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  1. rogerpl

    Hopper 3 endless rebooting

    My H3 rebooted 4 or 5 times in an evening, disconnected EHD and problem stopped.
  2. rogerpl

    Diagnostics history screen

    What is the meaning of signal under notifications. After 4 reboots in an hour last night on my hopper 3 I noticed 327 under joey. Hopper shows 9 other joey 6. Thanks
  3. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

  4. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

    Have figured out by using recall feature you can get the same result. Just set recall to last channel and tune and record both channels. Then when using recall it will swap to last channel just like with hopper 3 and input button. Only difference is you have to record channels to rewind or go...
  5. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

    big negative tho- but I think you are right, just the speed alone is huge. Hold out hope 4ks will get PIP but not holding out much hope. Did save two bucks a month, yahoo.
  6. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

    Just a recap of my upgrade. The installer was very good but he pulled the batteries out of my remote before I could load my timers. he didnt realize we could do that. I did keep all my old remotes which is good. Everything is working good except some audio drops which went away after a reboot...
  7. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

    not on the joey? sorry if i wasnt clear-works on hopper but not joeys. Worked on joeys before upgrade
  8. rogerpl

    my upgrade mistake

    Just upgraded to hopper 3- swapped out two hoppers and one loey for one hopper 3 and two joeys. My wife likes her channel swap but not available on hopper 3. Oop! didnt realize that so I miss it on my room with joey and she had hopper with swapping capabilities now had joey with no swap. Am i...
  9. rogerpl

    Help. Hopper Upgrade to U110 Unusable

    tune to channel 9607 and upgrade... if you are brave or foolish, either way have an adventure
  10. rogerpl

    What's For Lunch?

    falafel, lamb shish kabob, baklava with apple and syrup
  11. rogerpl

    Carbon UI email from dish

    My hoppers and joey have been slow and seem to be getting slower. Might force update, it's time to move up to hopper 3 anyways.
  12. rogerpl

    U332 new software release for the hopper 3

    I have Hopper with software version s622 just downloaded on 14th. I thought I would try VOD just to see. Normally no problems but 3/4 through download froze.
  13. rogerpl

    Carbon UI email from dish

    Time to force download to my Hopper 1, or maybe not. Coward that I am.
  14. rogerpl

    Carbon UI email from dish

    I am sitting here bored and want to force download but have hopper with s/v s621. Will forced download work with this hopper? Will early hoppers get download to carbon ui.
  15. rogerpl

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a HopperGO
  16. rogerpl

    Hopper3 and 4k Joey system Junk!

    I want to upgrade to get 4k joeys for the pip feature, yet to come, and the faster processor but the bugs have me patiently waiting. Wife would not tolerate to many minor annoyances. She hardly puts up with me.
  17. rogerpl

    MLB Extra Innings

    I cancelled my MLB.TV auto renewal at 109.00 today.Getting EI and MLB.TV at 165.00 is a good deal.
  18. rogerpl

    Anyone having OTA reception problems with H3?

    No pip on joey and OTA issues, keep me from getting h3
  19. rogerpl

    Any of you guys switch from Dish Network to Comcast recently?

    Okay, my Fairpoint internet speed tonight is 3 megs, I'm paying for 15. So I have to look at switching to Comcast and might drop dish and go for a triple play from them. No OTA is a bummer but can you watch differnt programming recorded and/or live across several tv locations at the same time...
  20. rogerpl


    One reason I am waiting
  21. rogerpl

    Scott's Mini Hopper 3 Review

    Is PIP active in 4k joey?
  22. rogerpl


    Quick question. Dish website shows fee of $7.00 for a 4k joey. Mistake?
  23. rogerpl


    Yup, knew that but got all discombobulated Yup, I re-read earlier posts that talked about super joeys having pip but never happened. I would want two 4k's so I could have pip on third tv. i like the idea of new stuff but might just keep the setup i have now. Hopper 3 is $15. how much are the...
  24. rogerpl


    I have two hoppers and two joeys. I would switch to hopper 3 and 3 joeys but like my PIP options with second hopper. Correct me if I'm wrong but only super joeys have pip and are not compatible with hopper3.
  25. rogerpl

    Official Date Hopper 3 and 4k Joey - January 28th

    Right now I have 2 hoppers and 2 joeys, what am i saving with one hopper 3 and 3 joeys. Any chance for the joeys to have pip.