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    New 811 install...where's the beef?

    My son-in-law had this same problem with his Mitsu and his 811 hookup. He finally ended up calling the Mitsubishi hot line and they told hom only the DTV inputs will work with the 811 for his model TV. I'm not sure if his model is the same as yours but the picture of your model looks like his...
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    P267 has arrived

    So, my question is: Who complained about this problem and who did they contact to get it fixed? I haven't seen anything on this forum about watching serius channels. So why was it high enough priority to do a S/W release. I'd really like to let their contact know about the dark video problem so...
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    P266 Dark Video Thread

    Huh? I certainly thought the 811 was for both HD and SD. At least mine has SD outputs. Or are they taping the SD outpust over on recently shipped units? It shouuld work as advertised! A lot of people use SD for VCR or TiVo which is preferable than watching live TV, IMO. Yes, HD is nice but not...
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    P266 Dark Video Thread

    What month? Are we there yet?
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    811 OTA 81% then drops to 49%??????

    Some people think that the "49% problem" is an 811 issue some think it's an antenna/multi-path issue. IMO it's an 811 problem. Improving my antenna didn't help. Here is how I tried to solve the 49% problem. It didn't help.
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    How do I record in SD with 811 receiver

    Mine works good this way: 811---component-------TV Optical------------------Sony Amp 811---S-Video---TiVo---TV 811---RCA-------TiVo---Sony Amp
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    P266 Dark Video Thread

    Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to start raising hell with Dish too. What a PITA.
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    811, composite, S-vhs, componet or DVI? Caution--Lots to Read

    I think the 811 should work as advertised and we shouldn't be expected to go out and buy new equipment. If Dish didn't want users to use the SD outputs they shouldn't have put them in the design. Of course those of us using the SD outputs for VCR, TiVo etc would probably not have purchased an...
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    New software downloading on my 811 now!

    I agree. I worked for a S/W group that supported ~1000 systems around the world and we would have major releases which would include new features and we would have patches that would fix problems. Major releases and patches were announced to the customers and fully documented. Unofficially we...
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    Mitsu TV only works on 480p

    It's working. He called Mitsubishi and they told him to connect the component cables to the "IMP-DTV" inputs. I don't know what the difference is from the component inputs because all component outputs spec at 480p and 1080i. Oh well he's happy now.
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    New software downloading on my 811 now!

    My S-video output is somewhat brighter but still needs improvement. The image quality went from pure crap to almost mediocre.
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    Mitsu TV only works on 480p

    Ah, yes I forgot about the set not supporting 720p and I did notice that when I was messing around with the inputs and reading the manual. Some really good suggestions in all the posts. We'll try to look at it more tonight. Thanks for all the input. :)
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    Mitsu TV only works on 480p

    Ok, this is the story. This is not my TV but I am helping someone else try to set his up. The component input seems to be on and when the 811 is in 720p mode there is no video at all. In 480p it displays a good clear picture. In 1080i there is video but seems the horizontal is out of sync...
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    Mitsu TV only works on 480p

    I'm having a problem with hooking up an 811 to a Mitsubishi TV. I'm not sure of the model number of the TV but I think it's an older model of the ws65713 (circa 2000) before Mitsubishi added a DVI. The set does have an internal OTA HD tuner. I have both S-Video and Component hooked up for now...
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    Can't View Member Theaters

    When I click on View Member Theaters I get an error. See attachment. Is it just me or is there a problem with the server? Thanks...
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    Do you like or dislike the 811?

    The dark video is definitely a show stopper for me. Poor OTA lock on and having it download the guide everytime I turn around is also very aggravating.
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    811 patch not till end of MAY! or LATER!

    I think you can lay money on that one. :D
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    Silver Sensor with 811

    Maybe, maybe not. I tried "improving" my antenna setup by having the best Radio Shack antenna offered installed on a 30 ft. pole. That didn't help. So I had a pre amp installed. No help. Then I had an antenna rotor installed. No help. I could only get ABC no matter what I tried. This little...
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    811 HD Receiver Technology

    I agree...
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    What's the latest on 811 fixes?

    I have DVI connected for viewing HD but I only watch HD about 10% of the time. About 20% of the time I watch TV from my OTA antenna while the 811 is feeding some other program to my TiVo via the S-Video. So about 70% of the programs I watch are from TiVo.
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    811 Signal Strength

    This problem exists for many users and has persisted since the 811 came out. Do a search for - 811 OTA 49% - and it will bring up a lot of previous threads such as this one.
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    Other Dish boxes with problems

    Don't you really mean we're less doomed? :p
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    811 - Do you like DVI or component better?

    I have a 61" Sammy and I can't tell much if any difference between DVI & Component for HD. All SD material sucks because of the dark picture issue but DVI and Component are better than S-Video for SD.
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    the new 811s

    So the dark video IS a hardware problem? I didn't think there was any official comment from Dish about hardware causing the problem. Or, are you speculating? The reason I ask is there are a lot of us waiting to get this issue resolved and if new hardware is needed, is it time to start bugging...
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    What's the latest on 811 fixes?

    It is today.