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  1. Bill_KY

    Been out of FTA for awhile

    Thanks for the answers, the last time I posted in the forums was April 2012. I think the Freedbs website was still up then. The Outernet sounds interesting, does it sort of works like packet radio did in that it uses satellites to pass information? back in the day they also used satellites to...
  2. Bill_KY

    Is anyone still using packet radio?

    Is anyone still using packet radio? What kind of setup do you have? What kind of software are you using? How active is it in your area? Do you run a packet radio bbs?
  3. Bill_KY

    Been out of FTA for awhile

    Hi all, been quite awhile since I posted here. Been out of FTA for awhile and since the loss of several FTA channels over the past few years or so that have gone to the internet I generally lost interest in FTA on a whole. I'm thinking about taking down my dishes. After redoing the house awhile...
  4. Bill_KY

    Switching from Directv to COMCAST!

    Just a comment or two about cable tv and direct tv in general. I have Insight cable for my internet and Direct TV for my TV, no landlines since 2003...use cellphones. I get a call from Insight, they want to 'check' the internet connection and modem. Service tech comes over checks the connection...
  5. Bill_KY

    Dayton Hamvention (May 18 to 20 2012)

    50-50 chance that I will be at Dayton this year, mainly due to the finances. Dayton is a little over an hour from here.
  6. Bill_KY

    Sadoun what's up ? moved to Houston TX no more ebay sales

    I'll miss the convenience of having a satellite store only 100 miles or so from here. At least Dee in TX will be able to benefit from our loss here in the Mid West.
  7. Bill_KY

    I have tons of coax I need to unload to pay bills.

    The Dayton Hamfest next month could be a great place to unload this stuff. Ham radio operators and electronic geeks will be there from all over the country. It is a big deal. Dayton Hamvention
  8. Bill_KY

    Found an awesome dish

    Take pictures of everything before, during and after taking the dish (es) apart, but try to video the process as that will also give better and easier reference. Label the panels with numbers, write down dis-assembling of the dish (es) , separate the bolts and put them in plastic baggies and...
  9. Bill_KY

    From "E" to "D" after nearly a decade!

    Welcome to the party!
  10. Bill_KY

    Nutty Weather?

    Friday there were 2 supercells in KY that spawned several tornadoes just 20 miles south of here. Some people died in Kenton County (the next county over from mine) in Piner and Crittenden KY. Overall some towns were nearly wiped out or are essentially gone like Henryville and Marysville IN, as...
  11. Bill_KY

    Three DVRs wiped clean!

    Could a power surge be the culprit ?
  12. Bill_KY

    Nutty Weather?

    We had ice the other day, it stuck around on the ground till today. Afternoon was about 32 degrees and heavy fog in the area but tonight will go up in temperature to 50 and then thunderstorms in early morning maybe a isolated tornado. Low to mid 40's all next week above normal for this time of...
  13. Bill_KY

    Nutty Weather?

    While we did have a couple of mornings when the temps dropped to the low teens, overall I have never seen a warmer winter like this before. The other day got up to 58 degrees, looking at the forecast fox weather bar on the firefox browser... the Sunday 46, Mon 48, Tue 51 and Wed 55.
  14. Bill_KY

    History Gone?

    There is yet another option, Canadian TV. Some members here have it, maybe they can comment about it. I don't have it, thought about getting it . Just another option... Canadian Satellite Services
  15. Bill_KY

    Free Dbs still planning their network per new update...

    I have a comment ...this is my 700th post!
  16. Bill_KY

    Free Dbs still planning their network per new update...

    Yes, and happy new year to everyone!
  17. Bill_KY

    Free Dbs still planning their network per new update...

    Yea...I guess I'll see y'all in three But anyway, the last update was nearly seven months ago. I though I saw a post that Freedbs was going to Internet only...and felt this might be of interest because it seems to say they still have plans for dbs. What I find interesting is this...
  18. Bill_KY

    Free Dbs still planning their network per new update...

    Free Dbs still planning their network per new update... Free Direct Broadcast Satellite Network ______________________________________________________ "News Release: 1/01/2012 A message from the CEO Good evening friends, We are still getting all our ducks in a row. Our wheels turn...
  19. Bill_KY

    D* appaluds introduction of new video deregulation bill.

    It happened in Minot North Dakota January 18 2002, because of station consolidation and the result of stations running automated...none of the local stations were able to air the disaster live. Minot train derailment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "As a result of the confusion, no formal...
  20. Bill_KY

    D* appaluds introduction of new video deregulation bill.

    I know I can do it now by 'moving' to Louisville, and then getting that Dish 'welcome pack' with a Lexington address...That would take care of the KY part :-)
  21. Bill_KY

    D* appaluds introduction of new video deregulation bill.

    I now get Cincinnati and Dayton OTA. When this goes through, NY and LA first then my three local preferences will be Louisville, Lexington and Columbus Ohio and are well within the spotbeams. Cincinnati stations news coverage of Kentucky is not good at all. They don't seem to report anything...
  22. Bill_KY

    D* appaluds introduction of new video deregulation bill.

    The rules that protected local stations are antiquated, anti competitive and have elements of censorship and should have been overturned long ago....(In My Own Opinion). Side note: I wonder how many members here in this specific forum already receive more than one TV market OTA or 'otherwise'...
  23. Bill_KY

    D* appaluds introduction of new video deregulation bill.

    "Repeal those provisions of the Communications Act that mandate the carriage and purchase of certain broadcast signals by cable operators, satellite providers and their customers." Looks to me like must carry of local stations will be affected, the 'mandate carriage' part seems to imply...
  24. Bill_KY

    Galaxy19 programms through internet

    RT can be watched live streaming on the internet.
  25. Bill_KY

    Does anyone get reliable 78 mile DTV OTA reception?

    Just a mention that the Bengals will be blacked out yet again...must be some kind of record for the Bengals...maybe just listening on the radio might be less of a hassle...stay tuned...