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  1. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Your G-19 Signal Report is Needed

    Size of your dish: 30 inch Location: 90 miles south of Buffalo NY 11789 V 28125 - 57 11836 V 20765 - 63 11842 H 22000 (new) - 66 11867 V 22000 - 63 11874 H 22000 - 66 11936 H 20000 - 57 11966 H 22000 - 43 12053 V 22000 - 66 12060 H 22000 - 66 12115 V 22425 - 43 12177 V 23000 - 63
  2. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Bell Swapping Smartcards - Get ready for the cheap FTA gear!

    Antennas can pick up digital OTA programming, so that's no excuse.
  3. W_Tracy_Parnell

    The Fugitive Fans

    Good show for sure and an interesting man: Barry Morse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. W_Tracy_Parnell

    HD 4:2:2, CPU killer

    I have a four year old AMD 2800+ with a gig of RAM and I never could get an HD feed to work smoothly but 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 was no problem at all. So the answer is yes and I guess use as much horsepower as you can afford. I am waiting for a box that does HD and 4:2:2 but it might be some wait.
  5. W_Tracy_Parnell

    No audio on AMC 3 12180V SR 29270

    Just check the specs and make sure it says it will do Dolby digital audio. There are some fairly inexpensive systems that will. I use a Sherwood receiver from Circuit City and I know Iceberg has a small unit from Walmart that was cheap.
  6. W_Tracy_Parnell

    If You Had to Buy a New FTA Receiver

    I have the Fortec CNA and have owned the Coolsat 4000 and Pansat 3500. Coolsat is the most user friendly IMO. Fastest blind scan and channel change-which is important when looking at news feeds. Like many, I am waiting for news on the Passion. If that doesn't pan out I may go to the Coolsat 5000...
  7. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Satelliteguys 4th Anniversary thoughts

    Congrats to Satellite Guys and thanks to Iceberg and all the helpful members here!
  8. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Just ordered my first setup!! :)

    Congrats and best of luck with your setup!
  9. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Fortec Passion

    That's what I was wondering too! :)
  10. W_Tracy_Parnell

    new fortec HD specs

    According to that information the 299 Euros would convert to $407 US. So we might see an initial price here of $399-that would be affordable if this box can deliver on its promises.
  11. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Circular Polarization List?

    If you plan to get an FTA system anyway, there is really no added cost for circular. Just get an unsued Dish Network LNB and strap it alongside your regular one:
  12. W_Tracy_Parnell

    New Moteck 1.8M motor

    Well spring is finally here in my part of the world (knock on wood) and I am done moving so I am thinking about FTA options again. Any members here had a chance to try this motor out with the Fortec 6 footer? :)
  13. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Analog KU questions....

    There are occasional analog news feeds on AMC 5. A universal LNB (in my experience) will get about 2/3 of the possible TPs but you will not be able to tune the higher ones.
  14. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Novice question

    You can get all the nets on G16 C Band (need minimum 6 footer). You can also get something like 20 English channels on G10 with "minor nets" like RTN, My TV, CW, etc. You can also get ABC and Fox there. Everything else is feeds and they come and go. You might want to try a fixed dish on G10 to...
  15. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Snowbound Dishs

    drhydro, I'm from upstate NY but not Oswego (south of Buffalo). I have about the same as you from the look of your photos. I could hardly waddle out to my six footer the other day to clean it off. The worst part is I'm "in the process" of moving and it has dawned on me that I am not going to...
  16. W_Tracy_Parnell

    New Moteck 1.8M motor

    Anyone have new reports on this unit?
  17. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Want recomedations

    I had a Twinhan 102G running on an Athlon 2800+ (2 ghz) with a GEforce 5500, 1 GB RAM and could not get (consistently) smooth HD. 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 were ok. I am going to upgrade to a new PC soon and am wondering if the DVB World box would work on this PC? I don't think hard drive space would be...
  18. W_Tracy_Parnell

    SatelliteAV / Fortec System Giveaway

    Sherman, NY USA. :up
  19. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Looks like it's a go here in Vegas
  20. W_Tracy_Parnell

    New Moteck 1.8M motor

    Hey Mr. Sadoun, I see you are showing this as available now. Any further info on the mods needed or general impressions of this unit? I am moving and definately interested in the possability of using this with the Fortec 180.
  21. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Does Temperature have an effect

    The temperature itself doesn't effect the motor or dish. However, snow piling up on the dish or LNB will have an adverse effect on signal and heavy snow could burn out your motor due to the added weight. I live in a "big snow" area and I clean my dishes and LNBs after every significant snowfall.
  22. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Coolsat 8000?

    I'd be VERY interested in a detailed report on this receiver! :)