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  1. HDFreud

    Just moved and reinstalled

    Same here. I also own the box and can even add a lease. I actually wanted to add another stb, but hey told me that I couldn't unless I brought another stb. It's that crazy. They actually stated taht they can't add to lease if you own! Go figure!!!
  2. HDFreud

    Just moved and reinstalled

    OK. I've been quiet for a long time now. Not that I was vocal before, but the suspense is killing me. Against my better judgment, I just paid $150.00 to move my service to new home. Why, because Voom (in my opinion) has the best picture quality and perhaps the fact that I brought my box back...
  3. HDFreud

    Voom acting screwy on election day

    I have had the exact same thing happen this past week. Several times. I thought that it was related to the new software. I have been experiencing intermittent delays of 1 to 2 minutes to change a channel.
  4. HDFreud

    VOOM Execs.. give us an outlook!!

    I feel your pain barth2k:(. I don't understand how they remain quite for so long on such critical times??? Even if they said (or leaked) Cinema.... 2nd or 3rd week...., DVR Mid Nov ... .:confused::confused: :confused: I am not happy,but patiently waiting. I still have Direct TV for the...