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  1. ddeloach1228

    Do you really need to watch tv while on the toliet?

    Yep, got a 15" on the wall. It is all about football. Prefer everything live.
  2. ddeloach1228

    Trying to expand HR-20 capacity to 2TB

    I use a Fanthom 1 tb on my DVRs. Work fine. Do the following if you haven't already: Unplug the DVR. Turn the Esata drive on making sure the esata cord is plugged into the DVR and the external drive. Once the external drive is up and running, plug in the DVR and let it go through the...
  3. ddeloach1228

    Is the any way to extend wires?

    Jimbo is right on target.
  4. ddeloach1228

    Question about universal remotes

    Bought three of these and they work fine: Logitech Harmony 520 Advanced Universal Remote - eBay (item 370130091915 end time Dec-23-08 09:03:06 PST) Sale may have ended, but he might still have some.
  5. ddeloach1228

    MLB Update: Atlanta Braves TV for DirecTV 2008

    Here is a link: The Official Site of The Atlanta Braves: News: Braves sale is approved
  6. ddeloach1228

    TV hookup help sougt

    You need an HDMI to DVI cable and two RCAs for the audio. Monoprice sells a quality HDMI to DVI cable for a reasonable price.
  7. ddeloach1228

    Directv Wants To Upgrade me for free?

    Get it in writing.
  8. ddeloach1228


    Give them a call and ask to speak to retention. See if they will give you something or not. I have always been treated fairly by retention.
  9. ddeloach1228

    TV Japan someday?

    Must be nice to always be right.
  10. ddeloach1228

    TV Japan someday?

    This might be interesting: Florida QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau California QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau Texas QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau
  11. ddeloach1228

    Would Directv ever add a National Public Access Channel?

    One National channel in HD for a price, why not? Oh, local considerations. Unfortunately, our local does not do HD, due to cost.
  12. ddeloach1228

    Big Ten ABC football games and ESPN alt channels

    Maybe this will help: ESPN - NCAA College Football Schedule, College Football Schedule, NCAA Football Schedule
  13. ddeloach1228

    When are the HD channels going on air

    When do the Big Ten teams start conference play? One day before for HD is my guess.
  14. ddeloach1228

    buy ppv cant watch on other tv???

    iwc5893 is right. Order online and no charge. Talk to a CSR and there is a charge.
  15. ddeloach1228

    H20 now interactive

    Channel 499 is working properly now also.
  16. ddeloach1228

    Ch 499 B-Band Converter Test Channel

    I get it on the HR20s, but not on the H20s. Not a CE Tester.
  17. ddeloach1228

    HD TIvo bug

    Last entry is correct way to handle.
  18. ddeloach1228

    3 x 1 HDMI Switch - for HDTV sharing

    Another one to look at:
  19. ddeloach1228

    DirecTV or Dish??? Help!!

    I have DirecTv for the NFL Ticket. Dish offers quite a bit more HD than DirecTv.
  20. ddeloach1228

    Tipping an installer?

    If he does a great job, sure. Let him know before. An incentive for better work.
  21. ddeloach1228

    espn game plan

    No HD last year, probably not this year.
  22. ddeloach1228

    Convince me

    Where are your interests in programming? NFL Ticket? (DirecTv). HD Programming, right now, Dish. Other differences also.
  23. ddeloach1228

    Direct Tv v:s Dish Network?

    You change for one reason. NFL Ticket. If not interested, don't change.