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    Dish Re-Pointing Questions

    Thanks for all the responses so far. I live in NH close to the Boston area. Unless I am wrong, I have my HD locals (Boston) on 61.5. Also, I have 4 VIP-211 receivers. I have not received anything from Dish regarding re-pointing. Based on that, what do you guys recommend as far as dishes...
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    Dish Re-Pointing Questions

    Existing Setup: I currently have one dish pointed @ 110 and 119 (American Channels) and another dish pointed @ 61.5 (HD and international channels). I honestly do not know which switch I currently have with this setup. New Setup: In order to receive newly added channels, what I now need...
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    Coax to HDMI

    My house is pre-wired with coax running from a hub in a closet in the basement to each room in which I want to have a TV. I want to install a 211 receiver in the basement. Is there any way I can use my existing coax to transmit HDMI so that I will be able to connect the HDMI signal to any TV? I...
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    DishLATINO Bonus Pack Channels?

    Thanks to all who responded. This looks like a good value since I already have AT250.
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    DishLATINO Bonus Pack Channels?

    Anyone knows what channels are included in the DishLATINO Bonus Pack which is an optional add-on ($12.49/month) to the ATxx packages? The link for this package on the Dish website is broken. TIA.
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    Difference Between 6.3 UHF & 6.2 UHF Remotes?

    I am trying to order a spare remote for my 811 receiver. What's the difference between the 6.2 & 6.3 UHF remotes? Which one will work with an 811 receiver? Or do they both work with it? Thanks in advance.
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    DishHD Packages - Annual Billing?

    Can you pay for the new DishHD packages using annual billing (with 1 month free) like some of the other packages? Thanks.