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    Cancelled DTV over terrible customer service

    I too called retention dept. I said I wanted to cancel for the outdated equipment that only has 100 timers to share between 4 tv's They tried to upgrade me to a genie 2 but I informed them that it would not help any over my hr44 because it only has 100 timers also. CS said but the genie 2 has a...
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    Are we ever going to get more than 100 record timers?

    I had to dtv only lets you have 1 per account. I lucked out they gave me full credit to buy a hr44 and $20 a month off for 12 months to sign up for another 2years I have 6 months left.
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    Are we ever going to get more than 100 record timers?

    If you used h25 receivers for 3 years and use your neighbor's hr24 you would say its painfully slow. I had to upgrade from a hr34 to hr44 because of the speed difference between the hr34 and h25.
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    Are we ever going to get more than 100 record timers?

    Like I said "directivo" they were before dtv had their own DVR 10+ years ago probably more like 15years. Genies have only be around for about 3.5 years I got a hr34 the first day you could order then got hr44 as soon as my 2years were up it was as slow as a hr24.
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    Are we ever going to get more than 100 record timers?

    Well thats the problem I have 3 h25 receivers they are as fast if not fast than my hr44. I could not stand to go back to the painfully slow hr24 dvrs. Plus i would only get 50 extra series per receiver. If they would let me add a 2nd genie to my account I would in a second problem solved. Or if...
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    Are we ever going to get more than 100 record timers?

    I find it really hard to believe that Dtv has never lifted the 100 timer limit on the hr34-44. What good does recording 5 channels at once and only 100 timers. I have 4 tvs and that breaks down to 25 timers per tv. I have lived with this problem for 3 years. My directivo 10 years ago could set...
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    HR34 CE Release 1/4

    Search & set recordings up to a year in advace! Coming Soon!! Sounds like a nice feature but will be worthless if the series timer limit of 100 is not increased ! There are only 2 problems with hr34 to me #1 timer limit and #2 gui speed.
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    HR34 CE Release 8/31

    so now I can have a 20tb harddrrive but still only have 100 timers :confused: We only use 50-60% of the stock drive right now but constantly have to delete series timers to make room when a new season starts. 100 timers to split between 4 tv's is kinda pathetic. Sorry just venting alittle
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    What is the Maximum number of timers on the new DirecTV Whole Home DVR (HR34)

    yes its a 100! Dtv needs to raise it to 125-150. I constantly have to delete to make room for new ones. Not that there is a 100 recording but shows that are on there from last season that are off right now and dont want to miss when they come back on. Plus with 3 people recording in the house on...
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    just got another ppv certificate

    They sent me one and I have not been a customer for over 9 months. LOL
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    Directv dispute with Viacom IS OVER!

    I hope they never come back on a lower my bill $0.25 a month thats about what their "content" is worth to me. Another reason to offer a la cart programing this way you pay for what you really want and the ones you don't is not sticking it to you every month!
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    Skipping Commerials - a viewpoint

    Don't forget that Dtv owns the intellectual property of replay tv. They had it working great until they basicly got sued out of bussiness for it. I still miss the automatic skip to this day it was so nice to hit play sit the remote down for the entire show.
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    Record 6 shows on single dvr????

    Don't forget about VOD you can record 5 shows plus download 1 so that makes 6 at once without overlaps ;)
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    HR34 not recording some shows, canceling series recordings on it's own

    The only issue I have it wants to record shows that are not first run. But I had the exact same issue with Dish but their 922 was painfully slow to delete the shows one by one. At least on the Hr43 I just hit the red button and delete the whole group at once. So far in 4 months with HR34 I have...
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    HR34 CE Release 3/30

    So far seems the best to date. There seems to be an improvement in the overall speed of everything. Its a step in the right direction :)
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    HR34 HD guide

    My HR34 is sluggish also compared to H25's the guide is fast (but who really uses that anyway) but any other task is very laggy. The H25 should be the benchmark on how a satellite receiver should function anything less is unacceptable for this day and age of electronics. I know the HR34 should...
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    Difference between HR34 and HR24

    100 timers vers 50 also
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    New HR34 or wait for Hopper???

    I wouldn't put too much faith in the kangaroo system if it was me. After owning their top of the line 922 for 2 years was enough for me. That company hypes its stuff up and delivers nothing but promises. I have watched more tv in the last 1.5 months with hr34 than the last 2 years with the other...
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    DirecTV HR-34 - disappointing

    It sure does I have been using it for the last 1.5 months. You have to re enter it every time the receiver has been rebooted but it does work fine.
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    does the new HD GUI remove the 50 'show' limit

    Dish has 96 timers and hr34 has 100. I wished they would give us more timers though. Maybe bump to 125 4 tvs and 1 dvr recording 5 channels at once doesn't take long to hit 100 series timers. We have already hit the 100 at our house and there are some new shows coming on. So now we have to...
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    What do I lose if I switch from 722 to 922?

    lamo normally when you get the higher model number it is more expensive and has more features. With the 922 you get the highest price-lowest working features of dish's receivers stay with the 722 no need to signup for anger management classes by getting a 922.
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    DirecTV HR-34 - disappointing

    I have had mine for a month everything seems to run fine for me except when I try out the CE's they are sluggish and buggy but thats to be expected on first ce releases. On the NR builds my box works as fast or slightly faster than hr24's I have used. But the hr34 is still nowhere near the...
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    The 922, The Edsel, Microsoft BOB, New Coke

    At least I can go down in history as one of the suckers that had one. O well life goes on I guess at least now I am enjoying everything Dish promised me 2 years ago I just didn't know that someone else would make it real. After having a 922 and everything that was hyped about it I would not go...
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    HR34 CE Release 1/6

    humm seems to be ok for me so far other than I can't delete a show while watching on the hr34, gives some message about being played on another tv. But the h25 will let you delete fine. I may revert back to NR its kinda annoying deleting shows after I am finished watching them.
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    Whole home networking

    If you can plug cat5 from your router to the hr34 then it would do away with needing DECA broadband adapter and you would only need the DECA adptors for the other receivers. Also check ebay you can pick up the adapters cheaper than retail most of the time.