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    No TNTHD for Sunday Ticket? TNT takes the Hit

    LOL, WHEN and if gas and oil prices go back up, after the election, you might remember to call D* to see what kind of hush money they will offer you:). Every penny saved....helps. PeaceOfMind
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    No TNTHD for Sunday Ticket? TNT takes the Hit

    Called Directv and asked, "where is my TNT HD on sundays, that I'm paying for in my HD package?". They informed me that "Football" needed my TNT HD bandwith but they would credit my D* HD package $5 a month, for 12 months. Cool.....waiting to see if football Bogards the bandwith of any other...
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    DIRECTV Getting Sued over HD Lite

    Directv Sued Right you are Doctor Bob and hats off to Mr Cohen:up PeaceOfMind
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    DIRECTV Getting Sued over HD Lite

    Directv Sued Don Landis....Ilya.....Thanks for sharing your knowledge and understanding. Little did you know, you have answered many of the questions that I and many others, have had for quite some time. Nothing beats Positive people, sharing their wisdom. Thanks:) PeaceOfMind
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    DIRECTV Getting Sued over HD Lite

    Directv Sued Satmeister.....Words of wisdom, "You can't see what you can't get"....and......"To prove you are now getting less of something, you must first prove you use to have more of the same thing. Well put Satmeister:) I'm reading, learning and taking notes....Knowledgeable people...
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    HR20 and OTA

    Ota damaged.....Putting useless anger aside, I think you might be right about that because it stands to reason, if D* already had a known problem with the H20 OTA, better to fix the problem with the HR20 OTA before they enable it, but get the HR20 to the customers as quickly as...
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    DIRECTV Getting Sued over HD Lite

    Directv Sued Don Landis...Satmeister....Ilya.... Thanks for the educated post, I am learning alot. You don't let anger get in the way of sharing knowledge of why things are the way they are. Once one has an understanding of how the things actually work, the anger subsides and a positive...
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    Why does D* charge to lease a receiver

    Lease Fee Thanks damaged :), you have returned me to my PeaceOfMind:). I didn't think the installer knew what he was talking about but I never like to disagree with a guy that is aligning my new dish...kind of like never disagreeing with the cook that is preparing your meal:). It is good to...
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    Why does D* charge to lease a receiver

    Lease Fee I just had the HR20-700 and the 5 LNB dish installed, under the lease agreement. I asked the installer(Bluegrass Directv) if my HR20 would be replaced if the box went bad, under the lease agreement...he handed me a paper to sign, stating that the HR20 and the new dish, is...
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    D* paper bill vs. website problem

    Paper Bill Directv stop sending my paper bill....I called Directv, and they said that according to their website, I no longer wanted a paper bill. I said that I never ask Directv to stop sending the paper bill. Directv stated that they were sorry and that the paper bill option will be...
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    The Wait is over for Pasco County!

    FiOS Hope I hope FiOS comes to Kentucky soon. I have noticed that in whatever city or state FiOS shows up in, the satellite and cable TV companies become more humble. PeaceOfMind
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    HD Package Charge

    Channels I actually watch Right you are Colofan, I would like al a carte across the board so that I could pay for the channels that I actually watch but I don't think that will ever happen, that would be too much like "Fair", and the satellite and cable game is not about fair, it is about...
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    DIRECTV Drops Spice HD

    Spice HD I think you are right Charper, it was the price that D* was asking, not the flaws in the way the women would look in HD, that caused D* to cancel Spice. Sometimes a billionaire can ask too much for his product, thus, pricing his product out of the market, unless you are selling...
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    New HD DVR from D*

    I agree "Happy Camper", with my HR10-250, I can already record my locals in HD and, until newer HD channels are added that the HR10-250 cannot pick up, the HR20-250 never crosses my mind. Too much worrying over something that we can't control....just like Gas prices.....Reminds me of the movie...
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    New HR10-250 Audio Dropout Problem

    Audio dropouts My HR10-250 is doing the same thing, I think D* will correct it soon and if not, it may be something that we have to live with.
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    RG6 coax cable copper core center?

    Solid copper RG6 You might try Ebay.
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    Directv HD DVR HDMI problem with Samsung LCD HDTV

    HDMI malfunction I had the same HDMI problem with my HR10-250. I sent the first HR10 back to 'D'. The second HDMI went out, a few months later...I sent the second HR10 back to 'D'. I am on my third one....I stopped connecting the HDMI cord and only use the component output cords of the...
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    Whie the Dish folks are Celebrating...

    I agree, and to me, that is why all satellite, cable companies, monoply gas & light companies, etc....are all, laughing their way to the banks. Complaining means nothing to a guy with a billion in his bank account...this type of guy only takes notice when you stop buying his product...
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    Anybody going to downgrade services?

    Downgrading Directv I plan to downgrade from Directv Total Choice to Total Choice Family. Something tells me that Directv knew, ahead of time, that many of their customers would downgrade their the end, Directv will make plenty of money off of each of's kind of like...
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    DirecTV MPEG4 Rollout to begin

    Rain fade from the smaller dish Thanks Charper1....I have peaked the 3 LNB, smaller signal strength is 95%, on 97% of my channels......until it rains. I will have the new larger dish installed...I have been told by many of my friends and internet sites, that, the larger the dish...
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    DirecTV MPEG4 Rollout to begin

    Rain fade from the smaller dish Thanks Hdtvtechno, I will get the new larger dish, as I have peaked the smaller dish many time, with the each channel registering 95%...locked on signal....until it rains. I will get the new 5 LNB dish and, for the most part, say goodbye to the rain fade...
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    DirecTV MPEG4 Rollout to begin

    I hope the new larger dish will deter rain fade, as my Directv signal goes out when it rains and does not come back on, until the rain stops....been that way for years.
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    HR10-250 Problem!

    I had the same problem with my 1st and 2nd HR10-250 box, using the HDMI connection.....Directv sent me my 3rd, HR10-250. Since, each time, when I trade boxes, I lose all of my recorded programs, I have decided to use the component connection on my third box.....the picture is almost as good as...
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    Mpeg4 SD and HD Rumors

    Thanks LonghornXP....Your positive research keeps us on top of things that we may be able to look forward to, keeping in mind, the understanding that the owner of a company can change their options, as they see fit. There are many people of the management team that take...
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    Problem with HR10-250

    HR10-250 problem I had the same problem with the HDMI connection. Purchased a DVD player with HDMI and a new HDMI cord....connected it to the TV, to make sure that the problem wasn't my TV set....The picture looked great. Reconnected the HR10-250(HDMI connection)....picture looked washed out...