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    1080p DTVs Seen 'Proliferating' Soon, HDTV Forum is Told

    I think the biggest gripe about TI is that they seem to be holding back on the technology that they have. I have followed the digital projector field over at avsforum and some of the members have asked at different times if TI makes a TRUE 1080p chip, they were told that TI does make one but TI...
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    Lcd Or Tube

    Sorry guys a 9" crt front projector is the only way to go if you want the ultimate in hdtv. LCD has poor contrans and dead pixels. Someday it might get there but I suspect that other technologies are goin to replace it. DLP is getting better but Texas Instruments has not come out with a true...
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    Almost Hd good enough

    Lukemia, If you are referring to pixel resolution, some loss won't be missed to much. Right now the only sets that can do full HD resolution are the 9" CRT front projectors (Sony g-90, Electrohome 9500, Barco 1209 and the Sony 1292) even then they must be set up properly. In the digital realm...
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    Not Dish Specific...Optical Audio

    If I remember right, Radio Shack sells a toslink optical switcher for your situation. number 15-1586. Hope this helps
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    Rumors Rumors Rumors.....What is it????

    How about coverage for those of us on the west coast! E*'s commitment to being the leader in HD has turned out to be less that impressive and it doesn't appear that things are going to change anytime soon:(
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    Retailer Chat TODAY AT NOON EST!

    "man, that means people on the west coast will be watching Charie as they're eating dinner, and mountain time zone right after they ate... I don't know if I could survive a charlie chat on a full stomache." Just think of it as a weight loss program.
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    Next on Charlie Chat.....

    Credit Card Autopay
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    Disney to buy Echostar?

    Yep, Just talk to Rupert (or his lawyers) to find out how it is done. It seems that if you are favored by certain people you can get what you want
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    Disney to buy Echostar?

    Yes I was thinking the same thing. Of course the regulators would probably nix that deal.
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    Disney to buy Echostar? Check out the 13th paragraph. Maybe something is up?