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  1. DishBacker

    942 - Rebooting

    The other forum mentioned a bunch of people having this issue in columbus. We had the problem in DFW at the end of August and early September with the local NBC 5 OTA on the 942. Would reboot every 2-3 minutes, if not faster. It got fixed just before the NFL season started (i.e. something...
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    CBS Football HD

    The Sunday ticket has up to 3 CBS HD games and up to 6 FOX HD games a week on Sundays. I say 'up to' because 1) whatever games are showing in your local market are blacked out on Sunday ticket and 2) Fox can vary from 4-6 HD produced games a week (seems like it always a game or 2 less in...
  3. DishBacker

    DFW 942 OTA Reboot of Nascar What the %*$#@

    After getting lots of reboots last weekend, I survived through the NFL game on Thursday without any reboots. I was quite surprised. KXAS has been a problem child before (trick play used to not work at all with KXAS on my old 921 about 18 months ago).
  4. DishBacker

    Lost Even Transponders on One Bird - Stumped...

    I had this problem at the end of May / beginning of June on my 501. I was convinced at the time it was related to the moving of the DFW locals to SpotBeam... as it happened at the same time. That or related to the P308 software. Ended up replacing the DP+ Twin LNB and it finally started...
  5. DishBacker

    Dish and Fox SW HD

    Its a matter of logistics... During the College Football season, FOX is using its HD resources to do as many NFL games a week that it can. By the time the BCS comes around, its the end of the Football season so there is less of a burden for those HD resources, so they can cover the BCS...
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    When Is The Next Wave Of Hd Coming On E*

    Pretty much every HD channel launched since Feb. 1st has been using MPEG4. So, that's nearly all the LIL-HD markets (save LA and NY I believe), ESPN2-HD, Universal HD, HGTV HD, National Geographic HD, NFL HD, Starz HD, 5 additional Voom HD channels (the original 10 launched are still MPEG2)...
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    Spot Beams

    I'd ask the same question. my 501 has been having problems ever since WFAA moved to spot beam last wednesday (May 17th). I have a 4p-5p Oprah daily timer that continually gets 'channel not found' error during the recording and ends up recording about half the show. Power button reboot will...
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    hd locals in dallas/fortworth?

    The DFW HD locals have recently been uploaded to a Echo X spot beam. unknown of when they will be activated.
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    Using TV1 remote as duplicate TV2 remote on 622

    Does your TV1 remove have a removable key? If so, you can change the key to use a TV2 remote key... and make sure the satellite address is programed to the same as your other TV2 remote... and off you go.
  10. DishBacker

    HDNet in Dallas & the Mavs

    If I remember correctly, HDNet didn't announce their Mavs Playoff HD schedule last year (2005) until just before Game 2 of the first round series.... it was just announced that UPN 21 will have all the non-national playoff games, so that is a bonus that any of those games might be done by HDNet...
  11. DishBacker

    Fox Sports Net Southwest

    The O&O Fox Sports Channels do sporadic HD, they have for a couple of years. Mostly, you will find these games on the "INHD 1/2" cousins found on the cable networks or less likely in the 95-99 Special Events channels on DirecTv. Even more rare will you find them in a Dish Network sports...
  12. DishBacker

    622 OTA Breakup Caused by CELLPHONE!

    I saw someone post a similar issue in a Verizon FIOS thread. a tech mentioned that you need make sure that all of your Coax connections are snug and have good fittings on them to not let any signal interference into the stream with your OTA antenna.... Sounds good to me (I'm no electrical...
  13. DishBacker

    Remote Replacement Help Guide

    Do note that this process does NOT work with a 6.0 or 8.0 remote... as I've tried with both. Seems only the 6.2 (and I guess the 6.3) can be programmed on the AUX button to control a second satellite receiver.
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    Just found 622 Feature

    My 942 has this feature... haven't tried it out yet, but a nice feature indeed.
  15. DishBacker

    Uplink Activity for WED Mar 22nd 2006

    Big Ole Fat Ditto!!!
  16. DishBacker

    Fuzzy Fox 4 in dallas/tarrant county, tx area..

    I've seen the same interference on Fox 4 for a couple of months now.
  17. DishBacker

    Consistent way to crash my 942

    I've had the same issue, except that a power button reboot pretty much fixes everything for me the first time... including video.
  18. DishBacker

    Uplink Activity for WED Mar 08 2006

    Looks like KC is available. Goaliebob, is that a typo? KDAF is WB 33 in Dallas, whereas WDAF is FOX 4 in KC.
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    FIRST LOOK: 622 Review!

    You could find a 942 owner that doesn't need their's, since it came with a conversion cable. Or you could get a new HDMI to DVI cable from They also have HDMI to DVI adapters here...
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    Blackout NBA HD games on HDEV1

    The Dallas / Knicks game was an HDNet production for Dallas area customers only. Its a special presentation and a special agreement that HDNet does, about 10-15 games a year. No one else has access to this game outside of the TX area (you can go to for more details).
  21. DishBacker

    I got an interesting call...

    For those of use that have been around, this sounds really similar to what they said about 2 years ago about their new, flagship HD PVR receiver, the 921. It was sometime in Jan 2004 that Dish said they are stopping the shipping of the 921 because of software issues (well, and some false...
  22. DishBacker

    HD Pack Listing?

    Tony's Channel Chart is your friend. Everything in the 9420-9499 range (except HBO-HD and Showtime-HD) would be included in the new HD Pack. Those 2 you have to subscribe to the HBO or Showtime movie packages to get the HD versions.
  23. DishBacker

    Olympics Availability

    The 2004 Summer Olympics HD channel was the exact same contact that was shown on the NBC OTA-HD channel... 3 8-hour loops of coverage from the previous day. But as mentioned I believe it was only available to those in NBC O&O markets. The details from their press release show there will be 2...
  24. DishBacker

    how many lines coming off of a dish1000?

    You are correct. I currently have the same hardware as a Dish 1000, but I just have 2 lines, one to my 501 and one to my 921 (which uses a separator to power the dual tuners). Both posters above are correct though. To add a 3rd receiver, you can either add a DP34, which will allow 3 Sats to 4...
  25. DishBacker

    I'm extremely happy!

    I agree with Minsk1. From what I have read, they are just taking the existing lease program and allowing existing customers to use it. So, today, as a new customer you can lease the 942 for $299 and the monthly lease fee. This will be the same price going forward for the 622. All they did...