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    Two layers of Drywall - What to use between

    I am at the 11th hour of the drywall portion of my new home theater installation. I was always told to double layer the drywall in the theater. The first layer is up, and the drywall contractor is going to install the second layer tomorrow. I had them mud and tape all of the seams on the...
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    I will miss this forum the most....

    Well, actually, I will miss voom the most, but I do appreciate this forum. The level of class and respect far exceeds other forums. For example, Over on the "HD - Programming" forum at AVS, someone posted...
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    I disagree!!! I am happy to "support" voom via the VaVaVoom package. I don't see it as much as an investment in Voom, as an investment in HDTV! What do you think Directv or Dish is going to do in the "HDTV" market if voom fails? Do you really think they are going to run right out and add a...
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    New Channels Added: - Discoveries & Fox Movie

    I agree with you Rolllzroyce. I think $40 bucks more per month is completely worth it. However, I have a problem with all the people here "whining" about voom going away, only to find out they only have the basic package. I think if Dolan is willing to put up 10 million, I have no problem...
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    I'm getting 342 SUNSPRTS in Indiana.

    We have had it since the new encoders went online. I noticed this as well in GA.
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    New channels coming soon?

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch....... Anyone see any new channels yet?
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    Big problem with V726 Update: Disable Parental Locking before the update!

    Well, I got my software update this morning. I have parental controls activated (via password) and once the upgrade was complete my password is scrambled!. I read all the posts about this problem last week, knew they had a problem, also knew they postponed the release until this was...
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    Hey! I'm not leaving!

    I'm with you fellas......
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    VOOM & CVC Q2 Report

    2.7m in revenues divided by 25000 customers = $108.00 per sub!
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    Problems with Fox 5 in Atlanta.

    pabisc, I used to have problems with Fox until I moved 10 miles further away and up on Red Top Mountain. Now I recieve all the channels. Unfortunately, I think you will find like I did, (different antennas, location, angle, hieght, Bigger Antenna's Amplifiers, Even Bigger antenna) there is...
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    VOOM STB Version 7.26 (2.30): Features/Bugs/Requests

    I don't see any mention of this previously, but on my system at least, my Parental control / Lock is working as follows with the new software/Firmware 6.10: If I tune to the locked channel, I have to unlock it to watch the program/show. The channel remains unlocked for the duration of that...
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    Anyone else having problems with ESPN-HD?

    WOW! You guys are good!!!!! This is exactly what is happening to my system!. If I go from two of these channels in order, the problem goes away (example from 301 straight to 262) but If I go from say 601 to 301, the problem returns. I guess I never noticed it on the Starz HD channels...
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    Anyone else having problems with ESPN-HD?

    Yes, I have unplugged to box several times. I was hoping this was a problem with the old software, as I have three additional boxes with the new software. I will call Voom and get this one replaced. Thanks for the help.
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    Anyone else having problems with ESPN-HD?

    Heck, I already pay for it!!!! I thought the problem might be that I subscribe to playboy, and if I cancel the subscription this problem might go away. I know that sometimes when I switch to a channel, I will get the black screen, but this is different, I get a very pixilated display and...
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    Anyone else having problems with ESPN-HD?

    I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with ESPN HD. Every time I tune to this channel, the audio is delayed and the screen stutters. If I turn my box off (standby) and back on, everything is fine. Also when I first tune to ESPN, I get a still shot of the playboy channel, sometimes...
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    should I get Voom Or wait a while longer?

    I ordered only one STB to start with, but recently added three more STB's. I can't say enough good things -vs- only a few negitives. (not to mention they waived my 199.00 additional installation fee for the three boxes). I still have DTV just for the NFL Ticket.
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    Its July 1, 2004 and no software.

    Yesterday, I had three new STB's (Voom Calls them IRD's) installed. All three had the new software on them. My original box (still 5.68) has yet to be updated. I can tell you this, the improvements (for me at least) did not warrant me changing one of the new sTB's out for the old one. Yes...
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    How to get rid of the Diplexer???

    Yes, unfortunately, I know this! I knew that if I liked the service, I would be sorry I didn't get the addl receiver's initially, but.....oh well someday I will learn to trust my instincts...Right
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    How to get rid of the Diplexer???

    I will surely do this first thing in the morning (it is now very dark). I am also trying to get a hold of Voom to request two things. 1. I would like to order three additional STB's for the rest of the house, and 2. I would like to request a better OTA antenna. But I can't get anyone...
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    How to get rid of the Diplexer???

    Thanks Sean Mota for the help. This is exactly what I see on this end as well. I do get locals with the Black Channel master Diplexer installed. I am having problems getting ABC, and was thinking that eliminating the Diplexer "might" get me over the hump on this channel. When I remove...
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    How to get rid of the Diplexer???

    There isn't a diplexer outside. It has a home run from the antenna to the back of the equipment. This is where he added the diplexer so he could install the module on the back of the STB (Rental agreement I guess). The dilpexer has a 1' cable going to the combiner module affixed to the back...
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    How to get rid of the Diplexer???

    I had voom install my system "After" I ran all the RG6 for them. I added an additional cable for the "Stealth" antenna. The Installer insisted on bringing both the Sat & the Antenna connections into a black diplexer, and running a short 1' cable out of the diplexer into the back of the STB...
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    HD Aquarium

    I would be completely happy with the electronic fishtank like the one from Then I would just mute the sound.
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    Improvement Wish List for Voom

    I agree with all of the great ideas / improvements posted here, but I am supprised to see that knowone mentoned the fact that when you have the program guide up, you only see two lines of the description, when there is actually three lines of copy. For example "*** Comedy / Drama When Tony...