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    211 Running Bug Thread

    SW Ver L 2.64 Dish Set up- DP-44 110, 119 & 61.5. Rcvrs- 508, 811 & 411. Connection: Optical and Component (411) Desc. of bug: Video loss but keep audio. Reset 411 receiver and works fine, until next time. Happens daily for three weeks now, reported to dish. Experience this video loss...
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    Software upgrade for the ViP 211/411 receivers

    Talked to a CSR today and told me they are aware of the software glitch for the dreaded black screen of death with audio. As for me this happens frequently and have been rebooting and unplugging since the first of week of Feb. Mine happens I've noticed while watching OTA channels. They took...
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    ViP 211 Nothing but problems!!! completely unstable!!!

    411/211 Disappointment My 411/211 install 2 weeks ago had its issues like activation which took 3 calls and 5 hours later to get authorized, but what is worse now is the loss of video creating the dreaded black screen of death. I have to reboot from the front at least every other day to...
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    VIP211 and HDMI

    I have a 411/211 about a week old now. No HDMI cable came with this unit. Installed component cables in the intrim. Purchased HDMI to DVI and installed. After comparison of the two inputs the component is cleaner, colors are richer and just looks better. The SD is also a slight improvment...
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    When to call Dish

    Install scheduled Called 5:00 AM MT (AZ) and CSR said they can't do anything until Dish's software is ready and to call back this afternoon. The HD world is watching this Charley!! (Update) Called 7:38 AM MT (AZ) and have install scheduled for tomorrow for the VIP211, now keep your...
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    Sweet, Just picked up CBS-HD

    CBS HD in AZ Has anyone been authorized recently to pick up CBS HD either east or west by just calling in and asking for it? I tried 3 months ago and CSR told me I required a waiver from my local CBS and Phoenix CBS station (200 Miles away), before they would authorize, and of course they did...
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    **Wanted**: Super DMA testers in San Diego & NY

    DMA tester Hey, Don't know if I can help, live in Yuma, AZ 85364. Grandfathered with Dish for distants (NY & San Diego). Have Voom & Dish with DT and Analogl Locals mapped for CBS NBC and Fox. I live right in the middle of Phoenix & San Diego area right on the AZ/So Cal border. Happy...
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    Finding 61.5

    Iceberg: Thanks, Looks like I might be able to squeak this signal in.
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    Charlie Chat Update!

    Start chat at 9:00 Pacific time?
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    Finding 61.5

    Down here in Yuma, AZ waiting for the 18th for my Voom install. Presently using Dish. Might have line of site (LOS) problem due to trees. According to Dish web site under Products & zipcodes ref the Yuma zipcode (85364), indicate to receive the 61.5 satellite I would have to point to a AZ-170...
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    Voom in Phoenix

    Voom in Yuma Down here in Yuma, waiting for the 18th for my install. My problem is line of site (LOS) due to trees. According to Dish site under Products & zipcodes ref the Yuma zipcode (85364), indicate to receive the 61.5 satellite I would have to point to a AZ-170, EL-51 & SK-92. Now, my...
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    DISH Network Adds TNT to its High-Definition Package; Programming to Include NBA, Mov

    Getting TNT-HD here right now (07:50 MT) in sunny Yuma, AZ.
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    PQ on HDTV with non HDTV programming

    Hey Bthom70 Sony KV34XBR910 is the ticket. Check out the ratings for this set, you won't be dissappointed. There selling for $2500 but one would be able to get a nice price around June time frame when the new model hits the shelves. It's a heavy one tho but once you see the HD (Dish) quality...
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    What new HD channels should Dish add?

    Living here in AZ my family and I watch mainly the big networks NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX in primetime and now the HD channels. Were grand fathered for the East and West coast feeds, which according to NAB were getting illegally. We may be losing them also if they get there way. Local NBC and CBS is...
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    Dish asks for your help!

    I still don't have this clear, even after reading some of these posts. If I can receive local DTV (480) and under revision of the SHIVA I would be able to subscribe to the distant networks for there HD (720 1080) programming alone? My better half live's and breaths network programming and I go...
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    Clarity of SD on widescreen

    Just hooked my 811 last Friday and wasn't to happy with the SD. I did adjust the standard setting on my set and helped considerably. Haven't decided if I want to get my Sony ISF calibrated or not, cause it sure looks good to me. Color is exceptionally good and PQ is a little soft but very...
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    Wcbs Hd And 148

    mwgii, Thanks for the link which states: Free to qualifying subscribers with a "standard" CBS subscription (Locals package or $1.50 a la carte Distant CBS subscription) *CBS East HDTV (WCBS-DT New York) (Available from the 61.5° location ONLY) *CBS West HDTV (KCBS-DT Los Angeles)...
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    Wcbs Hd And 148

    KCBS not WCBS Hey Bobby, I see the difference now, guess I wanted it enough that I didn't pay attention to the satellite. I guarantee it will be the same song and dance tho and still irritating. Thanks Hank
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    Wcbs Hd And 148

    Been long time subscriber to E* for awhile, long enough to be grandfathered in for east (NY) and west (SD) network stations. Upgraded to a 508 last year, get my 811 installed this Friday with the HD package, all at retail. I noticed that WCBS was being offered on the 148 satellite in HD. I...
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    Help in Yuma

    Hello, Being a Dish customer for at least 5 years now which by the way I've been satisified with the service. I'm about ready to jump into this HD adventure and I obviously need some catching up with a few things.What's "Superdish"? Does this involve a new dish antenna? I would like to get...