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    Anybody still watching here?

    I'm good on HD channels for awhile... Now if only we can get a DVR that doesn't suck ;). You know, with a Fast Processor, and a Large Hard Drive... Or maybe something to replace CableCards (since everyone knows they don't work, and tru2way probably isn't the answer you're looking for!)...
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    deleting video on demand history

    I thought "Real Sex 8" was Sex Ed.
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    RR Lightning (40mbit / 4mbit) Coming to Central Florida this summer

    Of course 99% of the servers you access will be way to slow to make this of any use..but hey... one day ;)
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    8 New HD channels coming in March / Channels moving to SDV

    Also, good HD pick ups. Is Daily Show in HD yet?
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    8 New HD channels coming in March / Channels moving to SDV

    Cable Cards (as they are now) are dead. Cable admits it. Government admits it. Encoding is fine, but be smart about it. I want to be able to plug in my TIVO, or even a Windows PC running Media Center and have access to EVERY channel, including VOD. I don't want to have "Tuning Adaptors"...
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    26 New HD Channels coming Dec 17th

    Hey, it's still a BILLION times better than a few years ago. 2 or 3 years ago it was impossible to find anything with HD programming besides like Mojo/HD-Net..
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    CFL: New HD Coming Nov 19th

    Channels are live. Score.
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    why is fs florida hd not on

    It says "sign off" but the channel is live. Watched the magic game on it last night no problem.
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    Good news bad news for HD customers

    Hey, and UCF will be playing Texas on either FSFlorida or SunSports on Nov 7th. Good timing Brighthouse ;)
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    CFL: New HD Coming Nov 19th

    Holy Crap! Go Brighthouse! Cartoon Network HD. Nice!
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    Good news bad news for HD customers

    Well they do have the SDV thingy for tivo, which windows media is going to support next week when 7 you don't *have* to use a BH box..
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    Orlando HD Channel Wishlist

    I miss HD Net still....
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    Excessive downloading 2000GB per month

    So when they try to give up internet caps again we have you to blame?
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    Big DVR patent news (TIVO owns it)

    ....and all of a sudden TWC/BHN are talking to TIVO for Tivo DVRS.....funny how that happens..
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    New hd channel in Palm Bay, Fl

    Yeah when I told them it was because of HDnet they were just kinda like "oh...yeahhhhhh...."
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    New hd channel in Palm Bay, Fl

    And HDnet and HDMovies are now gone. So guess what I did this morning? Called Brighthouse and got rid of the Hd "Package." I also ditched the Sports Pack now that CBS-CC is on the digital-tier. Thanks Brighthouse for saving me $10 a month =)
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    Dear Brighthouse....

    A specific law, sure.....but I don't really come here to learn the "truth" about Obama unless it has to do with my Brighthouse rates, Anti-Trust, Internet-Fairness, etc.
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    Dear Brighthouse....

    Um, what does that have to do with ANYTHING? The fact is, the government SHOULD watch a company with a virtual monopoly (cable in many areas) so they don't take advantage of people... I don't care if you love Obama or hate him, that has nothing to do with these boards...
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    Dear Brighthouse....

    Yeah, you would think the Feds would be more worried about ISP trying to double the cost of Internet Service (like TimeWarner is doing with RoadRunner) than ISP's going after people doing illegal things.... I just think it's funny how Cell Phones are really pushing "Unlimited" Nationwide...
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    Dear Brighthouse....

    Yeah I agree with you Insider. 250gb for standard RR would be fair. Of course if they could just go against peopel doing illegal things, problem would be solved....
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    Dear Brighthouse....

    Just a warning, If you become lame and put caps on Internet Usage to 5GB like AT&T, Comcast and TWC are *trying* I won't pay "overage" fees, I'll just leave.... And take my cable & phone service elsewhere. It's one thing to go after that 1% that uses 80% (which I'm fine with...I really...
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    Orlando HD Channel Wishlist

    That would be great for whenever I let my girlfriend drive! haha.
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    New Theme + Improvements to the Navigator.

    Yeah, I think I'll just take it back to one of the BHN Centers and swap it out. I have had the new Navigator for over a year (back when it was in the VERY early and nasty stages), but when everyone else got the Navigator roll out, mine stoped updating ( I noticed a slight GUI difference, and...
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    New Orlando HD Channels?

    I heard that commercial on the radio...yet...nothing on the website, lol