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  1. cbjbs

    Some of your current programming is scheduled to change?

    thank you for the info on the extra package.
  2. cbjbs

    Some of your current programming is scheduled to change?

    what extra package are you talking about. i have the hd extra package.
  3. cbjbs

    Superstations No Longer Offered A La Carte Effective 9/19

    i moved to direct this past spring because of the dish price increase. i was with them for many years but direct gave me such a deal for 3 years. but i do miss the super stations. i like to watch the local news in other parts of the country.
  4. cbjbs

    College football games at home

    we were in the cary/apex area for a year last year and saw every game. btn and the networks and espn will have everything you want.
  5. cbjbs

    Get More QVC® TV with the New QVC Plus™ Channel

    this morning i did not have any qvc. channel 70 was not on my guide. i have not checked again today.
  6. cbjbs

    My timers are slightly off, is this just me

    i have had this problem for a long time. i gave up trying to fix it. it is a problem when you try to record two shows back to back.
  7. cbjbs

    Has anyone noticed some pixelation in the history channel HD?

    I am having the same problem up in the news channel section. mostly on msnbc 356
  8. cbjbs

    How long after ordering before install?

    I signed up on a Thursday and was installed on Friday. the installer brought the equip. with him.
  9. cbjbs

    I took the plunge...

    I am not sure I am in the right area,but could not find a thread for direct tv offers. I received a letter offering a promotion for old customers to come back to direct. when I called I ask about the premier package and they quoted me 81.99 for a year. after the credit check they told me the...
  10. cbjbs

    What happened to The Dish Earth channel?

    we missed it right away. it was interesting and I am sad its gone. it has been gone a good while now. hope they will find away to bring it back.
  11. cbjbs

    Thinking about coming back to dish from directv

    I have to agree with squeezon, it all ends up to be about the same in price. if you have a product you like then stick with it. we are not into sports so dish is a perfect fit for us.
  12. cbjbs

    Time Warner Cable to Cut Back on Promotions The Death of the Triple Play Arrives

    I tried to upgrade my service and it takes at least 5 calls to get anything done. after all is said and done they couldn't give me a deal. its about customer service in the end. you go where you are treated well. I was in business for 40 years and my customer service was the one thing we...
  13. cbjbs

    HBO: The News Room scheduled on ch.465?

    I noticed the same thing. Friday 2:30am
  14. cbjbs

    Disruption at end of shows

    I have had the problem for about 3 months. they have never solved the problem for me. it happens just before the top of the hour and just before the half hour mark. I have called and nothing was done. I have learned to live with for now.
  15. cbjbs

    Wife's kinda creeped out. Directv came back to "check" on the installation??

    yep very normal. things out there are so bad in some companies that we don't and cant trust a company that goes above and beyond.
  16. cbjbs

    Dish Network vs Time Warner? ...

    tw is hard to beat for internet service although I think the cost is high. I have had tw and have now been with dish for several years and I have to say dish beats tw hands down. the hd selection and the picture quality with dish is just plain outstanding.
  17. cbjbs

    DISH Price Increase 1/17/2013 (UPDATED!)

    got my letter today from dish. I have the aep so not sure what it means. I already get the premiums in the package. they said in the letter that all packages went up 5 bucks. I am seeing 15 for the aep.
  18. cbjbs

    DISH Price Increase 1/17/2013 (UPDATED!)

    I have heard nothing about the increase except on this site. they don't answer emails and I just cant deal with customer service anymore. I hate to start looking around again because I am happy with the channel selection. I have the aep along with some other packages and it is now going to...
  19. cbjbs

    IFC contradiction

    still not getting sundance in hd.
  20. cbjbs

    DISH Price Increase 1/17/2013 (UPDATED!)

    if it weren't for this site I would know nothing about the increase. I have yet to get a letter from dish. I have the aep package. I don't see the credit on my on line bill.
  21. cbjbs

    Canceling service with a contract

    taking a lesser package is one way to go and pay monthly the cost of the package instead of paying the cancellation fee all at once. you may pay a little more but you wont have to let go all of a large sum all at once. as you get closer to the end of the contract you could just cancel then and...
  22. cbjbs

    Christmas Channels

    they have a set of channels starting with ch 88 and goes through 91. not sure about the commercial accounts.
  23. cbjbs

    Dish Earth

    what does it mean that the camera is being decommissioned?
  24. cbjbs

    Pixelation at top and bottom of the hour.

    i have the same problem with my 722k. top and bottom of the hour