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Sep 9, 2005
Is it possible to walk into a Best Buy or similar store in Canada and purchase a 9220 off the shelf? I am an American...Would I need to show any kind of ID or other proof? I thought I read somewhere that this could be done, but I'm not sure if I actually read it or simply "hoped" it was true. I'm thinking of taking a drive to either Montreal or Toronto if this is a possibility. Thanks for any help or guidance.:confused:


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Dec 18, 2003
In a word NO, not at this time. Buying the unit outwright is exclusive for current expressvu users only, new customers can rent only at this time. Even if they changed that policy around they register the item in store with bell, require a credit card, address<canadian>, drivers licence. What you need to do is find someone who can buy it for you and then tell bell that they sold it to you, I have done this a few times with friends who are new to bell but do not want to rent.


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Nov 3, 2004
You can buy the rent the receivers online. *C you can buy online. PM me if you want information.
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Feb 15, 2004
Now is not the time for non Canadians to be ordering 9200s. Apparently there are 1000s of defective units in circulation with WD 6102 HDs.

Expressvu has no idea what the serial #s are so some new purchasers end up exchanging 2 or 3 units before getting 1 that does not stutter. Some new purchasers are reporting that they shipped brand new units back and received refurbs as replacements. Expressvu is offering programming credits of up to $100 for those who complain loudly enough.

Which is fine if you live in Toronto; but not so fine if you live in Phoenix.