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  1. W_Tracy_Parnell

    What is the smallest dish I should use?

    I would use the largest dish you can get away with. As mentioned, if you are handy you can find dishes free just for moving them. You might want to consider a six footer just for the other channels you could get and for some "breathing room" with your signal, although as Iceberg says a 4 footer...
  2. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Utah's KCSG TV on Galaxy 25

    I'm getting it as "bleedover" on the Fortec 180 while aimed at G16 too. Meter jumps around (30-60) but it seems to be holding. Also getting BYU at 40 percent. I'm in western NY so you should get it fine.
  3. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Galaxy 3-C

    Never saw a hint of KCHF on my six-footer-don't know if it is still up there or not. If you like religious programming World Harvest TV has that and shows like Daniel Boone and Lone Ranger as well as old movies in the afternoon. Other than the networks there are some occasional feeds and thats...
  4. W_Tracy_Parnell

    My 6 footer cannot get T6 C-Band

    Ice, FWIW, when I was fooling around with my dish last year I had issues with IA6 as well so it must be the six footer for some reason. Even had trouble getting clear analog.
  5. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Got BUD today!

    No ghosting on digital-you either get it or you don't. BTW, I have a six footer and I'll think you'll be able to get some good stuff with your dish and some tweaking. Good Luck
  6. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Which Band

    I would try cband first since that LNB is known for poorer KU performance. The cband side is considered very good from what I have read. Certainly, you can use the Pansat, it is just very easy to aim a dish with cband analog. There is much room for error. G16 TP 17 H is a good analog station to...
  7. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Which Band

    The easy way to get started with your setup would be to use an analog receiver if one is available. They are very easy to aim-much like tuning in an antenna in the old days. Your TS is the sat closest to your longitude.
  8. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    Thanks-I'll be watching for your report and pics. :up Especially interested in the KU performance with the 621 and that dish.
  9. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    If you do please make a full report here! :)
  10. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    Thanks to all for the reports on this dish/motor combo! I am not getting the SQ that the guy on Sadoun's forum is with my 6 foot stationary (75-80 on the nets). I wonder what he gets on the KU side with the 621? Great idea he had to reuse the old tubing from the ground mount too. My dish...
  11. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    The potential is there for this dish/motor combo for sure. We'll just have to wait for some reports I guess. :)
  12. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Mounting a H180 onto a 180cm dish

    I've been wondering the same thing for some time now. I guess everyone is waiting for someone to take the leap and test one of these things. I already have the dish and using the BSC-621 and this motor for C & KU on one dish sure sounds appealing. I'm not sure I have the skills needed to be the...
  13. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Carrabean locals

    They show network news out of NY city.
  14. W_Tracy_Parnell

    2 C-Band LNB's on one 6' dish :)

    I keep waiting for someone to get one of those and make a full report here. So far it hasn't happened! :(
  15. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Moving to C Band..

    If you already have an FTA setup you can get Equity from G10 and use stationary to get the nets. That's what I am doing and it would be the easiest for you.
  16. W_Tracy_Parnell

    C/Ku Band Feedhorn

    Anyony ever try this LNB on a Fortec 180 cm?
  17. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Unable to get clear Analog Picture

    Yes WHT is now digital.
  18. W_Tracy_Parnell

    91,433 and dropping.....

    It's a shame but people have been brainwashed by the pizza-dish guys. The guy that gave me my analog receiver now has Dish and he couldn't believe that I could get anything but feeds on C Band.
  19. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Very impressed with C-band "rain/snow fade"

    I am hoping someone will try out this new motor with the six footer so we can see the results. I am also thinking about moving to a 8 or 10 footer and using the six for KU. I bet that setup with the Invacom LNB would yeild a decent signal!
  20. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Very impressed with C-band "rain/snow fade"

    A new HH motor is available-jury is still out.
  21. W_Tracy_Parnell

    What CBAND lnb for Fortec Antenna

    For stationary C band a BSC-421 works well.
  22. W_Tracy_Parnell

    Fortec C-band dishes

    I have been leaving it on G16 for the nets, but it can be moved anytime I want. I had it on RFD-TV for about a week but my wife gets that on Dish so I tape it there.
  23. W_Tracy_Parnell

    1.2 Meter negativities

    If you just want to play around with C Band before sinking big money, you can get a six footer for just over $200. I can get lots of stuff on that-have to move by hand though.