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  1. tedb3rd

    ES XXV Satellite - Maxar and DISH

    If they go out of business before it launches, can I have it? I've always wanted a REAL rocket.
  2. tedb3rd

    MAX unveiled (the new HBO Max & Discovery+)

    I got an email saying my price wouldn't change. I laughed.
  3. tedb3rd

    Cox Media Group Removes Local Channels From DISH

    I'll pay more... but they (cox) has to remove commercials. Otherwise they are double dipping.
  4. tedb3rd

    Too stupid to figure out record function

    What sort of 10-60 minute show are you only concerned about 2-3 minutes of? :biggrin
  5. tedb3rd

    Dish Retention No Longer Offering A Discount

    20 years ago they had about 20 billion more customers to buffer the discount they gave you
  6. tedb3rd

    Help-Hopper wants to reformat my EHD

    My hopper 3 did that to me about 3 times over the course of as many months. After losing all the recordings every time I decided to just not use EHD.
  7. tedb3rd

    Getting bad reception from Dish's OTA antenna. Any suggestions?

    I think the official name for an "arrow shaped" antenna is a Yagi Antenna.
  8. tedb3rd

    Dish Local Package

    I tried to just get locals. The CSR said you have to get it as an add-on to one of the cores. basically the 'least' you can get is Flex + Locals.
  9. tedb3rd

    I’m sick of Dish

    Wow, I haven't seen a fight like this since I looked at Facebook two minutes ago!
  10. tedb3rd

    'Owned' vs 'Leased' Equipment Fees ~ Is it real?

    Thanks for the clarification. You're correct the way it's written on the website is misleading (albeit probably not intentional). It also sounds like the CSR wasn't sure on it either because he was suggesting it didn't have anything to do with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (whatever) receiver. He was...
  11. tedb3rd

    'Owned' vs 'Leased' Equipment Fees ~ Is it real?

    Dish's site has a page ( where it has if you have purchased your receiver then the monthly equipment fee is less ~ specifically for me the Hopper 3 drops to $5/month. I got on Dish Customer Support chat and asked about how I can go about purchasing my Hoppper 3 and...
  12. tedb3rd

    Considering the Move to Dish Network

    I've had Dish for 20+ years and overall haven't had any bad experiences. Yes, like someone mentioned channels get dropped for carriage disputes but that will happen with anything unless you're getting it from an OTA antenna. The people that schedule installs aren't techs so they don't know. As...
  13. tedb3rd

    Another channel gone

    Should have been called Zzzzzzzzz TV. This is a win. Frees up bandwidth so real channels can have less compression.
  14. tedb3rd

    DISH wants Starlink to Cease Operations

    I want my competitors to cease operations too.
  15. tedb3rd

    Hopper 3 is rebooting more than 2-3 times

    This happened to my 722k years ago... Tried all kinds of different things (including swapping receivers) and it was a bad cable connection (rusted) at the LNB. So, yes, a rusty connection on the complete opposite end of the whole setup can make the receiver reboot. I say this so you don't think...
  16. tedb3rd

    Loyal Dish customer longevity

    I don't remember the year, but we had "America's Top 40" and we had been on for a few years before they offered local channels in ATL (which was in the trial run for the locals concept)... so it's been a while
  17. tedb3rd

    Taking hopper3 to vacation home not working anymore

    "No Signal from 3 satellites" is indicative of an issue with wiring and/or dish alignment problem not an account issue. If you don't connect the receiver to phone or internet they (Dish) can't find out where your receiver is. If your receiver did "phone home" and it got flagged from being...
  18. tedb3rd

    Seagate Hard drive not seen by Hopper3

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree. The H3 seems to be lacking in its ability to work reliably with EHDs. I finally gave up on the attempt with mine. I had the same Western Digital EHD on a 722 for several years without a problem. When I upgraded to the...
  19. tedb3rd

    Discovery Plus

    I remember when the rant was for more a la cart options. Well, here's your Discovery a la carte option!
  20. tedb3rd

    Cooling usb fan. Necessary or absurd?

    My dad has too much free time (retired) and he's a gadget junkie. He installed some fans and built a circuit with a thermometer that turns the fans on and off based on the temperature in the cabinet. He did it from scratch with diodes, resistors, and gobgloobers like that. There's probably...
  21. tedb3rd

    "Ghost" VOD listings won't delete (Hopper 3)

    So... I was able to delete them. Here's what I did... 1. Opened the Guide 2. Searched for "Family Guy" and clicked the search result to show the list of ALL the seasons and episodes. 3. For all the on demand listings it had 0% watched but I clicked them regardless. 4. On most of them it gave me...
  22. tedb3rd

    "Ghost" VOD listings won't delete (Hopper 3)

    I did not use the recall button to delete them. I selected the title/icon. Then it went to the list view where it shows a list of episode, % watched, availability. From there I selected the episode and on the following page where it has watch or delete buttons I clicked delete and confirmed. If...
  23. tedb3rd

    "Ghost" VOD listings won't delete (Hopper 3)

    Thanks for the feedback. I've tried a reboot and that didn't help. I can select the "Info" button when the Family Guy folder/icon is highlighted but that does the same thing as seen in the video clip when I press the Select button. When I select the On-demand folder the "Option" (Red Button) is...
  24. tedb3rd

    "Ghost" VOD listings won't delete (Hopper 3)

    I was doing some recording cleanup (purging recordings that the kids had watched but didn't delete) and got into an issue where I deleted all the "Family Guy" On-Demand recordings. I thought I had removed them all but the icon is still there under DVR > On Demand (Free & Rented). If I navigate...
  25. tedb3rd

    BattleBots timer missing new events

    I'm having the same issue with the same show so I don't think it's related to your equipment. Perhaps someone else can chime in but it's my understanding that the new vs rerun information is tied to the guide information from the source. The receiver does not "look" at it and decide which it is...