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    Dish Mover - Existing Dish Install

    Bought a new house and have some questions on what's typical for dish mover installs these days. I'm going from a place where I self installed the dish exactly where I wanted to (15 years ago when that was typical). The new house has a Dish on the roof just below the peak of the roof line...
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    Super vs reg Joey performance

    Menus are quicker. Skip ahead and back are slightly faster than the regular Joey too. Not as good as watching off the Hopper itself, but that's to be expected.
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    US Department of Labor's OSHA orders DISH Network to pay more than $257,000 in wages and damages to

    Unless Dish appeals in court we'll never know. Dish doesn't seem to be talking so everything is speculation.
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    US Department of Labor's OSHA orders DISH Network to pay more than $257,000 in wages and damages to

    It's not OSHA's job to investigate that. Their job is to determine if an employee was retaliated against for making a whistleblower report. Employees are required to follow due diligence and report violations (real, potential, or otherwise) under SOX. The company is barred from retaliation...
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    Any HBO deals?

    I don't have a ROKU, but thanks for the heads up. I checked the HBO GO page and it says Comcast currently works with: Apple (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV) Android Tablets Android Phones Chrome Cast Kindle Fire Samsung SmartTVs XBox 360 Dish Network Supports the above plus: Roku PS3
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    Upcoming Hopper/Joey Install - Legacy Wiring

    I take it OTA Joeys can't see the OTA adapter? Would they be able to watch an OTA in process of being recorded on the Hopper?
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    Any HBO deals?

    I'm having Comcast Internet installed. Only Internet, no TV or Phone. When I was working out the deal wight he CSR they offered unpublished package of HBO-GO + Streampix for +$5/mo @12 months to the internet only package. They were also comping installation when you get the HBO package vs $49...
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    *Updated* Super Joey Upgrades

    Greetings. I have an installation scheduled for next week to UPG to Hopper + 2 Joeys. Of course two days after I booked it SJ comes out. Is it possible to have one of the Joeys upgraded to a Super?
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    Upcoming Hopper/Joey Install - Legacy Wiring

    Thanks for the info Symbol! Old cable was likely secured when the drywall was put in. I doubt he'd be able to pull with old the cable. But the attic has a good access if he needs new runs from the Dish. I'll make sure to clear stuff in advance in case he needs to go up there.
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    Upcoming Hopper/Joey Install - Legacy Wiring

    My system has changed a lot over time. Highlights include the Dish 5000 with the ATSC output HD Adapter, a slew of 721s that kept having HD problems, the 921 with the firewire port that never was activated, and these days I'm running the VIP722. There's even an unused dish still pointed at 61...
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    Price increases in February 2014 (UPDATED!)

    Done. Very happy with the result. I'd gotten almost all the way through my DirecTV order as the Costco promo was a very compelling reason to switch. I talked through the numbers and they made good.
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    Price increases in February 2014 (UPDATED!)

    DIRT Retention Does DIRT do retention or do I have to call?
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    Joey DLNA Problem

    My speculation is it's a combination of bitrate and/or sound formats. Satellite content is notoriously low bitrate and is heavily optimized at the head end.
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    HWS, Dish anywhere. and GoGo inflight internet

    The issue is the current GoGo systems are using conventional 3G internet connections. They are a victim of their own success. Way too many travelers use GoGo per flight now. They are currently upgrading to 4G, and that will help quite a bit. The international system will use leased...
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    Dish just called me -- Free sling adapter?

    Just got the call. I hadn't used it in while since I switched to taking my iPad with me and I wasn't going to pay money for the App. I started using slingbox with dish YEARS ago. They had a site that eventually became Dish Online that allowed to DVR management and viewing of programing. If I...
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    My quest to get DLNA working on the Hopper...

    There's a great comparison page on Wikipedia: Comparison of UPnP AV media servers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I would look at MediaTomb, PS3 Media Server, Twonky (not free) and XBMC. On a note for any platform It's not my first time to the rodeo for trying to get DNLA going...
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    No gigabit ethernet?

    Here's a depressing footnote for the majority of us served by Major Cable and Telco Companies. is a small Broadband provider in California. 1GB@$70/mo Gigabit Internet for $70: the unlikely success of California's
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    No gigabit ethernet?

    You really don't need Gigabit ethernet on the STB. Full Blu Ray quality needs 30-40mbit max. I have Boxee (100Mbit) and it can play full Blu-Ray streams. Now having Gigabit on your network switch and you NAS/Media server, that would required if you planned on having multiple things pulling data.
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    Sling extender

    That is the oddest move from product management I've seen in a long time. In particular considering the DVR and Sling products integrated as separate devices in the web interface for YEARS. I don't see how any of this stuff makes dish anywhere near the same feature set as DirecTV Home Media...
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    Three HD Setup - How many DVRs?

    I was hoping they might re-use the masts from the E* dishes. Path of least resistance. Sounds like Option 2 is the way to go. Thanks everyone!
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    Three HD Setup - How many DVRs?

    I've finished my "Man-Cave" and have added a third TV to my setup. All TVs are HD. Currently have Dish network and a 722. 4 Coax runs from the outside. My spouse and I have very different viewing habits so we often using all three tuners. (2 Sat + 1 OTA). Because of the limitations of the...
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    HELP! HOA making me move DISH

    I've always been surprised that Dish and DirecTV didn't team up to make Multi-Unit dish more affordable and easier to install. I know Dish was big on doing it in the early days for apartments, but I hardly see anything about it. I would think most HOAs would be glad to have one site with a...
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    NEW HD Channels are LIVE

    It's showing up in all the HD tiers online. In no place does dish make exclusions based on typographical errors. Dish is most likely on the hook in many states based on marketing laws. My personal experience is Dish folds fast when presented with an official complaint from an AG office. AG...
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    Dish Network to require "Free Phone Line Installation"

    I have mixed feelings on this. I know some installers that have been telling customers the phone was required when it wasn't for years, and then extracting extremely some pretty big fees. While not the norm, it's not exactly uncommon. On the other hand I think the installer should be...
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    Dish Network Promo Ads- Xrated Tacky

    The only ones I thought were really offensive were the breast enlargement pills comercials Dish Network was inserting into Cartoon Network. Lets hawk air time to people who pray on adolescents in the tweens and young teens. Ugh. That went on for months before the plug was pulled.