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  1. splino

    2010 NFL Predictions

    I don't know how many games the Titans will win this season. But I'll be very happy if they win just one game on February of next year.
  2. splino

    What do you consider to be the best NFL rivalry?

    Titans vs. Ravens, in the 200 AFC Divisional game the Titans dominated the stats department but the Ravens won the game. In both meetings last season (regular season and playoffs) the team that dominated the stats department lost the game. Hard hitting, physical matchups decided by turnovers...
  3. splino

    NFL post season week 2 (your picks)

    Ravens vs. Titans Cards vs. Panthers Eagles vs. Giants Chargers vs. Steelers
  4. splino

    Favorite/least Favorite Broadcaster

    Favorite: Marv Albert Least favorite: Jim Nantz
  5. splino

    Roy Jones, Jr. VS Tito Trinidad

    Yeah. But I said it, SO MUCH BETTER...
  6. splino

    Roy Jones, Jr. VS Tito Trinidad

    Meaning. Trinidad had no business fighting Roy Jones, Jr. He should have learned that after his fight with Hopkins or his fight with "Winky" for that matter. 170 pounds is way out of his league. I believe Roy Jones, Jr. is one of the best fighters of our time. I was impressed with his...
  7. splino

    Roy Jones, Jr. VS Tito Trinidad

    The middleweight defeated the welterweight. The bigger, stronger man won.
  8. splino

    Who has the best chance of beating the Patriots in the playoffs?

    The Titans of course... You guys are talking about next season playoffs, right?
  9. splino

    Hatton vs. Mayweather.....COULD be the best fight of the year

    I Think Mayweather should win this fight rather easily. Hatton dosen't have the boxing skills to hang on for long with a boxer like Mayweather. I believe Mayweather will remain unbeaten until he gets into the ring with Miguel Cotto.
  10. splino

    NFL 2007-08 Season

    Tennessee Titans
  11. splino

    My Lifetime All Star Team

    Born in 1960 CF Willie Mays RF Roberto Clemente LF Ted Williams 3B Brooks Robinson SS Alex Rodríguez 2B Joe Morgan 1B Lou Gehrig C Iván Rodríguez RHP Bob Gibson LHP Sandy Koufax Reliever Dan Quisenberry