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  1. rjruby

    Any one else having intermittent issues with Phillies-Braves game?

    Yes I have the same problem. Other channels on 61.5 also affected. Signal level dropping to less than 20. Then returns to 70. Direct LOS to satellite. Clear sky in eastern PA. No obstructions.
  2. rjruby

    NFL Network / NFL Redzone

    I was considering signing up for Redzone via the NFL app on my iPhone for $34.95 for the season IF I could Airplay it to my AppleTV to watch it on my 80" home theater TV but there are confusing posts on the Internet whether that will work or not.
  3. rjruby

    Antenna Too Far Away

    These are two email addresses I used many years ago to report pixelation problems with my locals to Dish: I don't know if they're still valid or not. At that time they did acknowledge my problem and corrected it.
  4. rjruby

    NFL 2020

    I like this one:)
  5. rjruby

    Mark at DishDepot Retiring

    One thing I liked about dealing with Mark is that he gave be a fair trade-in price for my old receivers I was replacing.
  6. rjruby

    Mark at DishDepot Retiring

    Just received this email from Mark at DishDepot. Too bad. I've bought most of my Dish hardware from him many times over the years. Great guy to deal with. Thank You For Your Business Well established domain name for sale after 23 years. Visit our website to purchase
  7. rjruby

    DVR Alert Thread

    Great concert video. Trumpet intro to Hotel California is my favorite highlight.
  8. rjruby

    HBO Questions

    Saving the other cards for Curb Your Enthusiasm if/when it returns.
  9. rjruby

    HBO Questions

    I dropped HBO from my Dish service last year. Knowing I wanted to watch Game of Thrones when it returned this year, I bought some $25 HBO NOW gift cards for $15 when Best Buy had them on sale on Black Friday. I signed up for a free week of HBO NOW service last week to watch the first episode...
  10. rjruby

    HBO/Cinemax Takedown

    Game of Thrones is the only HBO show that interests me. Best Buy had $25 HBO NOW gift cards on sale last week for $15. Picked up a couple so that I'm ready for next spring when it returns.
  11. rjruby

    H&i OTA lost due to FCC repack

    I live in the Lehigh Valley and have an original Channel Master 4228 UHF/Hi VHF antenna connected to my two Hopper3s. I too lost the subchannels for channel 69 with the move to channel 2. I would like to add a VHF antenna to my installation to receive the Lo VHF channels from Philadelphia...
  12. rjruby

    Any Must Have's on Tuesday?

    Best Buy has the 3D/4K bundled together for $27.99 Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  13. rjruby

    Current/Upcoming 3D Titles and Promos

    No US 3D version available. Have my preorder in for it at Amazon UK as well as 3D copies of Coco, Avengers Infinity War and Ready Player One that won't be available in the US.
  14. rjruby

    Hopper 3s updated to U507

    Didn't have the problem with U503. Must have started with U504.
  15. rjruby

    Hopper 3s updated to U507

    Something weird now with the "DVR-Recordings" page on my two Hopper 3s after the U507 update #1 Hopper 3: On my #1 Hopper 3, the "DVR-Recordings" page shows the recordings for that Hopper I select my #2 Hopper 3 on the "Sources" pop-up to view its contents. #2 Hopper 3 is indicated on the...
  16. rjruby

    Hopper 3s updated to U507

    My two Hopper 3s were on U503 before the update to U507.
  17. rjruby

    Hopper 3s updated to U507

    My two Hopper 3s were updated to software version U507 during the night. Haven't had a chance to see what's changed.
  18. rjruby

    Two Hopper 3 Install is Scheduled

    Per the protection plan terms and conditions: Eligibility for coverage. This Plan is available to new and existing DISH Network subscribers who purchase or lease DISH Network Products. You represent that the Product is in proper operating condition at the start of the Plan coverage and that Your...
  19. rjruby

    Hopper 3 software issue

    Neither of my two Hopper 3's have exhibited this problem.
  20. rjruby

    Stumbled on a nice place for ordering movies

    I've placed several orders with Bull Moose. Their prices aren't always the lowest but I usually check their prices against Amazon and Best Buy. If you meet the $30 minimum for free shipping, the saving of sales tax (6% in PA) sometimes makes them the best deal
  21. rjruby

    New Orleans locals Breaking up ? anyone else?

    When I was having problems with my locals several years ago I sent an email to They investigated and corrected the problem.
  22. rjruby

    DPH42 and HOPPER3 Software Update

    It's possible that you might have to activate the Hopper 3 connected to the hybrid LNB with Dish in order for it to get the updated software downloaded.
  23. rjruby

    DPH42 now available

    Well I am now a happy owner of a two Hopper 3, one 4K Joey system receiving programming from the 61.5, 72.7 and the 118.7 satellites. I ordered all of the hardware from Mark at DishDepot. I picked up the two Hopper 3s from UPS this morning that Mark pre-checked to assure that they had the...
  24. rjruby

    DPH42 now available

    I contacted Dish via email at about activating two Hopper 3s on my account. I like hardcopy communications rather than phone calls. I promptly received a positive response from a Case Manager in the Executive Escalations Department who offered to personally...
  25. rjruby

    Hopper 3 and international

    Which dishes/switches did the tech install? Where are you located? Thanks.