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    hughesnet or wildblue?

    I agree with Stargazer. I've had Xplornet satellite (Canada) and I currently have HughesNet. Anything but dialup is better than satellite. The latency drives me crazy. Many web pages nowadays have a dozen or so locations where they load various pieces of the page. Each of those requires a...
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    My options? (spoiled by cable, moving)

    The "free period" info for HughesNet is about two screens below the download limits in the FAQs. They call it the "Download Zone". High Speed Internet Connection at Home The HughesNet limit is only for 24 hours if you don't continue to go over. That's in the link above. You mentioned a...
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    My options? (spoiled by cable, moving)

    Unfortunately, from your notes on your usage pattern, it looks like you're doomed with satellite. Unless you're willing to Hulu during the no-FAP time, those large streams and downloads will get you. Oh, as an aside, HughesNet also has an unlimited period in the middle of the night. When I go...
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    Is this a ok deal?????

    n1wbd, Check with your provider about the trees. They're the only ones who can say for sure. My provider requires a "site survey" before they'll commit to service. They charge $85, which is included in the installation fee if one can get the service. They brought out a bucket truck and...
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    Is this a ok deal?????

    n1wbd, In Blaine, we have a WISP which charges $99 per month and $349 setup. They provide 1 Mbps service in both directions. So, your price is reasonable. I'd give up my $89 HughesNet service (1.6 down, don't remember up) in a second, if I could get line of sight for the WISP. I've had...
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    wireless card

    If you get a USB type it will work at home or in a laptop. The one I had from Verizon worked under Winders as well as Ubuntu Linux. Be very careful about the amount you download. The service plan I had was 5GB. There are service plans with even less (250MB if I recall correctly). Also...
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    question about hughesnet and skyfx

    I'm also a user who hasn't had FAP issues. I have data storage disks in both my locations. I use "rsync" to keep them in sync. For small amounts of data, I rsync across the internet. If I have "mass quantities" of data, I just rsync to a portable disk and take it to the other location...
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    Looking to get internet at my vacation home

    You're going to have a hard time staying below $60 per month unless you REALLY don't do much internet. Verizon Wireless 250 MB plan is $40 per month. It's easy to use up 250MB with modern web pages. The home page for SatelliteGuys is 450kB all by itself. If you're using the prepaid service...
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    It looks like you have a different service than I had. Even when the 4G was working I only had 5 Mbs. As you're noticing, the service is very dependent on the tower that you're using. When I was connected (when my tower was working properly), I always had five bars. The problem was...
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    I had Clearwire for many years. It's become very unreliable since they upgraded us to 4G. Hopefully they did a better job in your area. I'm back on DSL. My modem was returned to Clearwire this morning. It really is too bad, because I liked the service a lot before the upgrade.
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    question about hughesnet and skyfx

    titotito, Don't get your hopes up for cable or DSL. Where I live in Blaine, it would cost the cable company $35000 to lease pole space and string cable to provide internet to my place. The cost to the phone company for (at least) two DSLAMs and associated infrastructure to provide DSL...
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    Hughesnet satellite internet

    The billions and billions that the gov is going to spend won't go very far out here in BFE. It's pretty unlikely that they will come up with magic technology that will solve all the problems with service in rural areas. I'd love it if they did, but my own experiences don't give me much...
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    256k "High-Speed" Internet?

    We used 110 bps/baud teletypes in college in the early 70's. They were great - they gave you plenty of time to drink beer while your stuff was printing. However, if you really want SSLLOOWW, google around for QRSS. QRSS is a ham radio method for sending "absurdly low-speed Morse code"...
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    Considering Satellite Internet As Back-Up

    royrdsjr, I've had Verizon DSL, Covad DSL, cable internet, Clearwire, Verizon 3G, Xplornet satellite, Hughesnet satellite, ISDN, and POTS dial up. I'd put satellite just barely above ISDN, subjectively speaking regarding the whole experience- the latency is just terrible. I have satellite...
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    256k "High-Speed" Internet?

    256 kbps may be pitiful to you folks who have nice DSL or cable or fiber systems. I'd trade my "1.6 Mbps" satellite system at $90 per month for their "256 kbps" cable (it appears) system at $50 per month - in a heartbeat. The downloads for big stuff may not be as fast for the "slow"...
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    Finding a wireless ISP

    Bob, I note your post that the $299 for setup charge for satellite is a problem. Your setup charge for a WISP may not be cheaper. For example, the WISP I've been looking at in Blaine charges $374 for setup. That price doesn't include a tower at $35 per foot (if needed). FWIW
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    Finding a wireless ISP

    Bob, See if you can find a wholesale ISP or microwave provider in your area. They may offer microwave WISP service. That's how I found a WISP in Blaine. As it turns out I can't use them because of trees. Remember if you need a directional antenna, your look angle for a WISP is probably...
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    What's my options?

    OK, I was thinking that the HughesNet dish was smaller. I'm not in Blaine right now, or I'd measure it. I suspect that it looks smaller since it's eliptical. I have a 30 inch circular dish for Dish Network's 129 satellite - that really looks big! Thanks.
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    Dead HN7000S - 2+ Week Wait for new

    Cold Irons, In your original post you asked about a "wireless ISP". As with most things, the answer is "it depends". I had one which used the standard, farmer, unlicensed frequencies (like every cheap WAP uses). It was terrible. Even with a dish antenna pointing directly at the company's...
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    What's my options?

    Which "hillsboro" do you live in? I'm wondering why the installer said you need a three foot dish. I'm in Blaine, WA, less than a mile from the border with Canada, so I'm about as far north as one can get. I have the standard HughesNet dish (18 or 22 or whatever).
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    Need Dual RG6 solid Copper

    Over the years I've bought a lot of cable (but no RG6) and supplies from Markertek. I've always been happy with their service. Unfortunately, a quick look at their website only shows dual RG6 with copper/steel core. Maybe they offer solid copper dual RG6 by phone?
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    Improving a WISP signal

    I've been working with my local WISP in Blaine on a problem with trees. I don't want to cut town trees - that's one of the reasons I'm moving to the country. We're going to have to install a tower to get over the trees. It will have to be 40-50 feet (at $30 per foot). Above 50 feet, we'll...
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    PTP Satellite network

    It looks like you're at the about same longitude as Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, and even Moscow. Depending on their use of spot beams, maybe an ordinary satellite internet provider from one of those places would work? Then you could just set up a regular VPN...
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    Husage: A Better HughesNet Usage Report

    linoj, I'm sure you set up the site with good intentions. Your FAQ indicates that you access public info to get the stats. Sorry, but my site ID isn't public information as far as I'm concerned. If you're trying to get your tool out where it can be used by folks, you might consider...
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    SSH over Sat internet

    I assume that WildBlue is similar to HughesNet. I use ssh to access some servers I have behind my HughesNet internet. That is, I ssh INTO HughesNet. The initial logon takes about 30-60 seconds. It's pretty much standard 1-2 second delays after that. I haven't done ssh OUT OF...