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    Shaddy Installers.

    Sorry for your situation Axg, but yours is the NORMAL way they dispatch and just another reason why we no longer do DTV, as stated in these forums numerous times, us subs only get paid if we do the job, we got sick of rolling onto jobs such as yours several times a week where the customer was...
  2. NiFi

    Shaddy Installers.

    As did I and all the work i did for both D and E. Sounds like i am correct. ;) We just dropped all our DTV sales and sub work, have a little more sub contract work to finish up for E* and were done after 9+ years of sat work. Good Luck and God Bless to anyone who thinks theres a...
  3. NiFi

    Recom. installer to fix D* installation

    The instant he removes that bracket he becomes liable for those holes and any leaks that may or may not occur now and down the road. Leaving it alone keeps the previous installer/company still on the hook for it so what he did was the right thing and smart thing to do in my book. :up
  4. NiFi

    New 5lnb install

    100 feet should be no problem at all. ( no amp ) :up
  5. NiFi


    As long as its Direct Burial rated cable.
  6. NiFi

    Recom. installer to fix D* installation

    I have read many of your posts Joe and would say you definitely care about what you are doing and go the extra mile, there were MANY of you and me like that just a couple years ago, now you are a rarity and getting more so by the day. Good luck bro and hopefully things work out well for...
  7. NiFi

    Recom. installer to fix D* installation

    Without sounding like a broken record :rolleyes: DTV has pushed the industry in this direction and are getting exactly what they must have wanted. Incompetent techs who do everything for Free, and NOTHING at all right. They lie NON STOP about what the issue or problem is. A good tech can...
  8. NiFi

    Shaddy Installers.

    You are correct, their WERE many great installers, not saying their all gone, but most are, you have nobody to thank for that but DTV themselves. Why do by the book quality job when the hacks are running around making twice as much money you are throwing them in?? DTV doesnt care as long as...
  9. NiFi

    hsp requirements

    Direct Tv requires a roll of wire and a ladder, do what ever it takes to activate and on to the next.
  10. NiFi

    Having a heck of a time tuning 119.

    Havent dealt with many homeowners assoc have you? When you buy in that subdivision or such you AGREE to the Associations rules which are clearly and cleverly written by blood sucking lawyers, they will abide by the law and not outright say you cant have a dish, but they will also rule out most...
  11. NiFi

    Anyone know where to get a signal meter?

    I dont believe P-10 sells to the public either. You have to have an account.
  12. NiFi

    Samsung Receivers Losing Guide Data

    Changed out a customers Samsungs couple months ago, only 1 of theirs was doing this, but had been doing it for almost a year and they just finally got fed up with it. Like i said though, was only 1 out of 3.
  13. NiFi

    New Contruction cabling question/advice - two room receivers?

    Dish has the dual tuner receivers with the RF remote and backfeed, not DTV. You will need a receiver at every location if you want to watch different programming at each. ( for Direct TV )
  14. NiFi

    Free HD DVR

    Dish does the SAME crap as i deal with them both daily. :rolleyes:
  15. NiFi

    over the air antenna question

    UPN, no, others are all digital, CFTO is in HD from canada( 5-1), not all the time, but just like most US, the prime time programming is. Only thing is, their prime time stuff is all the same as ours. :rolleyes:
  16. NiFi

    over the air antenna question

    The square as the HD is UHF, try and dial in towards grand island if you want the fox, pbs, i am surprised your picking up the nbc , abc, cbs with the indoor as they are roughly towards East aurora, bad weather may change your scenario though. Much more than that here Jimbo as i install...
  17. NiFi

    over the air antenna question

    Fox, PBS are Grand Island, 2,4,7 are east aurora way, so indoor wont get you those.
  18. NiFi

    Free DVD player

    Funny thing is, DTV pulled all incentive offerings from Dealers about a year ago, ( meaning dealers CANT offer specials, or free sh*t ) then started offering the dvd player if you came directly to them. :confused: Gotta love top notch companys like these that cut their own dealers throats...
  19. NiFi

    Installer already running into problems...

    He ran a whole new line without simply swapping them to see if it was the tuner or the line???? Good Luck, another quality DTV certified Installer. :eek:
  20. NiFi

    Help with Installation!

    Rut ro, your talking HD so big ol "slimline" dish. They are heavy and like parachutes when it comes to the wind, so i would have to agree with the installer that the window options are not safe nor would they pass QC checks. I also dont think your extension idea will fly either, just not...
  21. NiFi

    Help with Installation!

    Its really impossible to give you stone solid info going by descriptions of your location, but i can tell you of things we have done in apartment situations. If your the top apartment, even though your looking the wrong way, we have U bolted a 10' pole to a corner of the balcony railing...
  22. NiFi

    Buffalo HD Locals

    PM sent. :up Not bashing anyones antennas, just trying to save people money, i did a test with that Terk antenna that a customer had bought from CC on their tv, compared it to a $9 rabbit ear from wal mart i had on the truck, both had the same signal levels. Will this be the same in all...
  23. NiFi

    Buffalo HD Locals

    Digital signal will give you either perfect picture or none, no snow like VHF. $60 for an indoor antenna is pretty expensive, especially considering we do an outdoor setup aligned via a HD signal meter for only about $100 more. :p
  24. NiFi

    Phone lines

    All the companys i do work for only get chargebacks AFTER their phone lines fall below DTV's "acceptable" percentage of activations. I dont remember what it was or if it was even stated. :rolleyes: Wireless isnt an option as the IRD's would require the 56k capable jacks which would cost as...
  25. NiFi

    Buffalo HD Locals

    Why do you need an indoor antenna? Apartment? After installing 1,000's of antennas across WNY including the VOOM days :eek: You will find the indoor antenna "may" work well in good weather conditions, but being a digital signal, it will drop out when the weather gets nasty. :( If their...