Disney to buy Echostar?

Now that would be interesting as Comcast is trying to buy Disney. So, the "Cable Pig" would end up buying Echostar if it all worked out - hmmmm......
But "we're not going to do anything stupid," Eisner said Thursday, speaking seriously after his joke about buying Comcast.

I guess he thinks buying E* might fall under that heading. He may be right under the current circumstances. It is sad to think that such a deal would just be a ploy to keep Comcast away, given the incredible legal hurdles that they would have to go over. Think customer service is bad now? Just wait until the company is owned by someone who doesn't want it.
BrianInBuckley said:
Yes I was thinking the same thing. Of course the regulators would probably nix that deal.
Yeah. No way regulators would allow the same company that owns a major television, sporting, and news network to purchase a satellite company. Never going to happen.

No where are those <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags at...
Yep, Just talk to Rupert (or his lawyers) to find out how it is done. It seems that if you are favored by certain people you can get what you want
Rupert doesn't own the largest cable system in the US (although he does own the largest DBS system in the UK). The FCC would deny a merger of Comcast with Disney/Echostar just as they did with D* and E*, on the same grounds.

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