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    Here we go again, third time, dish changing owned receivers to leased

    This same thing happened to me when I cancelled my Dish account years ago. I had a owned 510 and a leased 522. When I called to cancel they told me I had to send back both because they were both leased. I told them I had my original contract for the 510 (I installed Dish and had done my own...
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    Automatic power on of computer after power failure

    I have my servers set up to automatically restart when power is restored, but I also wire in one of these devices ( WebRelay | Remote Relay Control, and Automatic Remote Reboot ) to the power button on each server, so I have a way to power cycle, or turn on a server remotely if for some reason...
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    Improving work station efficiency topic

    My desk setup is 3 screens. An ubuntu desktop, and Win 7 desktop, and my Win 7 laptop. I have separate monitors for each desktop, and of course the laptop has its own display. I use Synergy to control all 3 machines from one keyboard and mouse. I absolutely love it, works flawlessly, and has...
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    Netflix down?

    Yeah, we were trying to connect earlier with our WD TV Live Plus and it wouldn't connect
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    Web Site Design Software

    Do not use iWeb, as apple is killing it and all those people using iWeb are going to be screwed soon. If she really wants to learn web design, don't use a software package, learn how to code. She needs to learn html, css, ect. If she learns html and css she will be able to design for...
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    Dish signal dropping out almost constantly, what can be done?

    I am also surprised they would install the dish's in trees... although I have done it myself once or twice. You have probably already found the problem, when you said the problem got worse at the trees filled out. If I had to guess, you are now shooting into the leaves and that is causing your...
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    anyone has an acount with google beta musicbox?

    You can upload anything you want... doesn't have to be commercial music. I have an account, and I accidentally uploaded some mp3 voicemail files I had downloaded from my Google Voice account.
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    Best way to mount coaxial cable to siding

    These will last for a long time, and they are flexible, so they don't break like the rigid ones do Eagle Flex Cable Grip Clips 100 Pack Black RG6 RG59 Coax 1/2" RG-6 RG-59 Single Digital Video Satellite TV Antenna Coaxial Data Screw In Clips Fasteners Straps Holders, Wire Grip Clamp: Oak...
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    Help to get better highspeed of some kind

    wireless connection from a neighbor that can get cable or dsl... and i'm not saying steal their wifi, but work out a deal with them to put in a wireless bridge. I recently did an install for a guy that has no service where he lives, but his buddy that lives on the other side of town has cable...
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    Satellite Guys App

    I'm shocked that there hits from Windows 3.x Why people? Why?
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    Who Is Your Wireless Provider?

    Started with US Cellular 1999-2000 Cingular who got bought by AT&T 2000-present
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    Netflix app available for Android!

    Works good on my Nook color running CM7. The screen isnt the best resolution, but it works after editing the build.prop
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    500 meter wireless

    If he has clear line of sight, he should look at cheap microwave equipment. I have a couple Trango 5.8Ghz radios I could sell him really cheap, but they top out at 10 Mbps. They are very small and easy to install radio and is designed to work up to 10 miles, so at 500 meters the link should be...
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    Google using an R/C helicopter called the MD 4-200

    That is awesome, and I want one...
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    What is your current phone?

    ATT Captivate with grandfathered unlimited plan, which is a good thing, as I often go over what the other plans offer. Rooted and running Firefly rom
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    G3 USB Modem and wireless routers

    Extending and Protecting 3G/4G Networks Wirelessly | Cradlepoint Technology
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    Static IP with a dual wan router.

    To do this you would basically have to work with your isp's to see if they will implement BGP routes for your ip address. I work for a business focused internet service provider, and we do this all the time for customers. A lot of big business will have multiple connections coming in as a...
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    Save Google Maps to SD card on Android phone.

    I use Google maps day to day, but I did download and use a program called NavDroyd for a trip to Canada recently where I didn't want to use a data plan. It works pretty good.
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    New TWIT TV Video Podcast: All About Android

    I agree on the Tech Guy show he tends to push the Apple stuff a bit, but I love listening to him on MacBreak Weekly. I despise Apple products, but my wife uses them, and I have to support her, so I listen to MacBreak Weekly occasionally... but I love how in the last year or so Leo's stance has...
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    Newly hired installer question???

    Welcome Installers!
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    Help convince me that Tablets are worth it..

    I'm using a rooted NookColor (have not yet put Honeycomb on it), and love it. I also use a 4" Samsung Galaxy S phone, and sometimes it is just too small. I often use the Nook for documents and spreadsheets, the bigger screen makes it pretty usable. I also use it for magazines and newspapers...
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    What it takes to lay my own T1 or other data cable?

    I would look into the wireless route a little more. I don't know what city you live in, but there are often fixed-wireless providers, that you don't know about. I work for a fixed wireless microwave isp, and we do little to no advertising. Our customers are mostly big companies needing custom...
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    smart phone without a camera?

    There are some Blackberry phones without cameras... the Blackberry 8800 series for example
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    HughesNet going back to 7k KU band??

    you have a PM I found mine, but it is missing the top bolt, but I used to just use a screwdriver, should be easy to find a replacement
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    HughesNet going back to 7k KU band??

    I think I may have one of those still in my toolbox... I'll check tomorrow when I get home from work and if so, I'll let you know. I haven't used it for years, but I think I still have it