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    Holiday Channels are UP

    Thanks for the info! Love Holiday Traditions, and miss the annual XMFan Thread.
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    Fox Regional Sports Channels status

    To bring back those subscribers who have left?
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    Fox Regional Sports Channels status

    I’m in the Fox Sports MW market, Cardinals. MLB Channel is broadcasting the Cardinals game now, and its blacked out on Dish. I can understand the MLB Channel blocking the game telecast on systems with Fox Sports MW, but Dish doesn’t have Fox Sports MW ! I‘m not a big sports fan, but...
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    DISH releases Hopper Duo Smart DVR

    I have just one TV, so called DISH about the Hopper Duo. They said that for now, it’s only available to new customers. I have the Hopper 3, and she recommended I keep it, even when ( and if ) the Duo becomes available to existing customers because the H3 has more features and “ costs the same...
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    Flex pack, Traditional Holidays

    Thanks Dish, for adding your Traditional Holidays channel, to the Flex pack.
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    Free ota antenna email from dish

    The ota dongle that Dish will install with the antenna, is it the same dongle that has been reported to overheat, or is this a new and improved device? Thanks
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    Is Flex Pack a rip off????

    Flex pack is great for me. I don't watch sports, nor do I watch local networks. My favorite channels are AMC, FX, TCM, Food Network, and Weather Nation. I also have Netflix, which later picks up a few network shows that might be worth watching like American Crime from ABC.
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    RFD TV / DISH Network Update

    Great news! From "Cowboy Flavor" to "Cowboy Church", to their great country music shows and everything in between--an excellent channel....:):)
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    DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

    I totally agree, and it was one of the reasons why I chose Dishnetwork over Charter. I especially like the Marty Stuart show. I have sent the e-mails asking that the channel not be removed. I suspect many rural Americans watch this channel.
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    American Life TV

    Sci-fi Thursday nights, showing Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I'm tempted to trade one of our HD channels, for this SD station (that people have wanted, for years now).
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    Regional Sports Channels

    Are the MLB games blacked out, that are repeated, the next day? I notice that these regional channels may show a "repeat" ballgame, from the night before.
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    New XM stations online

    Everyone seems to be just stumbling onto this, as there has not been a PR about it--there are about ten new music channels on XM's internet music service. I'm listening to a Hawaii music channel now--pretty neat. They seem to be furnished from AOL.
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    New Sirius Channels

    Looks like they have also yanked "folk town". I like the additions of Coffee House accoustic, and the new age channel, but don't like the idea of taking out two genres of music--big band and folk. I guess they plan on combining them with other channels.
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    Was anything 'good' said in the conference call today?

    Nothing about new HD channels--except those 12 top markets who will get HD locals later this year. Thats kind of old news. Okay--now its Dish Network's turn to do/say something.
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    Howard Stern Signs With In Demand - Will Dish Carry?

    This might result in less Stern fans purchasing a Sirius radio to listen to their guy. For less than the cost of a radio and monthly radio fee, Stern fans can just watch the un-censored show, with the ability to freeze frame, re-wind, fast-foward, etc. I assume the "best parts" of the...
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    I am anxiously awaiting the 411, and am hoping its a gateway for an HD paradise of channels. I can't see 61.5, so I am looking forward to getting the VOOM channels, along with others.
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    Let's get serious!!

    What is very frustrating is the fact that some Charter markets like Reno, Nevada have a very good HD lineup; whereas other markets like St. Louis, have a very poor lineup. For example, here in St. Louis: Fox, CBS, NBC, and WB-11; Showtime HD, HBO HD, HDnet, HDmovies, and ESPN Hd...
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    Only 61.5?

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of subscribers who can't see this satellite for the Voom Channels. Other than rumors, conjecture, and speculation, has anyone heard from DISH what their plans are to make this programming available to all subscribers, and the timing for that? I would...
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    XM Kills XMLM

    Sirius has just pissed off a bunch of subscribers, by dropping the Michael Savage show from their political "right" channel, and replacing him with 4 hours of non-talent/ doofus, Mike Church.
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    XM Radio Online Review

    Do the "special x" and "on the rocks" channels over the internet feature just old programming from the prior radio channels--or are they , in effect, new channels with new programming?
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    Scott Reviews XM's Opie & Anthony

    I've been listening to the shows. I think they are very funny.
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    Sirius Plug and Play to Enter Walmart Channel

    I was excited by the title of this thread, as I assumed Sirius would be adding the "walmart channel" to their lineup". I guess I will wait for Dish Network to add it.
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    XM Radio tunes in online music service

    I've read that it will be most , if not all, of the channels, including the public radio station and the Bob Edwards show. So, apparently much more than just the music stations.
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    Ok Where is Dish's Agreement with NBC?!? DirecTV beat them...

    Anyone know if Dish will be adding Bravo HD?
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    SD Channels?

    Hi. I just subscribe to Dish Latino, and have a Dish 311. That 311 is a neat, tight little unit. Since I have an HD tv, I decided to get an 811. They are going to deliver it on Saturday. Question: Will the picture quality on the dish latino channels be the same on the 811, as...