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    DIRECTV Pulls Jessica Simpson HD Ads

    They are still running it. What is wrong with a little T & A in our "puritan" society! BTW all ads stretch the truth. The beautiful girls when you open a beer... The maids that clean your shower with scrubbing bubbles... The pimples disappear and the girl becomes a star. Put on a pair of...
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    why not all nfl games in HD w/ SF

    It was HD. Absolutely and without a doubt. Same quality as other HD games and much better picture than SD. If it wasn't HD, then no other game was in HD.
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    why not all nfl games in HD w/ SF

    That is NOT what I have found out. Today I watched the Dolphins & Vikings in SD (No HD available). Near the end of the game other Fox telecasts were done and I switched to the channel showing Chicago/Jets and they showed the end of the Dolphins/Vikings game in HD.
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    Nba Hd Games On 95

    My experience has been that if a team that claims your area as a market is on ch 95 then you can only receive that team's signal and not the opposing team's signal in HD. But if you are in OH, then you should be in Cavs territory and should get the sixers and other PA teams.
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    Coming Soon via Your TiVo: Internet Video on Television

    I think you need to communicate from the Tivo to your high speed internet connection. The Tivo receivers that you pay a monthly fee or a lifetime of machine fee to Tivo are able to connect via the Tivo's USB port wirelessly to your high speed modem. With those Tivo you can view pictures from...
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    Nba Hd Games On 95

    Sixers are a different story. Since Comcast doesn't use satellite to transmit the signals from their regional sports network and it chooses NOT to provide the signal to D*, you probably won't be able to get many Sixers games on Channel 95. Part of the price of living in PA. Well at least you...
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    DEEP south Texas transponders...

    Lyngsat doesn't answer the question, but here it is:
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    DEEP south Texas transponders...

    Try this. It is old and doesn't quite answer your question, but you might be able to find it useful.
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    Why No Significantly Viewed Locals in HD?

    What about SV in SD! Only a few markets got the SV. The smaller markets that have fewer stations available still have no SV.
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    Question of Directv Distant Nets.

    Check and see if the word is "OR" or "AND". I have had the waivers for about 9 years and live in an area where reception of OTA is DOA and D* in (1997) did not carry local channels from my assigned DMA. I still get 2 analog feed (NY & LA) and 1 HD feed (LA) of the 4 major networks. They took...
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    Why doesnt Directv have CNNI or BBC World?

    They don't watch TV ... they bend the pages.
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    Bag on a Dish

    I live in the Sierras and it works! Though I use a black trash bag so that it when the sun shine it melts the snow faster. Everyonce in awhile you need to shake bag to remove accumulated snow.
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    Why doesnt Directv have CNNI or BBC World?

    They had CNNI and dropped the channel. According to ads on BBC America - BBC World is coming soon.
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    Sky News and Stuff

    Keep writing letters and emails.
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    comcast sports net

    Sportschannel Philly used to be on D*. But as indicated in the prior post, since they do not beam their signal on satellite, Comcast does not have to provide it to D*, as provided in federal regs. As far as I know all other sports channels are beamed on satellite and are required to make their...
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    New HD Tivo

    :eek: :confused: OOPS! Didn't get that far. The initial Tivo's allowed you to connect to the satellite box, but the pictures on the Tivo site does not show any connection from the satellite box.
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    New HD Tivo

    I just received this email from Tivo. Now you can get an HD Tivo and connect it to a D* receiver and avoid the HR20, which is getting crappy reviews on this site. TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 91 Letter from the Editor I promised a "defining" moment last...
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    NFL ticket - Superfan - Double Billing us ?

    Last year I got a letter from D* saying that since I paid for Superfan in 2005 and not all of the features were available on my receivers that they would give me a $99 credit for superfan in 2006. I got billed the $99 in August, so I called and told them about the letter and they told me I...
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    HR20 in SF Bay Area?

    Spot beam should reach here. It is only 180 miles away. But, I won't do the move trick anyways.
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    HR20 in SF Bay Area?

    Thanks, Charper! It shows not available. But it also adds that I should get FSN Arizona, which I get with sportspack, but it blacks out the games like the other networks on sports pack that are out of my area. BTW it is 89449. Will that be available when the Reno locals are on HD scheduled...
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    HR20 in SF Bay Area?

    I have a related question. I am in the Reno DMA, but are treated as in the Bay Area for sports blackouts. If I get and HR20 receiver, will I be able to get channel 96 and the FSN Bay Area in HD?
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    USA on 242 and 246

    I don't get it and I am on the West coast
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    HD Locals in Capitola, CA

    You don't get the SF stations from D*?
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    Orbital location for my area?

    Try this:
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    HD Games on NFL Network Spotted!

    The schedule shows games shown on ch 212 and ch 95 in HD. The description on ch 212 shows games in HD, but I don't get them in HD. Is the ch 95 an MPEG 4 broadcast?