina

    Like N6BY said, SatelliteAV is good to deal with. I picked up my dish on a road trip near the area. Question for cpalmer2k, since you have the dish and electronics, why not set up the dish and use it?