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    Rainbow Media Unveils DIVINE HD First Ever 24/7 High-Definition Gay Movie Channel Exc

    Most movies have white people as leads. How does this differentiate itself from other movie channels?
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    Rainbow Media Unveils DIVINE HD First Ever 24/7 High-Definition Gay Movie Channel Exc

    How does that differentiate it from any other channel with sports?
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    Rainbow Media Unveils DIVINE HD First Ever 24/7 High-Definition Gay Movie Channel Exc

    What kind of shows would you put on a "white" channel?
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    DivineHD: Should it be "a la carte"?

    I can think of a number of channels I don't want to pay for. If you belive that, you should make all channels a la carte.
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    DivineHD: Should it be "a la carte"?

    You can lock out the channel so they can't see it.
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    Echostar Problems Gain National Attention

    These seem to not be Echostar problems, but DBS problems in general.
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    Waiting for 811 end of February Fix...

    For the last update, they seemed to all be updated at the same time.
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    Help from E* Tech Support

    Lyngsat shows CBS-HD as also being on 105. Is anybody with a superdish picking up CBS-HD off of 105?
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    CES2004 -- 921 questions and answers

    Don, Did you ask anyone from Echostar about the quantities of 921's manufactured? I am wondering if they are just releasing them slowly now to keep support calls down or do they really have so few available. At the rate they are shipping them now, It will be a long time before I get my...
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    Anyone considering moving to DTV because of HDTV announcemen

    Dish has had CBS-HD for a while now and Fox wont have any HD until the fall. Why would this make you switch?
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    811 Dolby Digital output Issues

    Just a note, only some people are having DD problems. I for one am not.
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    Do you have the new 921 ?

    I am on preorder with Dishdepot since March. They expect to receive 1 unit this week. :(
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    Sampling of Where the 811 Installs are Being Rescheduled

    After having my first appointment on the 8th canceled for lack of a receiver, I had my 811 installed last night in the western suburbs of Chicago. They had the installer driving all over the place. My scheduled time was from 12-5 PM. He wasn't able to make it until 8 PM. He did keep me informed...
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    What, no more 721 bugs or complaints?

    I think there are only so many people here who complain. And now they are complaining about the 811. ;)
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    Retailer Charlie Chat Today at 10:45am CT- update on HD?

    Many people like me received the 8PSK module for free because we signed up for the DiscoveryHD commitment. Even if I had paid for it, I would still prefer that they give them out free to make is possible to provide more content. Besides, how many people could they have left without the module...
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    Retailer Charlie Chat Today at 10:45am CT- update on HD?

    I have a hard time believing it's only 1000. I don't think dish would bother to carry it any longer with so few people. Still, I understand the numbers are small enough that it is not worth moving it to 110. I would hope they would remove Showtime/HBO from 61.5 and put up some more HD there.
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    Anything mentioned last night about the 921?

    actual, what Charlie said about the 921 has been consistent with the last few chats. He said by Christmas last chat also. He did imply that it could be released by next week. Charlie just doesn't trust any date given to him by the engineering people. Whenever he gives a date on a chat, it's...
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    FLASH: Dish 811 now $199 for Existing Customers!

    I had an install scheduled for today between 12 and 5. I got a call last friday reminding me of the install. After taking the afternoon, at 1:30 I got a call from the installer saying they didn't have any 811's and neither did Dish. I was not happy! I called and reschedules for 12/16. I hope...
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    811 Chicago area users - warning can't tune to WCIU-DT

    luckily no one actually watches WCIU...LOL
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    Dish Answers your 811 Questions

    I hope the aspect ratio fix comes out soon. I think this is one that will affect the most people.
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    Dec 8th Charlie Chat is Make or Break time

    I hear the HD TIVO has been delayed. It is more like April/May.
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    921 Pre Orders

    200 for all of the US does not sound like much.
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    Broadcom's Technology Selected By EchoStar's DISH Network

    I was expecting this at some point. It will be some time however, before we see any benefit. It may be the case where they will offer new content only to those people who have newer equipment. Probably niche programing.
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    Voters Say DISH Receives More Service Calls

    Talk about an unscientific poll. I would day they are all within the margin of error.
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    Scott, can you please verify no ATSC/HD record on the 921

    The 921 will record one ATSC Channel. It will not be able to record NTSC as that would require an MPEG encoder. The TIVO will most likely also not record NTSC for the same reason, cost.