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    DISH Network at CES Unveiled

    Preach it Brother
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    Avatar 3D $130, Is that typical for 3D?

    Personally, I would avoid 3D TVs completely. The Studios are already pushing away 3D and the TV makers are struggling to get a foothold in the Consumer Market. In fact, the latest consumer show saw 3D TV all but disappear. I would invest in a high quality Flat Screen and a Good Blu-Ray and...
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    SatelliteGuys Giving Thanks Holiday Giveaway Contest!

    Ain't that the truth Ruth... Great math
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    Nationals catcher is kidnapped in Venezuela!

    Simply a shame. Hopefully, this will resolve itself soon (in a positive way).
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    NBA Lockout thread

    Great Points. However, you missed stating that Both sides agreed to the CBA. The great part of negotiations is just that. They are negotiations. Each side gives up some position to gain another. I find both sides to blame for the lockout. However, I suspect we will continue to see both...
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    922 pros and cons

    Ok... I may sound stupid here, but what makes you a Plan A customer? I sit at home with two 722 (no Sling) and have contemplated upgrading to the 922, but can't justify the upfront cost.