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  1. davhol

    Sales Tax on DISH Network Satellite Programming in your state

    Utah 6.25% Actual amounts vary by county. Base is 6% plus county taxes. Utah County, Utah adds .25% making 6.25%
  2. davhol

    Four Orbitals and 921

    Congrats!! I've been bizzie doing other things and haven't looked at the forum in a couple of days. As I was signing in, I was wonding what ever happend with your system! I'm thrilled for you! Glad to pass on what I found out from Dish 921 support team! Dave
  3. davhol

    Can a 921 support all four sats - 119, 110, 61.5 and 148?

    Yes! Yes, it does work. I have a 921 connected to my DPP44 switch through a DishProPlus Separator (absolutely required as the 921 will not currently work well with a DPP44 if it is being fed from two ports on the DPP44). I have a Dish500 pointed at 110/119, Dish300 pointed at 61.5 and Dish300...
  4. davhol

    Four Orbitals and 921

    Finally!! Well, it took them over a month to "figure out" what to do, but the official word from the 921 support team at Dish is that a 921 MUST have a DishPro Separator feeding it it's two signals when talking to a DPP44 switch. Currently, the 921 doesn't like talking directly to the...
  5. davhol

    Dish Pro Plus 44 install question

    Do you have a DPP Separator feed to your 921? I FINALLY got my 921 to work properly with my DPP44 switch after Dish's 921 support team told me that this is the ONLY way (currently?) for the 921 to work correctly with the DPP44 switch. Prior to my using the separator, I could only get odd...
  6. davhol

    Would like to hear from the peeps that ENJOY their 921

    Agreed! I think I stated that the fact that a production piece of software that has these issues is not good (but I can "handle" them since I'm also an engineer). I've not seen any of the OTA locals problems you've seemed to encounter. I have CBS, ABC, NBC and FOX HD OTA locals and they all...
  7. davhol

    Would like to hear from the peeps that ENJOY their 921

    Not "perfect" but not useless either... I like my 921. Yes, it has some "issues", but I guess I've gotten used to them. When I got my 501 (really early software version), it had "issues" and I got used to them and now, the software is basically rock-solid. I also have a Model 6000 and I...
  8. davhol

    What do blinking green lights mean on the Dish 6000 ?

    Sorry! Wrong system. You quoted the software level for a 921 system NOT the Model 6000 being discussed. The proper software level for the Model 6000 is 7.84. The proper sofware revision levels can be found at
  9. davhol

    Best OTA antenna?

  10. davhol

    DishPro Plus 44 Switch Review

    nini0000: Read page 10-12 in the DPP44 installation guide which you can find in PDF format at
  11. davhol

    Four Orbitals and 921

    Ok! Here's another interesting "tidbit." I tried Simon's suggestion and got the same results. When the frost cleared from the roof, I went up and swapped out the DPP44 switch with a DP34 switch (obviously pulling out the power inserter FIRST!), went back in and did a switch check on the 921...
  12. davhol

    Four Orbitals and 921

    That is GREAT news.... however, I'm having a bit of a problem. I decided to "take the plunge" (after deciding NOT to get the 921 last Feb. when DishDepot called me up as #5 on their waiting list) and get a 921 from a local retailer for $549. I also decided to swap out all my legacy LNBs for...
  13. davhol

    Four Orbitals and 921

    I asked a question in the Gen. Dish Forum about this same thing (sorry for the dup, but thought the 921 group would see it better here). If I use a DPP44 switch to hook up 3 dishes (Dish 500: 110/119, Dish 300 for 61.5 & 148 -- all using DishPRO LNBs), I KNOW that I can hook up this switch for...
  14. davhol

    DP34 Switch and 4 orbital locations

    Thanks for the info! Now the next question: lets say I use a DP+44 switch instead. Now I KNOW that I can hook up this switch for all 4 orbital locations (61.5, 110, 119, 148). The question is will the 921 recognize this configuration and will it "work" (I know about duplicate channels in the...
  15. davhol

    DP34 Switch and 4 orbital locations

    Is it possible to look at 4 orbital locations (61.5, 110, 119, 148) using a DP Twin for 110/119 and DP Duals for 61.5 & 148 (cascaded through DP21 switch) connected to DP34 switch or do you have to have the DP+44 switch? I already know about how to get around duplicate channel entries in the EPG.
  16. davhol

    So what do you people think...

    I think you're just wanting confirmation of an opinion you've already formed (i.e. Dish is "wrong".) The way you've formed the question begs the response you've built into it. Either re-phrase the question to take a bias out of it or just be honest enought to state your opinion directly -- if...
  17. davhol

    Using the HD/DVR 921 with a DVD recorder.

    Y/C video is also known as S-Video (the "Y" is the luminance signal -- brightness -- and the "C" is the Chroma or color signal). Analog audio is just that: the left and right channels.... the "white and red" RCA cables. Unless you have a WVHS recorder, you'll not be able to record off the...
  18. davhol

    FYI: 12/8 Customer Charlie Chat Time Change

    I just checked the EPG listings on my 501 to be sure I will record the next Charlie Chat. I discovered that the time of the chat is now 10:00pm EST (from the usual 9:00pm)! I called Dish Network to verify and they say that the EPG data is correct ... for the moment. This is just a general...
  19. davhol

    I would like HD now and soon (?) to be added locals.

    Go to and you'll be given an indication of what you'll need to get reception from your location.
  20. davhol

    HD Tivo and 921 comparisons

    To be more precise, the 921 has THREE tuners: TWO satellite tuners and ONE OTA tuner.
  21. davhol

    Did I miss news of Dish changing extended warranty program?

    Please READ the page first. That chart shows what you'd have to pay for OUT OF WARRANTY (that means you do NOT have a currenty warranty) work. Now once the warranty becomes active (30 day waiting period after purchase), according to paragraph #3 in the "terms and conditions" information, ALL...
  22. davhol

    What do we do with our old Dish 500s?

    ExpressVu (or, more properly, Bell ExpressVu or BEV) is a Canadian Satellite TV service and, generally speaking, is illegal to receive in the US. Folks do have subscriptions to it by using "foreign" residence addressess -- a deceptive practice -- to "qualify" for the service. BEV uses the same...
  23. davhol

    6000 deal

    Re: Fan noise It will always be an "issue" with the 6000/8VSB because that is the way the unit is designed. Fan noise levels vary between 8VSB cards, but they all make some noise. Your tolerance to it depends upon where the unit is located and how old the fan is (older fans tend to make...
  24. davhol

    Another Question for Scott

    Well, that's for today's code. If the GUI were to become opensource (and, presumably from what you're advocating, "better"), what would prevent/restrain them (Tivo, competition) from "borrowing" this so-called wonder-code and removing any competitive edge (or vice versa, if Dish used some...
  25. davhol

    921 Installation Setup

    The Recent "HD Theater Pack" (DHDT, ESPN-HD, HDNET, HDNET Movies) offerings are at the "core" 110 orbital location. HBO-HD & SHO-HD are on 61.5/148 ("wings"). CBSHD-East (if and only if you qualify ... see Dish's website) is on 61.5, CBSHD-West (only if you qualify) is on 148. HD-PPV is...