Probably a old question on PS4 but help please...


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Oct 18, 2005
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I was going to buy the Uncharted 4 PS4 system Saturday (7/9/16) Looking on Google I see you cant play Blu-Ray out of the box and the fixes don't work for everyone. However most of this was dated a few years ago. Have they fixed that now? I assume I will get the latest edition from Best Buy. Also, no PS3 backward compatibility on games?? Thanks Guys!
Yes, Blu-ray works fine.

Correct, no backwards compatibility with PS3. :(
Yeah PS4 plays Blu Ray's natively. The Xbox one does not. Need a separate app likely due to licensing issues.

As far as PS3 games go, they DO have PSNow which lets you play PS3 games by streaming them. However, you can't just put in a PS3 game and play it on your PS4. Hell you can't even play PS1 games on your PS4 (sorry I'm a little bitter about that.) Hell you can't play CD's on your PS4!
My PS4 plays Blu-Rays fine. I wish there was backwards compatibility, but there isn't. I have a few Ps3's here and my favorite is a 60G that is backwards compatible, nice to pop a PS2 or 1 disc into it and play, if the PS4 was backward compatible, it would be awesome for me.

Game-wise, as it is, I have one game for my PS4 at the moment, FF Type Zero. I haven't really seen any PS4 games that make me want to go out and buy them. I am anxiously awaiting the remake of FF7 that's suppose to come out this December though, I really hope they don't screw it up too much.
I am anxiously awaiting the remake of FF7 that's suppose to come out this December though, I really hope they don't screw it up too much.

Ummm.. I don't think it's coming out in December. First off that's a HUGE release, so odds are if it's coming out in that part of the year it'd do so before Thanksgiving to take advantage of Black Friday shoppers. Also, don't forget that FF 7 Remake is going to be an episodic release in multiple parts, but with the idea that each part will have enough length to be considered its own game. Lastly, Final Fantasy XV is coming out September 30, and it wouldn't be good business to have 2 FF games competing with each other with so close of a release date.
Thanks for the info , can always count on SG for help! Glad I can play Blu out of the box. It would have taken me 10 times to get it right if I had to go on line. Looks like I will keep the PS3 hooked up, still like to play a lot of the games. Thanks again!!!!
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