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    NHL is back, what about Center Ice?

    Since when has DISH increased their HD RSN slots? a West ast f, you would think this. But then you're one of those Eastern Time people that get all their games in HD....
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    Poll - IFC, WE, FUSE, and SUNDANCE - will any be in HD?

    Hopefully IFC, but DISH will probably give us WE..:eek:....ugh. I think D* people get IFC-HD.
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    DIRECTV reaches deal with Tribune (Or maybe not!)

    I want WGN Superstation and Q13 Fox Seattle and Mytv Seattle. Getit done SOON Directv. My HR 34 and 5 room order is at risk.
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    DIRECTV reaches deal with Tribune (Or maybe not!)

    I'm a Sox fan too! WGN and WCIU/OTA Sox games have never been in EI. When there is a WGN ball game televised, there is no other feed on EI either, as it would be on nationally on WGN. It would be nice if picks up these games, but again WGN has the 'national' rights..... I...
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    DIRECTV reaches deal with Tribune (Or maybe not!)

    America will lose a lot of baseball games, that is, if they have Directv. This would impact my possible switch to Directv for baseball.
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    DirecTV Grace Period in California?

    . Add MLB in HD And 24/7 HD-RSN's to provide HD sports packages your list.
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    Directv Question (extra fee for markets with 2+ RSN's)?

    Don't you get FS Detroit or are you too far out to get the televised games or have moved? I think even DISH has FS Detroit. Just curious myself, I may make the move to D* for Chicago sports before baseball season, if I can convince the other half...
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    Where's the new HD (January 2012)?

    1.HD Locals (Most Important). Varies, D* in Seattle, CW-HD over Tacoma HD 2. Sports HD. D* 3.Premium HD. E* 4.Nationals HD. E* 5.Xtra HD (Least Important) tie I like sports, HR-24, WH-HDDVR and the new HR34, hope to switch to D* on the 29th. This is subject to th convincing the...
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    Where's the new HD (January 2012)?

    Interesting to note, do you mean quality of your local channels or national channels? I can agree on the local channels, CBS and NBC are pretty bad they are so downrezzed. Discovery seems really good, but the HD RSN's :mad: are another story, if your game is even available in HD or not JIP'd...
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    2 year expire in April

    Yes, not a single one in HD 24/7. Plus DISH is missing YES entirely.
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    RSN HD bandwidth

    JIP'd Blackhawks are JIP'd tonight and so are we. I had to set up an extra timer because the timer was recording the HD version, starting an hour late. There must be a lot of NBA and NHL games on the East coast but why do we lose just the first hour of the game or what game(s) end so that now...
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    This morning, about 4 hours ago.
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    DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center

    They told me that I need a RVU Samsung TV required to install a Home Media Center DVR. That is not true, correct? I signed up for two HD-DVR's, 2 HD Rcvrs and a SD Receiver instead. I'm signed up for Premiere pack to guarantee 2011 pricing until 2013.
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    The Bug is back short recording.

    I had half of a hockey game record on a RSN yesterday on my 722, not 722k. Will see if it recorded the whole thing in SD overnight.
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    Lots of rumors now that AT&T could buy Dish just for the wireless spectrum

    The AT&T rumor is a normal year-end event. This time, they could be after DISH's bandwidth. That would make going to an HR-34 and HM-HDDVR easier. Don't forget the rumor that DISH is going to buy T-Mobile so that AT&T can't buy it and they can kick out T-Mobile management in Bellevue. Plus...
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    One single Christmas Gift From Dish.

    Full-time HD from CSN Chicago. Along with WHDVR, this is a truly a deal-breaker for me. Nearly all baseball and hockey games are in HD these days, DISH, do you only plan to show 2/3 to 7/8 of them?
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    DISH Network Announces Third Quarter 2011 Financial Results

    My wish for the last 3-4 years has been RSN's in HD 24/7 and MLB Extra Innings, yeah a lost cause, but now that I'm having issues with either my switch or the 129 dish, it is cheaper to go D*. Plus easier to do sports recordings in HD. Maybe I will try using just the newer switch.
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    Service Restored to 129 Satellite!

    129 may be out again around 10pm PT. I cannot receive CNN, CNBC, CSN Chicago HD, and other 129 stuff. Programming on 110 and SD on 119 is not affected. Hopefully this is a re-positioning move late at night and nothing more...
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    Sometimes DISH reall burns me up...

    Using SS's numbers for drivers licenses, along with your birthday? Sounds like a criminals dream! Note I have great credit so I don't need to visit there! :>)
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    FSN Arizona. Just weird

    It was JIP in HD and you saw the end of the previous game, then the game you expected to see was switched on. Ive seen this several times this year. Before this year, the Dodgers game would have been blacked out.
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    MLB network

    MLBTV DISH carries RSN's but not full time. No we will not be silent. I do agree with you though, if you want it bad enough, switch. Or even go with 2 providers for awhile to get MLBTV and/or your locals. There are several people who add Comcast, D* or FiOS to get needed locals, MLBTV...
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    The switch .2 / .4 WA

    Still on 2 dish WA setup for the old 129...! Im keeping them for solid 129 HD and 110 reception for HD Locals, Showtime, HBO and ESPN. Maybe add a D* for HD sports. 24/7 RSN's DISH? :>)
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    Double that. I want 24/7 RSN'S as I am waiting to pull the trigger. A few more missed games in the next couple of months and that's it....
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    DISH Network Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Results

    I'd upgrade to AT200 and only pay $5 more Charlie, IF you add CSN Chicago HD full time as well as have a strategy to show CSN Chicago Plus HD along with other cities overflow RSN's. This current tinkering of the HD RSN guide info every morning is getting tiresome. Maybe Frontier has a good...
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    DISH Network Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Results

    Much as I'd like it, that will never happen because of Disney, Time Warner, Fox, etc. programming cartels. If this happens soon, great, but when? I don't believe Swanni rumor.