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    Which HD Cinema Movies have you seen?Would you like to post your review of the movie?

    What a difference of opinions. Most people I know thought this movie even back when it was not in HD, was one of the most intense movies they have ever seen. I think the heart-beat at the begining is awesome and really sets the tone of the movie.
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    So where is the GuyTV movie content now?

    It doesn't seem like brain surgery...I never liked World Cinema because of the closed captioning...however they have the programming already, so why not do away with KUNG FU and replace it Guy TV which would include King Fu, Vice, Gunslingers..etcc. I would also like to see Majestic come back...
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    Guy TV

    Does anyone know where VOOM will air the programs that were on the Guy TV Channel. I thought they might put them on FilmFest, but that does not seem to be the case. FamilyHD maybe? I could not imagine they would not want to show movies already converted for Vice, Gunslingers etc...
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    March 2006 VOOM HD Original Highlights

    GuyTv/Vice Movies ? Where did all the GuyTV movies go to?
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    New VOOM-15 lineup

    Does anyone know where GuyTV programs and Westerns will be shown? On FilmFest?
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    October 2005 Voom Original Highlights

    Just when they started advertising in Best Buy. James is going to mess this up again. How the heck to they expect to sell this stuff; don't they realize there is only so much people will tolerate. We need to cancel Voom to make point. Is it work $5.00 for three new movies for the whole month...
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    Is Ultra-HD on?

    It's on, but it's on repeate mode....
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    Another VOOMless Day

    I just got back from an out of town trip last night and figured I might catch a flick on Monsters, but I have seen everything were showing multiple times. As a matter of fact I went through the entire week to see if there was anything new to record...well not one new movie.
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    Sean, are things starting to pick up in the movie area? I still don't see anything new on Rush though. Did anyone else notice that the guide this past Saturday showed Spanish soccer three times. However, 2 where Japanses baseball (old of course) and one was Euroleague basketball (old of...
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    GalleryHD now showing AuctionHD content

    Let me guess, old content?
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    True, but I think having a 3rd DBS provider will be a hard sell. Charles brought his friend over from Europe to be on the board and convince everyone they could be a 3rd DBS provider, but he said it would not work. With cable now carrying more HD, FIOS, D* and E* I am not sure if even a name...
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    With the past history of poor service, lack of h/w quality and of course going under I doubt that anyone would every sign up with them again. I seriously doubt they could ever be a DBS company again.
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    Walter, what is the email address you sent it too. I think we should also email and voice our disappointment with VOOM. Enough time has passed since the closure of the DBS business. That should not have a material impact on VOOM originals anymore. If we want something to...
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    Just like the original VOOM sight this sight is out-of-date. When you press coming soon, you get movies for June and July. Wow!!! Why would a company as large as Cablevision nt have the pride to at least keep the websites up-to-date...sad... I sure hope Charlie is jumping all over this. This...
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    New Home of RushHD

    I hope this is a sign of things to come.
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    When Voom was on there own, they showed a lot more new content. What is ocurring now is very dismall. They could have been a great HD content provider. If they are waiting for something to happen before they start producing additional material then what is it? Why wait? They should be cranking...
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    August 2005 Voom Originals Highlights

    Way to go James!!! What does this mean about 20 hours of new HD content for August. I sure am glad there is HDNet. As soon as I get charged for the HD pack I am dropping VOOM. If everyone keeps Voom it will probably not get any better. I am going to cancel just to hopefully be heard. Don't know...
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    Loosing Rave, Real Upset!!!!

    Yes there is a very good reason. James is in charge of Voom programming and we can all see the down-hill nature of Voom programming. I would be surprised if it were around by the end of the year. HDnet/HDmovies are so far superior (never thought I would say that). One man without a vision/clue...
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    GuyTVHD and MajesticHD showing more than one 2 movies per day NOW! (afer July 2/day)

    Sean, how many new movies does HDMovies show each month? Just wondering about the ratio...
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    Some Possible HD movies coming to Monsters HD & Film Fest HD

    I'm not sure that is totally true regarding the marketing. I have received several calls from Dishnetwork (not realizing I am a current subscriber) promoting the Voom channels. But they are not charging top dollar for them either so you have apoint. Either way, if D* gets Inhd1 & 2, Cinemx...
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    Some Possible HD movies coming to Monsters HD & Film Fest HD

    My Family is really enjoying HDnet. In fact we watch more HDnet than any other channel. We accidentally got addicted to Smallville, Odessy 5, Boomtown, Jake 2.0 etc.. I am tired of waiting for VOOM to get their act together. I probably should not have invested $250 in the 942. I like it a lot...
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    Some Possible HD movies coming to Monsters HD & Film Fest HD

    Can't he make anything successful just for the pride of it rather than for strictly making a huge profit, or is Jams so short-sided that he doesn't seem like he can mak Voom a huge success if he invests. I wonder why Charles gave him the reigns of Voom? Anyway, if rumors have it right and D*...
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    Will you drop VOOM tier if no New Content is added?

    We new a lot more content on Monsters HD, Equator HD and Rave HD. If there goal is to put all the movie programming on Guytv, they should think about creating one movie channel and have a theme for each day, i.e. FamilyHD day, Fu HD day etc.. with DVR we all can time shift. This would give us a...
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    Lab HD is back on Rave HD!

    So how long before VOOM goes busts again. I really thought they would do it right just concentrating on being a provider. However, look who is at the helm....They made a press announcent that they would spend $100M up to $500M per year on new content. I think James would rather see the money in...
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    Rush HD's scaled back programming

    There are not up to adding new content to Rush, Rave and Equator that is for sure. They need to get their act together QUICK and get new content on