Can anyone help me get Bell again?


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Jul 24, 2023
New York
Hello, used to belong to this Forum years ago as I had my own Installation business for close to 20 years. Anyways, from being in the business found out about Expressvu and subscribed to it for a good 20 years through a broker in Montreal (Kusat). As I live in Western, NY. Cannot subscribe myself by calling Bell from here in the States. I cancelled the service a few years ago, and I`m trying to get it going again.

The broker is unable to get it going again. Says they cannot find my receiver information in their records which makes no sense, as I bought all my Receivers through them. They tried putting my receiver information in and cannot get it running, though I`m not confident the people working there know how as they had me hook up my 9200 which is old outdated and I told them I remember them being obsolete and they said they could get it working and then found out they could not.

So, I`m trying to find someone in Canada who could add my Receiver to their account and I could pay them via PayPal, monthly, yearly, whatever the preference would be. If anyone can help me out or has other ideas, please let me know.

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