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  1. Liquidforce88

    Long HDMI run

    All of these companies are claiming 4K 18gbps. None of them tested by DLP labs has passed any where near those numbers. The only long distance HDMI cable I have seen that will truly pass the numbers you are talking about is Tributaries. And they just came out with them. They are a fiber optic...
  2. Liquidforce88

    Sound Bar Advice

    Bay Audio makes custom sound bars that a matched to your tv. They also have a bracket that mounts it to the tv as well.
  3. Liquidforce88

    Can't win for losing - strike three on attempted new install

    As a D* installer what is required is Solid Copper. As an installer that lives in the real world Copper Clad works just fine 99% of the time. If there are barrel connectors in the line from the dish to the ground block, I would replace the line, at some point they will fail if outside exposed...
  4. Liquidforce88

    No Signal Using SWM

    Yeah you cant use a single LNB to peak that dish. Angles are wrong. Need to use the KA/KU lnb.
  5. Liquidforce88

    old satellite dish

    Would only need a triple sat sd dish upgrade if the sd locals are on 119 or he wants spanish channels
  6. Liquidforce88

    Receiver ID security and scams

    Only if it's a receiver you own and you lose it, or have not used the receiver in a long time and it needs a new one. Been down this road a few times.
  7. Liquidforce88

    Terrible experience with new DirecTV!

    And yet all I have seen for the last month is HR34's and C31's. I am sure my TC-90's will go through the roof.
  8. Liquidforce88

    Receiver ID security and scams

    Even if he buys it from you Directv will charge him $49 for a new card. So he will just end up getting a free upgrade for a new receiver.
  9. Liquidforce88

    D* CEO Mike White says "We’ll Have to Raise TV Prices Again in 2014"

    Install is not free from cable. I hear it all the time when they switch to Directv how much the cable company tried to charge them. It's only free if the house is wired. If they have to do more than the drop you pay. The things that get's me is both Directv are cutting pay to installation in...
  10. Liquidforce88

    should ther be terminator on splitters ?

    If you don't have the terminators it will mess with the Multi Room Viewing.
  11. Liquidforce88

    Need some help only takes a second

    This week our local Football team is up for game of the week. We are two small towns, but both teams are 4 and 0 and headed to the playoffs. It's a big rivalry game as the towns are right next to each other. But like I said we are small towns. The other schools are in a much larger area, so we...
  12. Liquidforce88

    I need best way to get 3 x HR23 MRV setup connected to the internet with a wired solution (pics of m

    They both do the same thing. I personally like the one on amazon better, just because it is not so convluted when you set it next to a router. The other one is just Directv being cheap so they only have that version now. Basically it's a receiver DECA with a power supply. By the way get rid of...
  13. Liquidforce88

    H25 not working without Genie being on?!

    Your power inserter is probably pluged into the same power strip as the Genie. When you unpluged the Genie did you just unplug a power stip? Or possibly you have the genie as the trigger on a power strip, some of them have one of the sockets as the trigger to turn them on and off to save power.
  14. Liquidforce88

    Question about genie

    Right four rooms - HR44 - Client - HR23 - H23 or HR44 - HR23 - Client - Client Personally see no reason to keep the H20. Suprised it still works anyway. It also may not like SWM and have to be changed anyway.
  15. Liquidforce88

    Question about genie

    I would replace the H20 as well. Plus that would put the system at 9 tuners and then requires SWM16 that the installer may not have on the truck.
  16. Liquidforce88

    Direct TV Error 771

    It's not an alignment problem. You have a failed LNB on the dish and will need a service call to replace. Possible it could be a cable issue but not very likely. Only other thing it could be is something in the way of the dish.
  17. Liquidforce88

    Question about genie

    Get the Genie, Keep your HR23 and then upgrade the others with clients. I would even go so far as keeping the H23 and just doing 1 client. Reason 1. If the genie goes out with nothing but clients you have NO tv. Reason 2. With the HR23 you can record 7 events. Reason 3. With keeping the HR23...
  18. Liquidforce88

    what is the best set up?

    Upgrade one of the DVR's to the Genie then the 2 standard boxes to clients. HDDVR in every room with the ability to record up to 7 things at once.
  19. Liquidforce88

    D* Wireless System

    From what I have heard there is a hard limit of only one C-41W when they come out.
  20. Liquidforce88

    Direct TV said they can't install

    In our area you can be let go for installing a dish that you get off your ladder for. Basically if it will be something where it won't be able to be serviced in the winter, your in trouble.
  21. Liquidforce88

    Error 775

    You need the power inserter, and you need to make sure it is on the line that says power pass on the splitter.
  22. Liquidforce88

    using old dish

    He wont need BBC's those are only if he had an HD legacy system. The round 18" dish will only get Sd.
  23. Liquidforce88

    How to find local retailer or get Direct to respond quicker

    FTA installer website. Where are you located?
  24. Liquidforce88

    Genie and Mini installation

    If you were to get the HR44 (Genie) and C41's (minis) Then the new RF remotes would work. If your installer had the HR34 then the new RC71 RF remotes would not work. I am not aware of an app that allows you to control the Genie and Mini's. Not saying there is not one, but I dont know of one...