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    Edision Edison Mio Has No Signal

    I’ve had a few 22khz switches go tango uniform before and not sure why. I’m assuming water ingress over time even though I thought they were sealed pretty good. My experience is they kick the bucket after two or three years so like most other things keep spares on hand.
  2. Arion

    Edision How do I scan a transponder without wiping channels?

    Do a blindscan for transponders only. When finished it will show you a screen with all the transponders it found. Just select the transponder(s) you want scanned for new channels and only that transponder will be scanned leaving the rest alone. And before you scan you can select if you want...
  3. Arion

    Things we do for clear reception

    Last fall I rented a 55' diesel lift to cut down trees and limbs. Been a long time since I was in a harness and hard hat but about half as expensive as hiring a tree service. Still cost me about $1700 to rent that lift for three days though.
  4. Arion

    Can the Edison reciever add new video codecs like VVC?

    The NASA 4k feed appears to have cleaned up. On the edison it is playing fine now…at least for me. Under Setup, System, AV settings make sure you tick to allow 10 bit and 12 bit and it should play with no freezing. Currently using OpenPli with latest build.
  5. Arion

    Solid 6' Vs. Mesh 8' BUD

    Also wind loading comes into play. All things being equal a solid dish requires a stronger mount with more concrete in the base and a stronger pole.
  6. Arion

    Lost signal over course of a week

    If any part of your pole isn’t vertical your elevation is going to be screwed up. You have indicated binding and your threaded rod is off as well. Fix those issues. Regardless what your elevation is telling you your not aimed at the satellite.
  7. Arion

    SES-11 trouble obtaining lock

    Cheap trick. Just adjust your elevation to get the highest background noise reading even if your not locked on to a transponder and from there start moving from east to west to increase your background noise levels and you can be pretty sure your aimed at some sort of satellite. From there do...
  8. Arion

    Lenovo 900 thread.

    This thread and the mini pc's in general have me thinking about getting an additional system using a card or usb receiver. I have an old Skywalker 1 that I haven't used in years now since I went to the apple platform as only the windows and BDA drivers were supported for it. I hate [despise...
  9. Arion

    Junk C-band dishes?

    Dish is probably out of round. Read this thread that I started on these dishes several years ago;
  10. Arion

    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    AT&T bought a dying pig in a poke and now they are stuck with it. Kind of like buying Blockbuster as the VCR medium was dying and people started exploring streaming/downloading options. Sucks to be them.
  11. Arion

    Tek2000, going out of business?

    Been very happy with my dish as Tek was basically the only source for a residential grade antenna new in the box. Very glad I bought it and it’s held up well to harsh Michigan winters. Just take Tek’s experience and multiply that by tens of thousands of businesses around the country...
  12. Arion

    music Choice on G14 125w

    It didn’t. Same orbital slot @ 125 west. Galaxy 30 and Music choice hasn’t come back up yet but it’s supposed to.
  13. Arion

    music Choice on G14 125w

    They switched satellites in the past few days and Music Choice is supposed to be back on transponder 22.
  14. Arion

    Clock/Day issue with OS Mio

    I have a Mio plus running OpenPli 7.3 and I have the NTP set to update every 5 minutes so that is an option at least with using OpenPli.
  15. Arion

    Need a Good Signal Meter

    A bird dog is one of the best for consumers and DTH installers;
  16. Arion

    Hard drive for OS Mio

    Any external hard drive with a usb input will work. I also use a WD 2TB drive. I have a titanium asc mover with the OS Mio sitting on top of it and the hard drive is the perfect size to mount on the side of the mover with double backed tape. Very nice small size package.
  17. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    I wouldn't provide a link to another forum that provides bin files and So*tcam keys but like I said not my monkey not my circus. Have a good day sir and that will be my last comment on the thread.
  18. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    This was already addressed in post #6 but then when I went to the link you shared it's full of so*tcam keys and how to use the boxes for hacking but I'm sure nobody on this forum purchased the boxes to do that. What the heck, not my monkey not my circus. Enjoy your hobby.
  19. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    I followed the link to the forum that the OP posted and lots of posts of keys and softcams, etc. I just thought that any sort of references like that were off limits. My bad.
  20. Arion

    OTHER Changing Satellite List in GTMedia V9 Super Receiver

    This is a hack box, why is this posted here as it’s definitely against forum policy and terms of service?
  21. Arion

    osmio4k won't boot

    I had the same issue as well. Was a bad update on their server I’d imagine. I did a full reinstall off of USB and then an auto-restore on boot up. I am running OpenPli 7.2 and then did a online update to the new 7.3 version and all is working well now.
  22. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    I would listen to Gary and others that have installed many dishes in the past. I have only done one big dish so I am really not in the place to troubleshoot it for you. Good luck.....
  23. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    I think I would string test as has been suggested to see if your dish is warped. If the dish is out of symmetry nothing else you do is going to fix it.
  24. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    If you have a Tek 10’ dish you can see from the pictures on post #29 where I bolted the rods. About 2/3rd the way up on the ribs on the outer ring of the mesh.
  25. Arion

    Tek2000 10' Mesh Dish Install & Initial Review

    The LNB ‘looks‘ crooked in the holder but it might be the camera angle. It’s critical to center the lnb in the holder and make sure it’s equal all the way around the circumference. IE if on the top of the lnb it extends a half inch beyond the holder and on the sides or bottom it’s more or...