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    Idiot Directv Ad Insert Dept.

    I don't watch commercials so I wouldn't care which ones they show.
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    Outsourced Customer Service?

    That's funny. Did you ever watch the movie "Outsourced"? A lot of that kind of humor in it.
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    Outsourced Customer Service?

    Very true, my company had lots of people with Indian or Vietnamese accents. Good people but the accents were strong.
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    Outsourced Customer Service?

    They have always had a customer service center in the Philippines. I've gotten them a few times.
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    No volume control on Sony TV.

    That's strange, I have an 850 c with the new remote and it works.
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    Is DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket Doomed?On July 13, 2015, a local bar in San Francisco filed a class-a

    Each team pays taxes on it's revenue and the leagues revenue is divided among the teams so it all gets taxed.
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    Sunday Ticket on Roku.

    Only if you are unable to get Directv for Sunday ticket. Game Pass will be available for $99 but it only shows replays of games after all Sunday afternoon games are completed.
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    New DIRECTV Sunday Ticket Commercials with Eli Manning & Tony Romo

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    More than one Genie box

    I thought I read something when they first came out that 2 Genies don't play well together for some reason.
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    DIRECTV Keeps Calling

    Been with Directv for many years and have never received any calls. I agree with raoul5788, check it out. Some Google sites say it is a Directv survey but it may not be from them, it could be a 3rd party sales pitch.
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    Directv 15 Launch 5/27/2015

    Do you know what D14 is going to be used for? I thought it would bring a lot more HD channels but it didn't.
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    New HD channels in testing

    I would hope so, I thought D14 would give us a lot.
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    What brought you to get DirecTV?

    I had ST with C-Band as well but after the first year that they put it on 2 different satellites I switched to Directv for the convenience of not having to move the Dish all of the time.
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    Sunday Ticket 2015...

    The games from London have not been on Sunday Ticket in the past but have been national broadcasts. It's the networks that are losing a game. 6:30 AM on the west coast won't get many viewers anyway so they probably don't care. I think it's a bad idea though and unfair to fans of either team.
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    DirecTV's New Satellite Paves Path Toward 4K TV

    My TVs are fairly new and as long as they're working well I won't replace them for 4K. If I have problems with any of them I will, but that will be years from now.
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    Sunday Ticket 2015...

    They last played in Milwaukee in 1994, 21 years ago.
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    It seems the Dish board gets more traffic than the DirecTV board.

    This is primarily a Dish site, Directv was added some time back. It's a good site but with many more Dish subs than Directv subs.
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    Sunday Ticket 2015...

    Market, but not fan base. The Packers have a large fan base and if I had to guess the smallest it would be Jacksonville. I just looked it up on Google and Green Bay was the largest and the Jaguars were the smallest. Buffalo was 9th believe it or not. My team was 2nd.
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    Want DirecTV & FiOS Internet. Is this viable?

    I have Directv and Charter internet, they're on separate lines, no problem.
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    Options To Overcome Series Manager Limits

    Didn't know that, I only have a handful of series recording.
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    Options To Overcome Series Manager Limits

    You can also set up "Manual Recordings" from the Manage recordings menu. You set up a recurring recording for a time and channel, just like you would on a VCR. They don't count against your limit of 100.
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    Directv D14 live, directv D10 down (update: D10 now working)

    TCM had the message last night but is back up this morning.
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    Yes I am.....