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  1. FTAer0024

    replacement for cable runs?

    Is there any gadget out there that allows wireless transmission of the satellite signal? I imagine it would have the transmitter box near LNB and the receiver box at home, near the receiver..?
  2. FTAer0024

    X2 premium

    X2 comes very close to it.. they attempt to equip it for piracy 'almost' right out of the box.. why would they pre-load BISS keys in their firmware. But, it is still a decent box for true FTA usage..for the money. Except for its picture quality (even in 1080i)
  3. FTAer0024

    X2 premium

    I agree.. maybe that may be why they decided to hide those menus by default. I received my unit in December, which had November's firmware. It didn't have all that stuff exposed.. You can try updating to the latest (Dec 2013) firmware. I don't know if it's possible to simply enter the same (or...
  4. FTAer0024

    X2 premium

    It does, but's hidden by default, at least since their November release. One would have have to enable that stuff explicitly, in order to use it. Aside from feeling guilty for buying a shady box, it's a great bang for the buck for ppl on the budget wanting to enjoy HD FTA. Amazon now links...
  5. FTAer0024

    Correcting the dish's focus by bending LNBF's arm

    Great trick, thank you for sharing. Can the same technique be applied to check if the arm is off center horizontally?
  6. FTAer0024

    Galaxy 3C and Galaxy 19 on one dish possible?

    Hi, I did a 2-degree experiment once, and it worked for me. BJU dish, pointed at 97w, receiving both 97w and 99w. 99w quality was 45-55, if I remember correctly. I think quality would have been better if I had those small bullet lnbfs.
  7. FTAer0024

    do LNBs age?

    Greetings to all. There was an auction on Ebay where the seller stated that the LNB works OK but the picture was not as sharp as it used to be. Do they really age with time to the point where picture quality starts to degrade?
  8. FTAer0024

    Openbox X5 receiver

    At least two.. I've grown to like mine. :)
  9. FTAer0024

    Iran Broadcasts dropping from Satellite (Not 97W Yet)

    I hope it stays on 97w or 30w. The more channels ITC, the better.. regardless of their content. Let the viewers make their choice.
  10. FTAer0024

    London 2012 Live Opening Ceremony G19 97w

    On G19 97w Ku channels RTS Diaspora (in French) and KTV3 (in Arabic). I think the ceremony ends at 7pm EST.
  11. FTAer0024

    Openbox X3 first impressions

    Did you have to tell them to ship the AV version and not the SCART version?
  12. FTAer0024

    A New OpenBox Firmware

    I loaded this firmware last weekend on my s9. Nice colors, smaller volume bar, three-column fav channel display. Played with it for about an hour, no lipsync issues, no lockups on SD or HD channels on Ku. Did not test pvr functions. The firmware overall was a disappointment. It tunes in...
  13. FTAer0024

    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro SL1PLL - Enter to Win - Drawing on 7/23/2012

    I, FTAer0024, promise to honestly review the new SL1PLL LNBF to the best of my ability on the Satelliteguys forum within one week of receiving my prize.
  14. FTAer0024

    Satellite AV Contest - GEOSATpro microHD - Enter to Win - Drawing on 6/11/2012

    My favorite childhood fun time was weekend fishing trips with my grandpa. Round goby fish was abundant and easy to catch, which was perfect for an eight year old :)
  15. FTAer0024

    Openbox firmware chart

    downloaded - thank you!!
  16. FTAer0024

    Openbox firmware chart

    Charlie..can you point me to where I can download that version of S9 firmware that you mention that does not the 'moving dish' popup that does not go away on its own? Tks
  17. FTAer0024

    Where is the next FTAer?

    None of the people I know even heard about FTA. I myself discovered FTA completely accidentally. When I tell someone they can get a dish, a receiver, point the dish to the sky and get some channels without any subscription fee, they think it's half-illegal, or I am a weirdo geek. That's the...
  18. FTAer0024

    SG-9120B behavior question

    I am starting to think they have quality issues. My SG9120B developed some behavior lately, too. Sometimes it doesn't move on the first command from the receiver. I can audibly hear the relay click inside the motor, but no movement. It would take several tries before it decides to "energize"...
  19. FTAer0024

    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    Brian, will this receiver also be offered through your Ebay shop? Thanks.
  20. FTAer0024

    Dang Pizza Pushers Again!

    oh that's funny.. made me chuckle after I imagined it :)
  21. FTAer0024

    worlddirect elliptical dish: skew or not to skew?

    I left it skewed. It's a great performing dish, considering its compact size. I googled it some more, and it is noted as 24x36. Makes me wonder if mine is a 'first generation' (20x36)
  22. FTAer0024

    worlddirect elliptical dish: skew or not to skew?

    Anole and all, thank you for your replies. Here's what I did.. below, I am not trying to prove or disprove anything, this is just what I have experienced with this dish so far. I am sure my amateur testing techniques are full of inaccuracies but I thought I would share this experience...
  23. FTAer0024

    SG-9120B behavior question

    Mine does something similar, since day one. I can hear the rpm dip cyclically during longer runs, but only slightly. And it's not specific to east or west. It doesn't really bother me, since it works perfectly from 30w to 125w in USALS mode. Probably, a manufacturing defect.. the big gear must...
  24. FTAer0024

    worlddirect elliptical dish: skew or not to skew?

    Greetings.. I've acquired a 20x36 directtv worlddirect elliptical dish last week. It seems to require more precise alignment than my larger BJU dish, but it performs just as well, from what I can tell (I tested it with the 30W sat, and the 97W.) The dish mount allows it to be skewed around its...