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  1. cableman265

    Antenna issue since new channels

    This may be purely a coincidence, but since the channel lineup change on Feb. 14th my reception has worked for about 10-15 minutes and then it cant find the antenna. I have a Sportster and an S-50 in my work vehicle, and when I start it up in the morning everything works fine for about 10-15...
  2. cableman265

    Same Old Song: Howard proves his worth

    Why all the haters? Nobody is forcing anyone to pay for anything. Water is practically free, but why do you see more and more people buying bottled water, getting filtration systems, or having water coolers delivered to their house? Different strokes for different folks. Whatever makes you...
  3. cableman265

    Sirius Announces Super Bowl Plans!

    minor that would be a great idea, but only if they had like subtitles or something for the play-calling because none of us would understand that. Make it kind of like that ESPN Sportscenter they did awhile back that showed the behind the scenes on ESPN2. I just thought of something while I was...
  4. cableman265

    Don't bet on Howard

    Leno is also not accusing Bush of some illegal activity that he has no proof of, he is simply making jokes about information we already know to be correct. But, I do agree with you Tate, there are times when it comes very close to crossing the line. Who wants to start the anti-Leno thread?
  5. cableman265

    Don't bet on Howard

    Its called slander, and Howard could probably be sued if someone came on his show and started spewing hurtful lies about someone without proof to back it up. They have already said on the show that they had to go to a slander and liable law conference to get straight some things that shouldnt be...
  6. cableman265

    Don't bet on Howard

    If you listened to Stern today, then you would have heard that all of the censoring allegations are completely false.