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  1. dont24

    Dishanywhere shows old Hopper

    Same for me last month. Wasn't aware if took a few days. I was able to get it updated in DishAnywhere in a Support chat.
  2. dont24

    Replacement H3 not showing on Dishanywhere

    Support chat. Not exactly sure what they did , but my new Hopper 3 now shows active
  3. dont24

    Replacement H3 not showing on Dishanywhere / accounts and devices. This is where it's still showing my old H3. I'm assuming I need to fix it there first.
  4. dont24

    Replacement H3 not showing on Dishanywhere

    How do I update my receiver on dishanywhere? Recently received a replacement Hopper 3. It's correctly listed in my equipment , but Dishanywhere still shows my old receiver. I searched , but can't find an option to update.
  5. dont24

    Questions about the hack and CS

    I just called the main number to "cancel". Wait time 7 mins. Selected the callback. Received within the 7mins. Account specialist was able to re-apply the $50 off promo for another 12months. I was expecting the wait / callback time to be much longer.
  6. dont24

    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Yeah. Just a link to their main page. Forgot to exclude from my post.
  7. dont24

    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    My promo ended as well during the outage. Received a response this morning via their FB page. "Hello, Don. As access to customer care tools are limited, we are currently unable to provide support for your inquiry. We’re making progress on the customer service front every day, but it will take a...
  8. dont24

    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Someone correct me if this has been updated , (888) 496-1260
  9. dont24

    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Same here. My 1 year expired and my bill went up $50. Has anyone had any luck with the retention dept during this mess?
  10. dont24

    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Will be interesting to see my next bill. Pretty sure my $50 off for 1 year ended last billing cycle. I planned on calling, to see what they can do for me, before all of this.
  11. dont24

    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    England / Wales I'd be able to watch, since it's on FOX1. USA / Iran , broadcast unavailable.
  12. dont24

    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    Game is still showing in my guide, on the 4K channel. Is it tied to my local Fox station or Fox Sports? I guess I'll see at 2pm.
  13. dont24

    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    My local FOX in Boston is gone. Since USA / Iran is on that channel tomorrow, I'm pissed. I can get it OTA. Anyone know if this will affect the 4K broadcast on the 540 channels?
  14. dont24

    NESN 360

    NESN 360 I miss watching my Bruins on Dish, but no way in hell I'm paying $30 a month. $10-$15 tops would be more reasonable. Will be interesting to see if other RSNs follow with their own streaming and what the price points will be.
  15. dont24

    Dish Retention No Longer Offering A Discount

    I've been with Dish ~24yrs. I called Loyalty on 3/14 and was able to get $50 off a month for a yr.
  16. dont24

    4K Events Discussion Thread

    To early to ask if 2022 World Cup will be available in 4K on Dish?
  17. dont24

    RSN's Now All Gone - NESN dropped

    Damn... I'm late to the "party". Didn't know about NESN until yesterday, when I attempted to watch the Bruins. This sucks. I planned on calling Dish Loyalty when my contract's up, but that's not for another 2 months. Figured I'd see what they could so, before possibly switching to Fubo. Guess...
  18. dont24

    2 year agreement ran out

    Thanks for the #. My 2 yr contract is up in Jan. With the recent rate increase, I'm saving $35 a month. I'll see what they'll do for me. My current $136.14 ( AT250, Hopper 3 , 3 Joeys , locals , dish protect silver ) monthly charge a bit high, considering I'm thinking about switching to Fubo...
  19. dont24

    FOR SALE 2 apple tv 4ks.

    I may be interested in one too, depending on which gen they are
  20. dont24

    Thinking cutting the cord

    I've also been a Dish customer for the last 25 yrs or so. Thinking about cutting the cord, when my contract is up in 6 months. I need a streaming service w/ NESN. Right now, it's only FuboTV. I'd save ~$56 switching. Family will want Netflix and Disney+ /Hulu / Espn+ , so savings will drop to...
  21. dont24

    Snow and Ice on dish

    Super Soaker water gun and a hot bucket of water is what I use.
  22. dont24

    Discovery Plus

    What will this do to the value of Dish Network service? Just noticed last night a series I watch is moving to Discovery Plus only. I can get it for a free year with Verizon. Also have 1 year left on my Dish contract. Going to seriously consider cutting the cord, if streaming services like this ...
  23. dont24

    OTA Adapter

    Hi Sam. As noted above, not an issue with Dish website. If Dish is willing to sell me a dual tuner OTA adapter for the same $29.99 price as AirTV, let me know.
  24. dont24

    OTA Adapter

    Same here. Trying to order a dual tuner adapter. Call their # and there's a 15min wait time!? Seriously? Fix your order form, so customers can make a purchase.
  25. dont24

    Dish won't even answer their phones now / pissed football fans?

    Must be some pissed off customers... 9am on a Saturday "As a satellite TV company, we love countdowns! Your position until chat blastoff: 56"