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Sep 16, 2005
Massillon, Oh
I am trying to get my music on my hard drive to sream to the 360. I have two different folders in my music one folder contains the songs I have downloaded and the other songs I copied to my hard drive using itunes.

The 360 is reading the files that have been downloaded but not the ones in the itunes folder? Even though in windows media connect shows that they are both being shared. What do I need to do to get my whole library so the 360 will read them? Is this an issue where I will just have to recopy the music to the hard drive using windows media player?

I am also having the same problem with the my videos folder when I go the the 360 under my videos it is saying there are no videos to display even though there are videos in that folder on the desktop?

Its problably format type. I have video avi extension files and the 360 wont play those. I converted them into wmv format and they work great. Try taking one of the Itune files and convert it into Microsoft's format wma for audio and wmv for video. Not sure what the limit is but I have Rhapsody and as long as the DRM is upto date on my account, I can play Rhapsody tunes through the 360.
Those Itunes files are probably AAC/mp4 audio files which will not play on the 360. The fix this, and you should keep you settings like this after the first time you do it to avoid these problems in the future. You need to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Encoding and change to MP3 encoder at 192 KBps or greater.

After that, in your itunes library right click on the song and select Convert to MP3, then you'll be set
Ok thanks for the help I will check this out when i get home from work.
Do you edit the files from the folder in my music or somewhere in itunes?

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