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    Install today!

    read scott's review-- if PTAT is turned off, we will have 4 tuners just like my 2 dvr Cox setup I have now, correct?
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    L4.41 Software

    has anyone tried to pay a bill with this software?? no longer available. dish make it go bye bye.
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    Anyone with distants have their locals turned on this morning?

    i dont know if anyone will remember this... I had Los Angeles and Chicago and wanted to switch Chicago to Denver(I think). The csr removed instead of switched and FOR TEN MINUTES I had no distants and when I called back they were gone kaput see ya later-- no power in the verse could get them...
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    One Dish HD Solution??

    Hello everyone. I havent posted in quite awhile, but I got a call today and here we go... . Courtney called me from Dish Network's "winback" group. During her effort to sign me up again she guaranteed me there was a "Dish500 plus" and a "Dish1000 plus" , both of which would grant me access to...
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    Major DVR 721 Trouble - Long HELP!!!!!

    It is incredible that they are so willing to keep throwing techs(money,manpower,gas,time)at you but will only offer you that crappy deal to replace the receiver. I would have played harder ball but obviously you are with Dish and cant threaten to leave them-that's cool.
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    Preparing For DISH HD

    any chance of all this being available for dish500 folk?? i had voom and the 2nd antenna--then moved and couldnt put up the 2nd dish(not right away anyway!!)
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    DISH gave me the hard sell not to cancel

    I found the story very interesting. Dish did the same to me... "yes we want to keep you as a customer; no we wont offer you anything you actually want". IMHO if a company really wants to keep someone who has paid consistantly and well over the average for a long time, it is well worth it to lose...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    true--the distants are only $5/mnth. They will however lose $110/mnth by losing me. basically they could recoup the cost of a 942 3 times over during a year's committment. They can get $5000 dollars from me over the next few years--they have chosen to lose that money over a piece of hardware...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    If they gave me a 942 I would remain a loyal customer. Im not looking to gouge Dish. The simple fact is I have lost something that simply cannot be replaced (and yes I do get all 4 Chicago local) and I want something that is extremely valuable to compensate me for losing something I consider...
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    Why should I stay with Dish Network and not go with Comcast?

    Comcast has given me a dual tuner HIDEF pvr, all 4 movie channels in hidef,5 networks in hi def(big 4+ WB) INHD1+2,tnt and pbs and espn. all that as well as every channel they offer for $125/mnth. I like satellite--a lot but now they just cant compete in the HD arena.-- I would go with cable...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    a free month?? for channels Ive had for 5 years and will never, ever get again?? theyve already given me a free month, offered me a free 510 and are still negotiating with me. Why shouldnt i get what I can?? I feel this is very important. You dont. I dont care what you think. The only thing yhat...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    slamminc11- I guess I should defer to your incredible 6 months of knowledge here on this forum. didnt you ever have a preference for anything? why do you even watch tv? all the shows are pretty much the same, if you had basic cable you will eventually see everything thats shown on all the other...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    lets get something straight--I have no problem following the law or with Dish following the law. The person(cincyguy24k) who said "dish was right" obviously hasnt read the entire thread. A CSR TURNED MY LOCALS OFF IN ERROR OR BY ACCIDENT OR WHATEVER!! If I got a letter saying I am nolonger...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    everyone makes good points. the real craw-sticker(that would be something that sticks in my craw,wherever a craw is) is the simple fact that a csr removed the locals by accident or stupidity or carelessness;my account would "have been looked at" if not for the unauthorized action of a Dish...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    Indy- I had no idea we had psychics on this forum. I will say this once- I legitimatelly qualified for distant locals, havent changed my address, and now I am no longer eligible. The SHVIA (or whatever) has been updated. If the locals were never removed, I never would have had to "qualify"...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    Clarusworks- what you are saying makes 100% total sense. Incredibly you are incorrect. I had Chicago+ LA locals; asked csr to bump me up from at120 to at180 and get rid of Chicago. Period. The end. I wait for the changes and see that LA is disappearing --I call back to correct things. Time...
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    942 deal for current subs in the wind???

    I am currently negotiating with Dish for compensation. A csr turned of my LA distants by mistake and now "no power in the universe" can restore them. Just so everyone is clear: Imagine having LA locals for 5 years and all of a sudden losing them because a csr is incapable of following simple...
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    Is Dish ever going to add any more channels?

    I wouldnt wanna rely on Directv for hd--you have to qualify for the hd nets and you have to buy the package for Starz and Max. Yeah its nice but your talking what, $25 for those two hd channels??
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    Terminated from DISH

    recently Dish broke one of it's "prime directives" for me on one condition:I WAS NOT TO TELL ANYONE ON "THOSE FORUMS" WHAT THEY HAD DONE FOR ME!! I never broke that promise but it is obvious that these forums are a concern for them.
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    811 firmware update not likely...

    while were on the subject... can anyone tell me why my 811 has the "Receiver info" screen every morning when I turn on my tv? The 811 is already on and I go to the HD comonent input and there it is--staring me in the face telling me for the 35th day in a row that I have version 2.84. if a new...
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    Suffering Without Dish....10 Days Later...

    the Yamaha 5790 has "Audio Synch" "for adjusting lip synch". that was the first I found . it costs $474. there are others-- I'm on the lookout for the perfect receiver so I window shop on the net constantly.
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    Suffering Without Dish....10 Days Later...

    lip-synch help Matt- I dont know if this is the kind of help you had in mind, but the newer receivers from Onkyo ,Sony, and just about all the rest of the big names have a feature to synchronize digital audio with the picture. They all ahve different names for it. I will go do a little research...
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    Is this even possible???

    Lately I have had some problems with Dish and recently downgraded to just HD+VOOM. It also seems I am getting the AT180 channels BUT ONLY THE CHANNELS THAT ARE IN THE 180 PACK--i'M not getting the other 120 justb the extra 60. How wacked is that?
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    called to upgrade--now I'm cancelling service!!

    A well-trained csr would have said "before I add CT locals, are you aware this will void your distant locals packages?" But of course the JD Power winning csr's at Dish have no ability to actually know the consequences of thier actions. Someone calls me at SBC and says I hate my voice...
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    called to upgrade--now I'm cancelling service!!

    I have been a part of these satellite forums for as long as I've had the satellite service (maybe 6 years). I know full well that once you get something like a distant local,DO NOT REMOVE IT CUZ YOU MAY NOT GET IT BACK!!. Cant they go back and listen to the phone call and plainly see that I...