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    Question re: Venus Preview Channel

    Can someone tell me what the Venus Preview Channel is, whether it can be purchased alone or must be included in a package, and whether it is worth it? Thanks, new to Vu
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    Does Anybody Know?

    Is it possible to walk into a Best Buy or similar store in Canada and purchase a 9220 off the shelf? I am an American...Would I need to show any kind of ID or other proof? I thought I read somewhere that this could be done, but I'm not sure if I actually read it or simply "hoped" it was true...
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    Broker Question

    Does anyone know why no longer lists Bell ExpressVu equipment or programming in its online store? Any info would be appreciated.:confused:
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    Considering Switch -- Programming Question

    Can someone subscribe to Dish and receive JUST local channels (if eligible), HD package, VOOM package, and Superstations? Is there an added surcharge to order ala carte this way? Would I be able to get a 942 with this scaled-down programming? Thanks for any help. :confused: