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Apr 24, 2023
London ontario canada
I submitted this April 2023. Two days later my 2 Superbuddy Started Working
Just tried my super buddy 29 to read the signal strength from my Shaw dish. I am watching tv off it. I found out that I get a reading on left tube but the right tube to give signal strength does not register. I have downloaded updated files for the meter. I have it on xku . Does anyone have any suggestions. My backup buddy does not read either so I know unit is not broken. I suspect it is because of Shaw changing to new system but what are the new settings. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

So March 3/2024 I did the latest update for my two Superbuddy 29’s . Same problem . I have my Shaw channels on TV so I know my satellite dish functions. Both Superbuddy worked before download. This time the dead satellite 107 shows 97%. But the satellite 111 which is what Yu want to be able to alligne does not show any reading on the tube.wonder if anyone with a Superbuddy 29 has done the download and if they are having problems. Gotta think it is a software problem since both Buddies are not registering on the 111.
I still get my channels to watch. My problem is the Superbuddy is not reading for where the channels should be located. Everything was fine until I did the software update.
Is it not the 107 that was discarded. The 111 or 111.1 is the one that I have been getting the channels from since all were moved from 107 to become hi definition.
107 (G1) is the only satellite that has any channels from Shaw Direct on it now (111 (F2), was shut down at the end of February). If your Superbuddy shows frequencies (I don't have one, so don't know what they show) they will be in the lower Ku band range (below 11700, see for the exact frequencies).

On your Shaw Direct dish the 107 LNB is the off-centre one (one on the left looking from the front of the dish). You can determine if that is the LNB your readings on the Superbuddy are from by blocking it with your hand.
Hi Keith, I didn’t know the 111 was shut down. What that means is both my Superbuddies are working as on the satellite listed as 107 now. When I go to the second satellite, no wonder it doesn’t read because it no longer is there. Thankyou for your input. I believe this clears up many things for me. I will have to experiment a bit but what you say does Clarify what I thought was a huge problem.
Many Thanks
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