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    Dish or ComCast?

    In Portland OR I Have Had DirectvHD, DishHD & Now Comcast Digital With HD. My Comcast HD Is Tons Better PQ Then Both Satellite Companies & The SD PQ On Comcast Digital Here In Portland Is Also Better The Dish Or Directv SD Or HD. In Portland All Old Analog Channels Have Been Upgraded To...
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    3/13 Charlie Chat Recap

    What a terrible Charlie Chat. They both sounded like really bad politicians, and they didn't take any calls. (cowards)
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    811 replacement options? ? ?

    You Won't Get The 5 New VoOm Channels or Any Future HD Channels.
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    Dish just called my house??

    I Just Googled » Does Dish Network have a programming guide Kaptains Satellite TV ... Call this number 1-866-668-8047 it is a back door number to Dish Network Customer Service, you won’t have to go through the automated menu. ...
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    What Should I Do With 811?

    The 811 Value is for SD channels & HD OTA only
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    Does 211 need to be activated before receiving DEMO channels?

    Mine Did The Same Thing. You Need To Activate It For It To Work In Any Mode.
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    Has Anyone Received Their 211 by UPS ?

    Ordered My 211 On 1-26-06 & Got It 2-1-06
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    Can a sub get HD only

    Since Last May I Have All The HD Channels & Nothing Else. (HD Package, Voom, Showtime HD & HBO HD) Cost $42.98 a Month.
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    Lease Upgrade Requires SD Subscription (Bronze, Silver, etc)??

    I'm Not Sure But I Think The Lease Agreement Requires a 18 Month Commitment
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    New Dish HD Channels in the Fall?

    Worldsports is on RUSH Sat. & Sun. The First Half of each Day. LAB is on with RAVE Now. My Guess is that we will get more VOOM Channels when E* gets the ok to purchase Rainbow One & gets to use its 11 TPs.
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    can you get Dish HD service only using the previous Voom satellite?

    OK lets put this question to rest for the last time. If you had VoOm with the 18" VoOm dish & It is still pointing at 61.5 it works. I did it. #1 There are two sat.s @ 61.5. (Echo3 & Rainbow 1) Echo 3 has International Channels & some sorts PPV. Rainbow 1 has only the VoOm channels. Echo 3...
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    Are Dish's Voomer's happy?

    Until they added the Voom10 all the HD channels were on one the 110 location.
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    Are Dish's Voomer's happy?

    I'm a very HAPPY E* Voomer. In fact I'm so happy I Unhooked From My 18X24 D* Tripple Lnb dish the 110 & 119 (Changed out the C Sat. Lnb for a proper Lnb from a dish I had laying around) & Hooked them up to a SW21X then Hooked it up to a SW21 with the 61.5 Voom dish. Now I have Voom, Hd Pkg...
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    HD Picture Quality Improving?

    DarrellP any word from your contact on when more Voom channels will be comming our way?
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    Rainbow1 is now spotbeam

    Wrong, With This Weather I Would Never Get Voom. It Says Above The TP That I Am Checking The Sig. (TP1,3,5,7 Spotbeam).Period.
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    Rainbow1 is now spotbeam

    The Rest Of R1 Is Shut Down. Only 1,3,5,7 Are Up & Are Spotbeam.
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    Rainbow1 is now spotbeam

    My Config. Voom 18" lnb (D* Or E* Legacy Compatable) No Switches, Strait To Dish 811
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    Rainbow1 is now spotbeam

    Your Software Will Not See The Odd TPs For Rainbow 1. You Need To Select The 148 Sat. To See Your Sig. Strength For 61.5.
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    Rainbow1 is now spotbeam

    I Have Been A Voomer Since 3/17/04 in Portland OR. For The Last Couple of Years The Weather Has Been Dry. Last Sunday 5/15/05 I Signed Up With E* To Get My V* Channels Back. Last Week The Heavy Rains Returned That We Have Not seen In a Couple of Years. I Mean HEAVY! I Noticed My Voom Channels...
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    Post your VOOM Activation Stories here

    I Got Activated On Sunday 5/15/05. I Have The Voom 18" Dish Pointed At Rainbow 1. For You Old E* Folks Be Aware That The Voom Channels Are On Rainbow 1 & Not Ecostar 3 & They Are On The Odd TPs 1,3,5,7 . So When You Repeak Your Dish Use TPs 1,3,5 Or 7, Not Even TPs To Get Your Best...
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    What is your favorite Voom channel?

    RUSH Then MonstersHD We Need WorldSports & At Least A Couple More Movie Channels.
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    Post your VOOM Activation Stories here

    I went on Ebay and Paid $190.00 for a brand new Dish 811. I picked it up on Friday, I Hooked it up to my 18" Voom Pizza Plate & My Two OTA Antennas & Scanned & Got ALL My HDTV OTT Channels. I checked 61.5 to see what I had, I have the hd Demo Channel & One Promo SD channel. I today not 5 minutes...
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    Can I Have D* & HD From E*

    Thanks that is what I needed to know
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    Can I Have D* & HD From E*

    I have D* with the 24" Tripple LNB (101,110,119) using three of the four outputs (one unused). I also have the V* 18" (61.5) My question can I go to ebay and pickup an E* 811 & hook it up to my 61.5 dish for the Voom 10 & Hook it up to my (101,110,119) dish for the HD Package? Or will my...
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    Any DVD recorder that records 480p?

    The Picture Above Shows The Component Inputs Are 480i Not 480p