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  1. wexpo16

    MHD Sneak peak this morning

    there is a green day concert on right now here in ohio pic quality is pretty good!!!
  2. wexpo16

    Xbox 360 Premium $299 Core $199 , $100 rebate

    i just bought the premium system at best buy on 11/4 would this apply to that purchase or is it only systems that were purchased at microcenter that you could get a $100 rebate?
  3. wexpo16

    Widows Media Connect Question

    Ok thanks for the help I will check this out when i get home from work. Do you edit the files from the folder in my music or somewhere in itunes?
  4. wexpo16

    Widows Media Connect Question

    I am trying to get my music on my hard drive to sream to the 360. I have two different folders in my music one folder contains the songs I have downloaded and the other songs I copied to my hard drive using itunes. The 360 is reading the files that have been downloaded but not the ones in...
  5. wexpo16

    Video Input Problems

    I am having some problems with my video inputs 1-3 and also the SD memory card reader on my 42" Panasonic Plasma TV??? It is only showing half the screen. However I have full picture through the HDMI Input(DTV) and component Input(Xbox 360). Any suggestions on what might be wrong? :confused:
  6. wexpo16

    DirecTivo HR10-250 Blowout!

    Also called and and got the HR10- 250 for free it took me a few calls for them to give me the deal but i got it and it works great!!! GO STEELERS!!
  7. wexpo16

    Have R10 and want to swap for HR10-250

    did you subscribe to the sunday ticket last year??
  8. wexpo16

    Steeler Nation, Age Question!!!

    I am 23 and never got to watch any of the Super Steelers from the 70's live but have been raised a Steelers fan all my life along with my brothers and sister my parents raised us to bleed black & gold.